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Guide to Building a Clan Dojo

Warframe Dojo

This guide will help those who are planning to build a clan dojo and have no idea on what to do first. This guide can also help you in improving your dojo and where to get materials and how to make full use of your clan dojo.


Hello. This guide is here to help you build a great and useful clan dojo in Warframe. If you are not so sure if you trust this guide then let me tell you that I am creating this guide based on experience for I built every room in our clan dojo with the help of our clanmates contributions. Creating a great clan dojo isn’t easy. It requires hard work and dedication in order to create it. But with the help of this guide, you should be able to create an amazing clan dojo in no time.

Clan Key

Let’s start with the basics of creating a clan dojo. To create one, you obviously need to have a clan, either by joining one or making one yourself. Once you have done that, you need to craft a clan key. This is needed to enter your clan dojo. Crafting a clan key is pretty simple. Upon starting or joining a Clan, the blueprint for the Clan Key will be automatically added to the player’s inventory and made available within the Foundry. The blueprint will be consumed during construction, but once claimed, the key remains present in the player’s inventory, granting them Dojo access.

To craft the clan key, you need the following components —->
Credits can basically be found anywhere so that should be easy.
Morphics is a pretty rare resource. But you should be able to find it on Mercury and Mars.
Polymere Bundle can be found in the planets Mercury and Venus. And lastly,
Ferrite can be found in Mercury and Earth.

If you wish to craft a clan key as soon as possible then I recommend doing missions in Mercury because Mercury contains all of the four components you need to craft the clan key. I also recommend doing a Defense Mission because they drop resources more often then other missions but of course the choice is yours.

Clan Dojo

Once you have the clan key, it’s time to head into the dojo. Note that not every clan member can head into the dojo without an admin hosting a clan dojo server. Once you are in the dojo, you can start creating rooms and placing decorations in your dojo. Note that not every clan member can once again add and place decorations in the clan dojo for only high enough ranked members can do that.

But in case you are a high enough rank clan member. You might want to read this. So before doing anything at all. In order to build rooms, your clan requires a Reactor. Reactors are responsible for producing energy which is required by your clan dojo to build rooms. In the main hall, there should be two rooms available for building. Use one of the rooms to create a reactor.

Creating a reactor or any room in the dojo isn’t easy because of a component called Forma. Forma is required to create any room in the dojo and farming it isn’t easy but I will tell you tips on how to gather Forma.

Farming Forma

Forma, one of the main enemies of dojo architects like me. This component is very rare and very hard to find. But this guide should help you find it in no time. Forma is not only used in building your clan dojo but it can also be used in adding, removing, or altering a Polarity to a Mod slot to Warframesweapons, or Companions and serve as a component in the creation of certain weapons.

Ways To Acquire Forma:

Forma can be acquired in many ways but here are some ways of acquiring Forma.

  • Purchased in the market for P 20 Platinum.
  • Received as a log-in reward.
  • Received reward from Void Missions

You may also receive Forma Blueprints from:

  • Alert Missions
  • Void Missions
  • Derelict Missions

Some people may not know how to unlock derelict like my friends but I know how. Simply go to the Market–>Equipment–>Keys and Drones–>Purchase any Derelict Key Blueprints. They are pretty easy to create and you finally found a use for all the Nav Cor (Navigation Coordinates) you have collected.

Now if you have a Forma Blueprint, these are the requirements:

Credits once again can be found anywhere.
Morphics is once again on Mercury and Mars. You may also find it on Europa and Pluto.
Neural Sensors can be found on Jupiter.
Neurodes can be found on Earth and Eris and
Orokin Cell can be found in Saturn and Ceres.

You may just buy those components from the market if you wanted to but I would recommend buying the Forma component itself as you can save a lot of platinum by doing that.

Building and Decorating

Now we come to the part where we actually start building and decorating. So when you enter the clan, there should be two empty rooms. Build a reactor in one of them. Once that’s done, you can start building any room. But be careful when building a room. Read the description of the room first, if the room description contains the word DEAD END and you do not have any extra rooms. Do NOT build that room. I have to admit, my clan committed that mistake twice but then it’s okay since if you destroy a room. The components of that room will be returned to your clan vault, so basically only you time was wasted.

So make sure you always have extra rooms in your dojo, even if you have built every single room. You never know, there might be an update where a new room is added or you feel like making more rooms. To be honest, this is what I recommend:

[MH] – main Hall
[+] – Cross Connector
[R] – Reactor
[E] – Elevator
— – Hallway

First Floor:


Second Floor:

[R][R][R][R][R] [+][+][+][+][+][E] [R][R][R][R][R]

Conclusion: Have at least one floor in your dojo reserved only for reactors. That way you should have enough energy to power your dojo and the clan members don’t have to accidentally keep walking into reactors that do nothing but provide energy and take up space and forma.

Decorations are your choice. It is up to your creativeness on where to place decorations. Though there are three decorations that are actually useful:

  • Transporter
  • Trading Post
  • Clan Vault


The Clan Dojo can be very useful especially if you have built the labs. there are many labs but building every lab will benefit your clan. In order to build you clan, you first need to build an Oracle. Once you have completed that, you can start building the Energy, Bio Chem, Tenno and Orokin Labs.

The first 3 labs I would recommend you to build will be the Chem, Bio and Energy Lab then the next lab would be the Tenno Lab because there are components that are required in the Tenno Lab that can only be obtained from the Energy, Bio and Chem Labs.

Also, you only need one of each lab as you can start multiple researches at a time as long as they are available. Also, once you have completed one research, you do not have to research the same thing again. Just replicate the blueprint and you should be good.

Note: Your clan tier may change the required components on the researches of the clan.
Ghost: Base Requirement (Not Multiplied)
Shadow: 3 Times
Storm: 10 Times
Mountain: 30 Times
Moon: 100 Times

Bio Lab:

The Bio Lab is the center of all Infested-like research. In the bio lab, you can research new weapons with an infested theme. You can also research new gear for your warframe and research on the Djinn Sentinel. The Bio Lab usually requires a lot of components for every research but it always requires Mutagen Samples. Those can be found in Derelict.

Energy Lab:

The Energy Lab is where you can research on Corpus Weapons. This basically does the same thing with Bio and Chem Lab but it offers different weapons and gears. This lab also allows you to research on the Helios Sentinel. If the bio lab requires a lot of Mutagen Samples then this one requires a lot of Fieldron Samples.

Chem Lab:

The Chem Lab has a lot of Grineer inspired weapons and also does the same thing but offers different weapons and gears. This lab cannot research on any Sentinel, well at least not right now (by the time this guide was posted) but maybe in sooner updates, it will. This lab will require you tons of Detonite Ampule.

Tenno Lab:

Basically the lab of the Tennos. If you were wondering where Banshee’s, Volt’s and Zephyr’s blueprints are, well they are in here. This is why I recommend building the first three labs first because to research any of these warframes, you need Mutagen Mass, Fieldron and Detonite Injectors and they can only be found in the three labs.

And lastly is the Orokin Lab, this lab will allow you to construct Solar Rails which can be used in Dark Sectors to collect resources for you and your clan. I will go deeper about Dark Sectors and Solar Rails in the next update.

Orokin Lab and Dark Sectors

The Orokin Lab is the last lab that we need to tackle. Basically what you can do here is you can research and construct Solar Rails that can be used in Dark Sectors. This is actually a good way of farming resources for your clan. But it will require hard work and a lot of thinking to do.

To learn more about the Orokin Lab and Dark Sectors, please watch this video here.


With all those being said (or typed). I want to Thank You for reading this guide until the end (You know, if you read it until the end) but I should still thank you for checking out this guide. If you like this guide, I would really appreciate a thumbs up, favorite and share, that would really help. Leave a comment on what you like (or hate) about this guide.

I will try to update this guide if I can and I am also planning to post a video of our clan dojo soon so stay tuned for that. So once again thank you for checking out this guide. I hope this guide helped you in creating you clan dojo. And once again, remember, when making a clan dojo… It is always important to plan ahead before building anything.

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