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The Location of the Plants for the Titania Quest

Warframe Apothic

Just decided I’d post in here what are all the locations for the plants for some people that do not know, keep in mind that they are also all fairly common, I am not sure if they could as spoilers for the quest according to the mods, so if this needs any spoiler tags I can include them.


  • 12 SUNLIGHT THRESHCONE – Found during the DAYTIME cycle missions on the GRINEER FOREST tilesets on EARTH found scattered on the ground near trees.
  • 6 MOONLIGHT DRAGONLILY – Found during the NIGHTTIME cycle missions on the GRINEER FOREST tilesets on EARTH nearby grass and bodies of water.

(Night and Day cycles on Earth change every 4 hours)

  • 2 DUSKLIGHT SARRACENIA – Found on the GRINEER SHIPYARD tileset missions on CERES on the polluted water.


  • 2 MOONLIGHT JADELEAF – Found on the NIGHTTIME cycle missions on EARTHnormally near bodies of water.
  • 6 RUK’S CLAW – Found on the GRINEER SETTLEMENT (Desert) tileset missions on MARS scattered around several possible areas.
  • 6 LUNAR PITCHER – Found on the OROKIN MOON tilesets missions on LUAscattered around several possible areas.


  • 2 SUNLIGHT JADELEAF – Found on the DAYTIME cycle missions on EARTHnormally near bodies of water.
  • 25 VESTAN MOSS – Found on the GRINEER ASTEROID tilesets on places such as some MERCURY missions and SATURN on the exposed asteroid rocks.
  • 8 FROSTLEAF – Found on the CORPUS OUTPOST (outdoors) tileset on NEPTUNE and PLUTO along the edge of cliffs.

And these seem to be all the plants that you need to find for the three apothics, hopefully this helps some people while there may not be any info, or at least some missing info on the Wiki.

Good luck to you all folks! Any corrections are greatly appreciated too.

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