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Just some info about Taxon and his weapon/abilities – Warframe

Warframe Taxon

New “baby” sentinel, but this thing is better than some older ones imo. So I’m going to list some interesting observations I’ve noticed using it and some rough testing.

Taxon’s ability that restores shields can go into overshields.

His targeting mod works for all weapons cough sniper sweeper prime cough.

This is some rough testing and fact. But his targeting mod and default beam weapon works with combustion beam. The rough testing is that the beam range mod which the name always escapes me seems to work in conjunction with his targeting mod making for 42 meters of range for weapons.

It’s targeting isn’t all that great. Many times I’ve noticed it trying to shoot enemies behind walls only for the beam to do nothing.

It’s targeting is great lol. I know this is contradictory to what I just started, but it follows enemies VERY well.

The cold proc is 100%. But I’ve found that modding for blast is best on the beam weapon.

That’s about all I’ve found for now. Still need to properly test punch through on the beam to get better results out of its targeting.

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