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Wing Flight Test – Terraria

Terraria Wings

So I was bored and wanted to test and find out what kind of wings are the best, so I tried them all out and here are my results in this image.

  1. Demon Wings, Angel Wings and Fin Wings.
  2. Jetpack.
  3. Bee Wings, Butterfly Wings and Fairy Wings.
  4. Bat Wings, Harpy Wings and Bone Wings
  5. Red’s Wings, Cenx’s Wings, D-town’s Wings, Crowno’s Wings, Jim’s Wings, Will’s Wings, Lazure’s Barrier Platform, Skiphs’s Paws and Loki’s Wings.
  6. Leaf Wings, Frozen Wings, Flame Wings, Spectre Wings, Beetle Wings, and Mothron Wings.
  7. Hoverboard and Festive Wings.
  8. Spooky Wings, Tattered Fairy Wings, and Steampunk Wings
  9. Vortex Booster.
  10. Stardust Wings.
  11. Fishron Wings.
  12. Nebula Mantle.
  13. Solar Wings.

I believe that’s all of them, I personally think the Nebula Mantle, Solar Wings, Vortex booster and the Stardust Wings should be the same because they’re the same tier. By the way, this is also my first post ever!

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