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Guide to Farming Kuva – Warframe

Warframe Kuva

After completing the War Within a new resource becomes available to be farmed by the Warframe community. Its called Kuva.

What is Kuva?

Kuva is a rare resource obtainable after completing the War Within quest. It can be used to randomize riven mod stats, and craft the new War Within weapons. Kuva siphoning sites can be found on nodes marked with a Kuva icon on the navigation map. These nodes appear on planets near the Kuva Fortress, which is always moving around the navigation map so keep your eyes peeled. At least six Kuva Siphon missions can appear on up to two planets near the Kuva Fortress. Five of these missions will house enemies around levels 25-35 while the sixth mission (The Kuva Flood) indicated by multiple Kuva icon’s combined on a single node will house enemies level 80-100; Sorta like a sortie.

Kuva Siphon

Kuva Resource

How is Kuva Obtained?

Depending on the Kuva Siphoning mission that you ran (Enemies will be grineer), you will either encounter level 25-35 enemies or level 80-100 enemies. I would always bring a weapon with aoe to keep things easy.

Once you encounter the Kuva Siphon on a tileset, it will be marked on your map with a red assassination marker.

Getting near the Kuva Siphon will trigger the harvesting process indicated by Space Mom (Lotus) or the Grineer Queen making a transmission about it.

Now if your on a extermination mission, I would recommend clearing the tileset since that will give you a more relaxed Kuva Farming session, less enemies to stress about besides the guards and jesters but we’ll get to that later.

Wait for the Kuva Siphon to make weird noises and that will indicate that it’s going to begin the Kuva Harvesting process. One of the four braids or Tendrils will raise up and begin vacuuming in the oncoming Kuva Cloud. The Kuva Siphon’s tendril will vacuum in the direction the cloud is coming from so watch out for that.

This is when the guards and weird jester mobs start to spawn and try defending the machine but we’ll talk about that later.

Finding the red black Kuva Cloud is your objective now if you want to proceed with the harvesting. You can find the Kuva Cloud with your synthesis scanner or by watching the map. The Kuva Cloud travels like a regular mob so it cannot clip through walls but it can get stuck. Once you have found the cloud hit 5 to go into operator form and void dash (Ctrl + Space) or void blast (E Key)[If up close] through the cloud before it enters the Kuva Siphon and it will destroy the cloud along with one of the four tendrils on the Kuva Siphon.

Do this four times, one for each of the tendril(s) and you will have completed the harvesting process. Once you’ve done it four times, your party will be awarded around 600 +/- Kuva, usually around 620 from most of my runs. Kuva Floods will reward a party with around 1.200 +/- Kuva.

If you do fail this meaning letting all 8 clouds get absorbed by the machine, your party will only obtain up to 350 Kuva and the Siphon plus the guards will all leave. If a party fails to destroy any Kuva tendrils, no Kuva will be rewarded.

Important: Resource Boosters double the amount of Kuva gained from Kuva Siphons. Smeeta Kavat’s double resource buff can also double the amount of Kuva gained from Kuva Siphons as long as the player is in their Warframe when the Kuva Siphon is destroyed. This can be combined with a resource booster to quadruple the amount of Kuva gained.

Royal Guards & Jesters

Now the Guards and Jesters will spawn during the Kuva Harvesting process to defend the Siphon when it’s trying to vacuum in a cloud of Kuva.

The Guards can only be killed when they’re marked by void dashing through them but first to even mark them, they have to be stunned by a void blast (E key) they will stumble onto their knees which then gives you an opening to void dash through them. After that any attacks on a marked Guard will deal significant damage to them.

The Jester and Guard will spawn as a pair, the Jester’s you can just kill easily. Keep in mind the jester’s are really small and they are usually seen riding on the shoulders of a Royal Guardians unless they’re in attack range.

I would recommend killing the Royal Guards and jesters if you’re in a party to prevent them from interfering with the Siphoning process, they also give loot so its a plus. If you’re solo, I would focus on the Kuva Siphon tendrils. Royal Guards have a handful of CC type moves and being chained stunned by multiple Guards is not fun.

Drops Include

Royal Guard:

  • 10, 50, 80 Endo
  • Vermilion Storm
  • Orvius Disc


  • Astral Twilight
  • Firewalker
  • Ice Spring
  • Lightning Dash
  • Toxic Flight
  • Orvius Blade

Have fun farming!

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