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Efficient Mining ProTips Guide – Warframe

Warframe Mining
  1. Turn on toggle aim in settings. It helps u trace better without having to hold down RMB while tracing.
  2. Bring a smeeta = chance for double drops or even quad drops if you also have resource booster. or 8x drops if there is double resource event buff + resource booster + kavat charm resource buff
  3. The longer you stay zoomed in on an ore before you start tracing, the longer the dotted trace lines stay before they vanish.
  4. The accuracy of your trace does NOT determine what type of ore you get. It determines how many of the ore you get. Therefore, depending on how good you are at tracing you may want to just do a quick trace and move on to next ore asap without holding the zoom for longer duration trace lines.
  5. Gems save to inventory each time you mine. So you can just abort mission if you don’t want to travel back to the door.
  6. There are less random grineer that attack you if you mine at night.
  7. Caves tend to have a lot of ore deposits. There is a chain of caves if u go left out of cetus door that you can follow as a farming path. The left most cave always has a ton of deposits for me.
  8. Get the Advanced Nosam Cutter as soon as you can. It is the only one that can get you eidolon gem drops (nyth and sentirum). It also helps u locate deposits much easier with orange circle markers on the minimap.
  9. “Start a Bounty 1 in SOLO matchmaking to have the whole map of Grineer in EASY MODE giving you healthy backrubs instead of trying to instagib you” (Lyramion, 2017).
  10. “Sentriums and Nyths can’t be increased by tracing the lines well, so if you already got enough of everything else just quickly wave your mouse around to quickly clear the vein” (A_Fox_in_Space, 2017).
  11. “Also you should move sideways to the trace so that you view it from the side and make it appear as close as possible to a straight line. Then just trace that line as that is easier and faster. Also Ore is Red, Gems are Blue.

PS: Good luck! I’ll add more tips if I think of anything I forgot. Correct me if I’m wrong about anything, and contribute any tips you may have to ease the lives of those of us who toil in the eidolon gem mines everyday.

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