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The Silver Grove Rant – Warframe

Warframe Silver Grove

Alright first off. This is the single worst quest in Warframe. I’d rather go back to the glast gambit and I hate the index. Why would you ever make a whole quest centered around scanning flowers. I’m not even kidding I saw the nightfall apothic in my inventory after grabbing this and just laughed and said nope.

Tonight I finally decided let’s try this. I got all the stuff I needed for nightfall. Somehow I had the stuff for twilight. Got sunlight. 25 vestan moss. Okay fine. 8 frost leaf. Fair that’s not too bad when they actually spawn. 2 sunlight jadeleaf. Now here’s where I’m going to flip.

I had no clue how day and night worked on Earth. I thought they followed the plains for all nodes. That is very much incorrect. I learned from a clan member it’s about 4 hours before they switch. I’m sorry what? Why? Seriously? Like you’re telling me I have to wait (according to a website known as thanks to a clan mate) I had to wait another hour and a half to scan 2 flowers… Wtf? Why can’t there just be a node or something where it’s always day and another where it’s always night with this quest in mind?

Seriously the thought of this and then the fact that I’ve never heard a positive thing about Titania apart from she’s good against the lephantis makes me wonder why I wasted the time. At this point she’s MR fodder. I’m gonna make her and she’s gonna sit there.

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