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Can we talk about acquiring Endo?

Warframe Endo

Endo is really frustrating to me for several reasons. (Math and TLDR at end)

  1. Theres no good single way to obtain it

  2. Boosters don’t affect it

  3. You need an absolutely INSANE amount of it.

1: There are lots of ways to acquire smallish chunks of Endo. Sorties and Sculptures give a good amount, but aren’t really farmable. Farmable Endo sources either require highly dedicated teams for efficient runs (Rathuum, Heiracon) or only give tiny chunks at a time. There’s not really any good way to farm this resource in the amounts you need for primed mods.

2: Why don’t resource boosters affect Endo? From a history standpoint it makes sense, because Endo used to be mods/cores which aren’t affected by boosters. But now it doesn’t really make sense. I would be highly motivated to purchase a booster for the purpose of getting more Endo.

3: You need an insane amount of Endo for good mods. If it’s a rare mod you’re talking 20k, if it’s a prime mod you’re looking at 40k. That’s ten days worth of sorties if you get Endo every single time. That seems a bit excessive to me. And while during those ten days you’d probably acquire Endo from other sources as well, it would be very small amounts that wouldn’t make more that a days difference.

I realized this when I counted the other day and realized I had 17 primed mods that are still unranked. This is 34M credits and 680k Endo. That’s a lot of both, but let’s break it down.

If you’re highly motivated to get the credits, you can buy a credit booster and do high-risk index for 2 rotations (not too difficult) and get 900k credits per run (2*(200k+250k)) in about 10 minutes. That’s 5.4M credits per hour or 6ish hours to get the credits for your mods.

For the Endo, you can do Rathuum, with the right team, and get around 500 Endo every 5min or so. This is around 6k an hour. This is 113 hours. Even if you could use a resource boosters and get 1k per run, this would be 57ish hours. Ten times as long as the credits.

Even if my math wasn’t super accurate, there’s obviously a HUGE disparity there. Why? Endo version of the index when?

TLDR: Endo sucks because it’s hard to get reliably and doesn’t work with boosters and is about 10-20x harder to get than credits.

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