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How to Properly Utilize Limbo – Warframe

Warframe Limbo

How to Properly Utilize Limbo’s ZA WARUDO (Stasis)

The Limbo Warframe was a joke until his abilities were reworked.

Now he can throw knives in stopped time, which is way better than being a regular kunai-throwing space ninja suit.

This guide will teach you the essentials of stopped time.


Not everybody can use Limbo. There are many that have gone mad trying to farm for his parts in various regions across the (future) solar system. Embrace your reward everyday by reciting these words to Limbo, every time you use Stasis, as a means to give thanks for the honorable privilege of having him in your living-space-suit wardrobe.

Before using Stasis: “ZA WARUDO!”

Immediately upon pressing the key: “TOKI WO TOMARE!”

(Enjoy your stopped time, but don’t forget the final phrase.)

Right before Stasis ends: “Soshite toki ga ugoki dasu.”

Recite these phrases until you think you have it down by memory and until you can say it comfortably. If you don’t know how it’s pronounced, remember that Japanese only has five vowel sounds and it is completely your fault if you mess them up use Google Translate or something.

The Color Palette

To ensure you have the maximum time stop spirit, refer to a picture of The World and try to mimic its gold, black, silvery-cyan, and green colors. Also, make any regalia on Limbo heart-shaped.


In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, there is no canon color palette, so GO WILD.

Proper Technique

I am not going to speak about modding for the maximum time stop potential because mods are for masochistic nerds who love wasting time grinding for rare mods and punching numbers into a calculator for the sake of finding a purpose in their life modding is complicated. Therefore I will assume you have leveled up Limbo all the way, resulting in 30 seconds of Stasis and 30 seconds of Cataclysm. If you don’t want to die a glass-canon death, I expect you to know this technique.

  • Step One: Rift Walk.

Hit your button associated with rolling and Limbo will enter the Rift. He is in another world now, and he’ll regenerate about 2 energy per second. He is immune to everything outside of the rift, so you are completely safe, just ignore the fact that this maneuver was used to accidentally kill the original Limbo and rip him to pieces, and left what was left of his corpse in the hands of RNGesus. But I digress, onto the next step.

  • Step Two: Stasis & Cataclysm.

When you are at your destination of choice, use Stasis and Cataclysm (in that order) to ensure that you aren’t exposed to the material plane of existence. Since these abilities are used practically at the same time, you have the Cataclysm’s ending synced up to the Stasis’, so what do you do after the thirty seconds?

  • Step Three: Use the Ultimate Joseph Joestar Technique, “Running Away”.

As soon as your Cataclysm ends, sprint out of the “bubble” and Rift Walk at the exact moment you leave the rift to ensure minimum material plane exposure. Remember, it’s not cowardly if it’s strategic.


Upon refining your skills, you are god now. You can stop time as many times as the inferior, non-Limbo-users have eaten bread in their lifetimes. And don’t let anybody tell you that Rhino has a “better” timestop, or that Limbo is a glass canon. Limbo has no weakness.

… Aside from nullifiers…

… And energy depletion…

… And the fact that Limbo’s Cataclysm gets smaller…

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