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Best Primed Mods – Warframe

Warframe Primed Mods

I just picked up my first Primed Mod (Pressure Point) and am looking to get another couple in the coming weeks.

Is there a general consensus on which are the most useful to have?

Primed Mods

This is my personal list of all *Baro-brought primed mods in order from most useful to least useful.

  • Mod: Primed Continuity

Type: Warframe/Duration (+55%)

Author Notes: Easily the best Primed mod to own. This is basically flat-out necessary for many builds, and is one of the most important mods you can have.

  • Mod: Primed Pistol Gambit

Type: Secondary/Critical Chance (+187%)

Author Notes: The critical chance boost from this mod is utterly insane, and is half the reason that guns like Akstiletto Prime, Euphona Prime, and (Ak)Lex Prime are the best in class for pistols.

  • Mod: Primed Target Cracker

Type: Secondary/Critical Damage +(110%)

Author Notes: This is the other half of the reason that the aforementioned pistols are the best.

  • Mod: Primed Reach

Type: Melee/Attack Range (+165%)

Author Notes: This mod is what turns already strong melee weapons like Galatine Prime and Atterax into complete room cleaners. It’s also really worth mentioning that most mods with a Prime variant have 5 ranks at base (whereas all Primed mods have 10 ranks). Normal Reach only has 3 ranks, so the Primed version is a HUGE boost from the normal.

  • Mod: Primed Pressure Point

Type: Melee/Damage (+165%)

Author Notes: Melee weapons are the strongest weapons in the game currently, and this mod makes them even stronger.

  • Mod: Primed Point Blank

Type: Shotgun/Damage (+165%)

Author Notes: It’s another pure damage mod that vastly increases your damage output compared to the normal version. Perfect for meta choices like the Tigris and Hek families.

  • Mod: Primed Cryo Rounds

Type: Rifle/Elemental Damage (+165% Cold)

Author Notes: Yes, this mod has a D Polarity. No, it’s not that hard to mod for. Since Hunter Munitions is basically the main meta now, and Viral damage is all the more important due to the slash procs from it, this mod is very useful. It really doesn’t hurt that Corrosive/Cold, Radiation/Cold, and Viral/Heat are all amazing elemental combinations too.

  • Mod: Primed Regen

Type: Sentinel/Precept (+3 Revives/100% health restored/11 seconds of invincibility on revive)

Author Notes: This mod makes sure you have Vacuum longer than you would otherwise. That alone makes owning this worth it.

  • Mod: Primed Ravage

Type: Shotgun/Critical Damage (+110%)

Author Notes: This mod is really, REALLY good on Vaykor Hek, Corinth, Arca Plasmor, and Astilla. Especially with Huter Munitions.

  • Mod: Primed Fever Strike

Type: Melee/Elemental Damage (+165% Toxin)

Author Notes: This helps a lot with melee weapons like Zenistar or Silva&Aegis Prime who are looking to benefit from high-damage Gas procs.

  • Mod: Primed Heated Charge

Type: Secondary/Elemental Damage (+165% Heat)

Author Notes: Since pistols have so much potential damage from the Primed Crit mods, this just increases the damage further. However, a big caveat here is the fact that if you use this mod, it will heavily dilute the elemental procs you inflict…so you may get significantly higher kill times using pure Corrosive damage when against higher leveled (armored) enemies.

  • Mod: Primed Flow

Type: Warframe/EnergyMaximum (+275%)

Author Notes: I imagine some people are a bit surprised with me putting this mod this far down the list, but in my personal opinion…unlike all the other mods I’ve listed previously…Primed Flow is simply not completely necessary for any builds. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing quality of life mod…but with the sole exceptions of Energy Reduction sorties and to some degree builds utilizing Quick Thinking…this mod doesn’t bring much strength to any builds you make.

  • Mod: Primed Morphic Transformer

Type: Archwing/Power Strength (+55%)

Author Notes: Great if you want to invest in an archwing, and a must-have if you are one of the few (there are dozens of us! Dozens!) that like Archwing.

  • Mod: Primed Bane of Corpus

Type: Rifle/Faction Damage (+55% vs. Corpus)

Author Notes: Oh dear, we’re now getting into the really situational stuff. The only reason this is so high up is because of Index. If you have a rifle you really like using and want to do Index…this mod will make Index easier. Outside of that though, it’s not really that important to have.

  • Mod: Primed Bane of Corrupted

Type: Rifle/Faction Damage (+55% vs. Corrupted)

Author Notes: If you’re doing long Void survivals for the challenge or for nostalgia’s sake…this really isn’t a bad idea. It also does work with the slash procs from Hunter Munitions, so if you end up not being able to fit Viral damage on your weapon, this is a viable option.

  • Mod: Primed Bane of Grineer

Type: Rifle/Faction Damage (+55% vs. Grineer)

Author Notes: Basically the same thing I said about PBoCorrupted, but for Grineer. Possibly useful on weapons like boltor Prime that don’t have any crit or status going for them.

  • Mod: Primed Bane of Infested

Type: Rifle/Faction Damage (+55% vs. Infested)

Author Notes: Infested are much easier to kill in the first place, but this is an option.

  • Mod: Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation

Type: Secondary/Ammo Conversion

Author Notes: If you have trouble with ammo consumption on something like Twin Grakatas/Synoid Gammacor/Aksomati, this might be worth picking up. Carrier and Ammo Case can’t always keep up with these weapons.

  • Mod: Primed Heavy Trauma

Type: Melee/Physical Damage (+165% Impact)

Author Notes: Niche uses, like on War and Fragor Prime. In addition, it really helps with Atlas’s 1.

  • Mod: Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation

Type: Rifle/Ammo Conversion

Author Notes: Use it on something like Ignis or Prisma Grakata if you’re shooting so much that Carrier can’t keep up or if you don’t want to use Carrier.

  • Mod: Primed Slip Magazine

Type: Secondary/Magazine Capacity (+55%)

Author Notes: Prisma Angstrum can like it. Not terribly useful on much anything else.

  • Mod: Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation

Type: Shotgun/Ammo Conversion

Author Notes: The only thing that would ever really need this is the Kohm.

  • Mod: Primed Fast Hands

Type: Rifle/Reload Speed (+55%)

Author Notes: Any gun you’d want to put this on wouldn’t have the mod space to put this on without killing a decent amount of damage.

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