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Trading, what can and can’t I sell/buy? Warframe

Warframe Trading

So I’ve been searching the web for answers, but for some reason the following information was nowhere to be found, had to figure it out for myself:

  1. You cannot sell/buy fully built frames and weapons;
  2. You can only sell/buy Prime parts;
  3. Prime frames can only be sold/bought as Blueprints (master BP, chassis, etc). Fully built parts and frames cannot be sold/bought;
  4. Prime weapons can only be sold/bought as Crafting Components and Blueprints. If you put the weapon together, it cannot be sold/bought anymore.

Hope someone will find this useful, and won’t waste days grinding and waiting like I did.

I mean come on! Why does every mechanic in this game have to be some obscure hidden piece of knowledge you’ll only find out by stumbling into it or doing arduous research?

But hey! At least now I have Prime frames I can’t use because I don’t have enough slots (which is why I wanted to make some plat in the first place). Cool.

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