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How to farm Ivara’s Parts – Warframe

Warframe Ivara Farm

Hello there everybody.

I have recently finished farming Ivara, and I found it quite difficult to find an accurate and up to date guide on the internet. So I decided to make one!

Part 1: What Warframe should I use?

The general consensus with this is that there are two frames that work the best. The first is Limbo (Which I used) and the second is Loki. Although I think most people use Loki, I did not find it very hard with Limbo. Therefore, each section of this guide will have parts relevant to both of these.

As a kind commenter mentioned, you can do this with any frame, if you know the vault. The better you know the vault, the lower your chance of slipping up, and you’ll have a plan of action if you slip up.

Part 2: What do I actually need to do?

You need to clear spy missions of different levels for the different parts.

Important Note: You do NOT need to be undetected, however you DO need to successfully extract from the data from all three vaults.

Component 1: Systems

The Ivara Systems Blueprint drops in level 1-15 Spy Missions. For this, I recommend doing Cambria, Earth over and over until you get the part. (Alt: Unda, Venus/Suisei, Mercury, Arval Mars etc) It has the highest drop chance of any of the parts ( 9.09% ), so it shouldn’t take to many runs to get. The only tips that I have for this one is just to take it slowly, but the vaults are unbelievably easy, just watch out for the Grineer drones that patrol the area. Because of the drones, Loki will make the vaults a breeze, but they are basically easy to do with any frame, just watch out for the drones.

Component 2: Chassis

The Ivara Chassis Blueprint drops in level 16-25 Spy Missions. For this, I recommend doing Dione, Saturn over and over until you get the part. (Alt: Pavlov, Lua/ Valac, Europe etc). It has the lowest drop chance of all the parts ( 5.64% ), However if running Pavlov, Lua the drop chance increases to 7.37 %. However the Lua Spy missions are a lot more complex than normal ones, so I still recommend Dione. However, if you want the slight increase feel free to run Pavlov. Just like with the last one, just remember to watch for drones and you should be good.

Components 3 and 4: Neuroptics and Main Blueprint

The Neuroptics and Main Blueprint drop from 25+ Spy Missions. Which mission I recommend running depends on what frame you’re using.

Limbo: Laomedeia, Neptune because Corpus vaults rely mainly on lasers and slow moving security cameras. This makes the Void Plane pretty OP.

Loki: Kappa, Sedna or Rosalind, Uranus (If you don’t mind Sharkwing) because Grineer vaults rely mainly on you being spotted by sight, so Invisibility is very OP.

It has a drop chance of 7.52 %, so it shouldn’t take too many runs to get. Same tips as before, watch out for cameras and lasers, take it slow.

Alternate Nodes: Oceanum, Pluto


Make ciphers. Don’t use them all the time, just as a panic button for when you roll up to the console with 3 seconds to data destruction. You’ll want the practice for times where you can’t use ciphers.

Should I farm with friends?

Waframe Primes

If your friends are confident running Spy missions, then gathering two friends will hypothetically split your mission time in 3, so it could be useful.

Running the missions in public matchmaking is a bit more risky, but if you’re running Laomeidia then it may be OK as most of the people running that mission are trying to get 3 successful extractions too in order to complete the Junction Requirement.

What weapons should I use?

Warframe Best Weapons

For your secondary and melee weapon, you can use whatever. As for your primary, I recommend a Sniper Rifle with Hush on it to silence it. Enemies setting off alarms while you travel between vaults can be annoying, and honestly being able to kill enemies silently from 200 metres away increases your Space Ninja factor by 9000. Snipers are also good for one-shoting the grineer drones, as if they don’t die in one shot they trigger the alarms.

Loki’s Augment, Hushed Invisibility, means that any weapon will be silenced while Loki is invisible. This means you can use any weapon if you are using this augment without sacrificing mod slots for Hush/Supress/Other Silencing Mods

As a commenter noted, the Arca Plasmor is also a very good weapon for clearing vaults of enemies, however it is more complex to build then most snipers. Make sure to use Silent Battery on it to silence it.

Final Notes

Warframe Ivara

Try and memorise the layout of vaults. It will make it a lot faster if you know that there is a camera around that corner or that there’s a Grineer drone that spawns over there.

It’s definitely possible to run these missions with any frame, but Loki or Limbo will make it the easiest.

Ivara will take you a long time to grind, and once you do you’ll still have to spend ages gathering Nitain Extract for her parts. She is one of the most annoying warframes to grind, up there with frames like Vauban. However, she is one of the best stealth frames (some may even say best) in the game, so grinding her will probably be worth your time.

You get quite a bit of XP from Spy missions, so having a unmastered weapon in a slot can be a great way to passively level it up and earn MR.

I have made changes to this guide as I have received feedback, so if there is something I could improve in the guide feel free to drop me a comment.


Level 1-15 Spy: Systems

Level 16-25 Spy: Chassis

Level 25+ Spy: Neuroptics and Main Blueprint

Bring Loki or Limbo to make life easier for yourself.

You don’t need to be undetected to get the part, you just need 3 successful data extractions.

May RNGesus be on your side!

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