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So what’s the verdict on Khora post rework? Warframe

Warframe Khora

Edit 4: Tactical Potatoes review is up and he states she still needs a full rework. He focuses on strangledome being the weakest power and suggests it removal. Thoughts?

Edit 3: Seems like we are about even when it comes to negative stances and positives. Some interesting ideals and builds here though.

Edit 2: So Brozimes review of Khora is up and she went from unplayable to playable according to him. He basically says the only draw is the cat, otherwise it’s not worth it.

Edit 1: So far the general consensus is actually pretty positive aside from a few bugs and minor buffs suggested.

From what I have seen, ensare is even worse than before doing less cc. Whipclaw is less buggy but still lack luster, perhaps needs more base range and maybe tool it to disarm enemies. Venari still needs improvements such as more base damage in general, attack form bugged ( scales off efficiency for some reason?). Healing has a range of 5m that doesn’t scale, with the AI being so wonky I’d suggest 15 at base and scaling with mods. Defense needs a rework, Venari needs a quicker way to knock down enemies or perhaps provide damage resistance in a aura (not 5m due to AI). Strangledome looks alright but is still a discount Bastille. Making the damage multiplier scale with power strength would be a good start.

Can we also give Khora a base armor of 350? We lost the 15% passive so we need something to compensate the loss in survivability. At least with 350 armor you can pop in a steel fiber and get 90% dr with armor which will let her see some tank melee play which is always fun and should help her kit overall with whipclaw builds. 275 is such a weird number for base armor in general especially on a pet frame.

Overall disappointing still from what I have seen. Give Vauban a torbjorn turret that scales on power strength and uses rifle mods and you have a better Khora essentially. I’ll buy two prime access’s of that.


Her rework was a buff across the board, with some changes that make her more intuitive and improve quality of life.

That said, she’s pretty bad. Kind of on a tier with Hydroid right now, maybe a little less generally useful.

  1. Her whipclaw is still pretty bad compared to say, atlas punch. mostly the lack of a combo like Atlas gets means it costs a lot of energy since you need to spam it. It could really use either a repeated use combo, or more base damage so it doesn’t really need spamming so much. That said, it can actually kill stuff with a nice 2x melee multiplier helping it out.
  2. Ensnare should be better, but I’m 90% certain it is bugged to fuck and back again. The duration appears to randomly end early, the secondary spread mentioned in the patch notes maybe doesn’t exist? It’s really hard to tell. I can’t tell if it does anything when you hit it with the whip either. It would be a lot better if it worked by spreading up to its max range in waves. Say, divide it’s range into 3 sections, and have it propagate outward instantly to the first 1/3rd, then after [propagation delay] move out to the second 1/3rd. Then fix the bugs on it, and make whipping it do something. Maybe transfer the base effect to outer targets or something.
  3. Venari has much better quality of life, and scaling with power strength makes sense. She’s also almost completely worthless. She doesn’t reliably attack things, when she does attack things she kills one thing at a time with long attack animations and times between attacks. She doesn’t reliably follow commands. Defense mode is 100% worthless.
  4. Strangledome makes your life harder, and the whip damage transfer is bugged to fuck. Patch notes said half damage transferred, it’s actually like 1-5% of the whips damage that transfers. Lol.

I think they’re going in the right direction, but the rework needs to be taken farther, and requires some serious bug fixes because I don’t think we’re actually getting everything that was in the patch notes. She’s in the bottom 3 frames atm.

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