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How to unlock planets – Warframe

Warframe Planets

This beginners guide will teach you how to unlock new planets, and I will also explain to you a little trick you can do to unlock planets a lot faster without going through mission after mission in decades.


Hello everyone!

In this turorial, I will go in detail for beginners how to unlock new planets, and how you can do it in a very fast way without having to complete several missions.

How to unlock new planets

First off, I’m gonna tel you a little bit about how in general you unlock the new planets.

To unlock new planets what you will need to do, is select 1 planet, and fight your way through missions untill you unlock the boss on that planet you’re on. after completing the boss you will obtain a nav segment.

A nav segment is what unlocks the new planet,(shown on picture to the left) you can compare it to a database for a GPS system.

Let’s say you have an gps with an old map. in order to get the new content that has been added over the past few years you will need to get an update for your current map database, and this is how warframe works too.

This update is obtainable through defeating the boss one each planet. when you extract you will then receive a nav segment for a new planet as a mission reward the first time you complete the boss.

To find out which boss unlocks what nav segment you can have a look at the picture below:

This picture shows wich boss unlocks wich nav segment

So now you know how to unlock the nav segments…. but this will take a while wouldn’t it?

Well yes indeed, but there is a shortcut!

What you can do is:

Step 1: look at the flowchart above and find the segment you wish to unlock, and then find the boss who drops it.

Step 2: go into recruitment chat, and ask for a taxi to the boss that drops that nav segment.

This way. you can defeat a boss on a planet that you don’t even have the nav segment for. and get a nav segment for a other planet that you wish to unlock without having to fight yourself through different planets.

After obtaining the nav segment. simply walk up to the mission navigator. and press X to install the nav segment.

And voila. your planet is now unlocked!

If you wish to read more about nav segments and planets. visit the warframe wiki at: Link

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If you have any additional questions, or you feel that there is something that needs more explanation. feel free to write a comment. I will answer as fast and as good as I can.

Stay sharp and take care tenno!

Happy hunting!

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