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How to spawn the Truffle NPC – Terraria

Terraria Truffle NPC

I’ve seen many posts asking for help spawning the Truffle, so I decided to make a quick guide. For him to move in, make sure you follow these requirements in your world:

  • You have defeated the Wall of Flesh;
  • You have an artificial Mushroom Biome on the¬†surface;
  • There is a valid house on the Mushroom Biome.

A mushroom biome consists of at least 100 horizontal blocks of mud with mushroom grass planted on it. You can obtain seeds by harvesting glowing mushrooms in the Underground Mushroom Biome, or you can move the Dryad there and buy them. The background and music must change for it to be recognized.

This is a valid biome (Img 1-2). The top layer is the bare minimum you’ll need for the Truffle to spawn, I just made the others for my glowing mushroom farm. Also, the house doesn’t need to be made of mushrooms, but it looks nice if you want to do it.

Img 1-2:

He will also need mushroom trees, so make sure to plant some and make the ceiling at least 15 blocks above the ground. He usually takes some time to appear, so be patient.

BUG: Sometimes the Truffle won’t spawn if you make the biome after defeating Plantera. In my case it wasn’t needed, but I recommend doing it before defeating the Wall of Flesh, so the house will be ready for him. If you follow all the requirements and Truffle hasn’t appeared yet after a long time, you may have triggered this bug and may need to start a new world. If there are other solutions, feel free to add them in the comments.

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