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Price Checking Items – Warframe

Warframe Price Check

I’ve noticed everyone recommends new players head to Warframe Market to price check items and I too was given this advice when I first started trading.

Whilst is a great resource for trading, it is not the best resource to determine how much things cost and what prices are fair. Many items on the market are either put up super cheaply by noobs who then quit the game and leave them there eternally or placed at six or seven times what they are worth and thus never sell. These combine to show a range of prices between absurdly low and absurdly high. Nexus Stats is another trading site which shows the data from trade chat in game. The advantage this has over is that the data is both current and tracked for the following days.

Here is an example of the Ember Prime Chassis. I have stripped the data from and averaged it so the two can be compared. (I threw out the 999 value because it is clearly ridiculous.)

Ember Prime Chassis:

  • Market

Low Price – 10p

High Price – 250p

Average Price – 34.77p

  • Nexus

Low Price – 15p

High Price – 20p

Average Price – 16.64p

Whilst Warframe Nexus is not perfect, as it relies on trade chat for the data, is even less so as it primarily shows items that haven’t sold. I advise players who primarily use, to compare and contrast the prices you find there with those found on nexus stats.

Neither tool should be used by itself, but together they allow traders to know more before they sell or purchase an item; which is particularly helpful for new players.

Hopefully this has been useful information for you, and if you didn’t know about either of these sites before at least you do now.

Happy trading tenno.

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