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Does anybody still plays as Excalibur? Warframe

Warframe Excalibur

Am MR4 and I still haven’t decided to pick a new warframe, any recommendations?

Also as the title said, I never seen anyone Use excalibur except for lower MR.


The reason people don’t seem to use Excalibur quite as often is that Excalibur is a BALANCED frame, while there are frames that are more SPECIALIZED. Doing spy mission? Get Loki, Ivara, Octavia, frames that can go invisible. Need to kill enemies really really fast? Get Saryn, Equinox, Volt, they can kill off the whole room with just one button. Need to defense a certain thing? Get Frost, Gara, Limbo. Need to go really really fast on a capture mission? Get Nova, Nezha, Volt. Want more loots more resources? Get Nekros, Hydroid. Want to simply not die? Get Nidus, Inaros, Rhino. You know what I mean.

Excalibur is by no mean a bad frame, quite a good frame actually with the right build. His 2 is great for crowd control and his 4 can dish out so much damage not even flex tape can fix. I take out my Excalibur from time to time when I don’t need a specialized frame.

As for recommendations, refer to my list of specialized frame above, check the warframe wiki to see how to obtain each frame. Some frames like Saryn, Nidus are only obtainable later in the game, but frames like Loki, Frost, rhino, Nezha(if you have joined a clan) are easily obtainable early in the game.

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