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Confused about Second Dream – Warframe

Warframe Second Dream

So I just completed the Second Dream quest and I was kind of confused because the Margillus person who was mentioned and some of the terms such as “Void Jump” were making no sense.

Did I miss something or am I just not paying attention in missions?


So, if you listen to the dialogue and read the lore tidbits in the Codex and elsewhere, it helps explain things quite a bit. In a nutshell, though:

  • The Tenno are a group of adolescents from an incident involving an Orokin ship called the Zariman 10-0. This ship was lost in the Void during a botched transit maneuver, and over the course of its drifting the children gained their ability to warp the laws of physics through Void energies.

  • Margulis was an Orokin researcher who saw the potential of the Tenno children, as well as a desire to protect them from the hierarchs of the Orokin Empire whose initial prerogative was to destroy them.

  • At some point during the Sentient War, the Sentient Natah was tasked with destroying the Tenno but found herself unable to do it, instead “adopting” them as her own and ensuring their safety in the Womb of the Sky, a stasis facility they occupied deep within the Orokin Moon.

  • From the Womb of the Sky, the children were linked through a phenomenon called Transference to the Warframe armor that they had controlled during the Sentient War and, presumably, the rebellion against the Orokin. This link persists in a static fashion – giving the children the reality that they were the Warframes they controlled, until the end of The Second Dream.

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