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Balanced Saryn Build – Warframe

Warframe Saryn

This build is a balanced Miasma build for Saryn. It does not maximize damage, but rather gives a solid performance in damage, survivability, and energy efficiency with minimal sacrifices.


Any stars you see below the name of either the Warframe or weapon in the pictures presented in this guide represents how many forma have been put into said Warframe or Weapon!

The Actual Build

Ok to start I’ll show what I use for my build.

And the Stats


  • High survivability
  • Great Damage
  • Energy Efficient
  • Less Forma
  • Health Regen (some may consider this a con)


  • Does not maximize DPS
  • No innate energy regen (no energy siphon)
  • Low elemental damage variety (explained later in weapon choices)

I used Fleeting Expertise, as would any Saryn user would, as it is a base requirement for DPS. I do NOT use streamline as I am not using Blind Rage so putting more than 2 ranks in it would be a waste. So by not using Streamline, Miasma costs 40 energy and I get a different mod of choice instead.

Vitality, Redirection, and Vigor and pretty self-explanatory. Some may say its overkill to apply 3 defensives mod just for survivability, but when you solo high-level defense or survival missions you’ll thank me.

Fortitude is help recover your shield faster (very very very useful) and helps prevent that infested ancient, or scorpion, or shockwave moa from knocking you around (also very very very useful). Do NOT get headstrong though, the knockdown resist is only 20% so still use caution, ESPECIALLY with ancient disruptors.

Rush is kind of necessary because although Saryn is cool, strong, and uhhhh voluptuous?….she is slower than a sack of ♥♥♥♥ rolling down a hill on a rainy day.

Intensify is pretty self-explanatory, your miasmas will hit harder.

Now Flow I prefer because I’d rather be a bit more reckless with my Miasmas and I also have Molt, although one could replace Flow with Stretch should they so desire, but keep in mind you will have 150 energy and Miasma cost 40 energy.

Rejuvenation over Energy Siphon because it costs 1 less forma and I already have Flow and Fleeting Expertise. I’ve had Rejuvenation get me out of some serious trouble in some mission while soloing or otherwise. Teammates and companion/setinals benefit from this as well. So well worth it my opinion, ALTHOUGH, if Ancient Disruptor, Blitz Exterminus, etc hit you, you will lose energy and be in a bit of a pickle.

Finally, the last thing, Molt. Some may ask “Why would you ever put Molt in a Miasma build?”. Well my answer is simple, 1. This is not your typical Miasma build, 2. it got buffed :D. So Molt is a 20 energy decoy skill that when it dies, it blows up in a toxic fume. Enemies will go OUT OF THEIR WAY to kill this thing. Like run past you and run for the clone….so much for the intelligence of the A.I. >.>. Also 1 more side note, since Update 14, I believe, it removes ALL status conditions that currently affect you. So all those “STD’s” that she had, she just molted away. She’s clean as can be……I think…..

For those of you who are like “Dude…your Miasma are weak as doggy doo doo” here is a straight up Miasma build focused entirely on Miasma damage and we can compare and you can see for yourself what you give up for your “DPS” build. (Please note people do this build differently let’s not argue semantics when the core of the build is in place.

And the stats

As we can see here that clearly this build does more damage, like 2000 damage more…that’s a lot and hard to ignore. Still look at the rest of the stats here.

With this build you gain:

  • 2239 Damage with Miasma
  • 45% Power Range
  • 0.6/sec Energy Regen

With my build you gain:

  • 660 Health
  • 46/sec Shield Regen
  • 20% Knockdown Resist
  • 25% Power Efficiency (more Miasmas)
  • 3/sec Health Regen
  • Costs 2 less forma

As stated before my build does NOT maximize damage but balances survivability with damage and energy efficiency. You will not do as much damage as the alternative but you will last longer than most, and mostly likely picking them off the ground after they jumped into certain doom. Here you can at least see the differences.


This build uses the Arcane Cholera Helmet as does the alternative build. I for got to put it in the alternative build and I’m too lazy to fix it, but it DOES NOT change anything between the differences. The Miasmas do the same damage except over 2.4 seconds rather than 2.6 seconds. If you don’t own this helmet its fine no biggie, not gonna change much.

Primary Weapon

This section and beyond I will discuss the weapons that I currently use, although this is ENTIRELY personal preference and DOES NOT affect the actual Saryn build in the previous section. This is here soley for those who are curious. Here you’ll see what I meant by “Lack of elemental variety”.

I use Paris Prime currently until I’m fortunate enough to get Dread, but the build itself is the same. I will post it for both weapons so that you may see the differences.

This is a crit build that I use.

  • Hammer shot, Vital Sense, and Point Strike for increase crit chance and damage. You will perma crit and get about ~12.5% chance of red crits which is slightly lower than Dread
  • Speed Trigger and Shred to reduce the charge time on the draw, but also provide extra punch through to add to the Paris’ innate punch through
  • Serration is well….if you aren’t using this in ANY weapon there is something wrong
  • Arrow Mutilation for ammo. Bows use sniper ammo which is the hardest ammo to come by. 1 rank into this mod will give you more than enough ammo
  • Lastly, but not least Split Chamber. This mod give you a whopping 90% multishot. That means 9/10 arrows you shoot will actually be 2 arrows that both WILL crit and have a potential of red criting. Yikes

Now check this out on the Dread.


The reason that the stats say the sustained damage and all that is ~300 damage is because it does not figure in your crit chance. That is base damage. So 300×5.6=1680 would be more accurate, and red crits would be more like 1680×2=3360. This is rough estimation but its enough to give you an idea.

Secondary Weapon

For my Secondary, I use Akmagnus (although I have been tampering with Akvastos with the same build). Once again this is a Crit build, although some would say foolish, but give it a chance…please?…

  • Magnum Force and Hornet Strike to maximize raw damage. At least Hornet Strike should be in all secondary builds
  • Stunning Speed to help with the slow reload time. You can use Quick Draw as well. Its 2 less energy drain and it gives 8% more reload speed, but you don’t get the extra 10% status chance. Really it come to personal preference or if you don’t have Stunning Speed
  • Lethal Torrent, Barrel Diffusion, and Gun Slinger. Shoot really fast and with every shot gaureented to be a multishot. Each bullet has its own chance at criting. So now your 16 bullet clip is now a 32 bullet clip with more potential for crits.
  • Pistol Gambit and Target Cracker and pretty straight forward….especially for a crit build…

Melee Weapons

This build is,…you guessed it a crit build, and I use Dual Ichor Axes. They synergize well with Saryn, particularly if you are running a contagion build with her, and they also provide decent crit stats as well. Also a neat little feature these weapon have, which provide an edge over alternative like Nami and Sklya and Dual Zoren Axes, is that they ignore shields on trash mobs. Try it out sometime in Europa or Jupiter. Not sure if it is a bug or not but pretty sweet nonetheless.

  • I use Swirling Tiger so I don’t have to potato my Dual Ichors and its a more common drop than Crossing Snakes.
  • True Punishment, True Steel, and Organ Shatter are all for the crits. I hardly ever channel so the efficiency loss won’t really been seen, but you should still receive the crit chance bonus
  • Spoiled Strike and Pressure Point is to straight up increase raw damage
  • Berserker and Fury help counteract the attack speed loss from Spoiled Strike and help you go in a frenzy. You should be able to sustain the Berserker stacks without too much difficulty
  • Finally, I use Fever Strike is add to my toxin damage but really you can add any elemental mod. Keep in mind what ever you do add to it, it will change the element type to Viral (for Cold), Gas (for Fire), or Corrosive (for Electric). I would highly recommend Corrosive should you not want to put in Fever Strike. This is because Corrosive has either positive or neutral benefits against all armor/shield types. What I mean is that it either does bonus or normal damage against all types of armor/shields. There is no armor/shield type that Corrosive damage is weak against (which in part makes Miasma and Contagion strong, but I digress) If you do decide to go with the corrosive type the I suggest getting Voltaic Strike as the damage is the same as Shocking Touch, you get a status chance increase, and it cost 2 less energy drain. I don’t why, but Shocking Touch only gives 60% electric damage whereas Molten Impact, Northern Wind, and Fever Stike (the poison, fire and cold counterparts) give 90% damage increase (it might be a bug I dunno).


So there we have it folks! A complete rundown of what I use on my Saryn plus a little extra. I try to give as many pros and cons as possible to help people understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different builds out there. Hope this helps even a few people. Let me know what you think. I’m welcome to feed back, and hopefully, I can get some gameplay footage on here so you can see it in action!

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