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Vault run (how to do vault runs and obtain corrupted mods)

This is a complete guide that explains everything for beginner tenno’s of how to do vault run’s and obtain corrupted mods, I will also go in-depth and explain what corrupted mods are and the difference between them and normal mods, how they work, in general everything you need to know in order to complete your first vault run.

Intro: Vault run basic’s

Hello Tenno and welcome to yet another Guide for warframe.

Today I will teach all you new fellow tennos about vault runs, I will go in depth on every single subject that vault run’s involves so you can complete your first vault run.

These are the subjects we will go through today:

  • vault runs – what are they?
  • vault runs – how do they work?
  • vault runs – what do you need in order to prepare for a vault run
  • corrupted mods – what are they and how do they work
  • corrupted mods – how to obtain them.
  • Dragon key’s – what are they?

What is a vault run?

A vault run is a Orokin derelict mission where players has as main goal to obtain “Corrupted mods”, I will tell you a bit more about what corrupted mods are later in this guide so don’t worry we will get there eventually but first let me tell you a little bit about how vault runs work.

How does vault run’s work?

The concept of a vault run is fairly simple, but new players might be a bit confused about what you really do in a vault run.

Players that are doing vault run’s allways creates a party with a total of 4 players, reason for this is simple. during every vault run there is a vault door that looks like the one on the picture to the left.

As you can see on this picture the door has a symbol in the middle, this symbol represent the keyhole for a dragon key (i will go into the depth about this later on)

For the vault door there are 4 keys, and every time you start a vault run, it is random wich key that fits.

But now you think: “why don’t you just carry all 4 keys instead of inviting 3 more people? is it because the vault runs has high lvl enemies?”

The answer is simple, the enemies on the vault run maps ain’t that hard to beat so it is not because of the difficulty, but the thing is, each player can only carry 1 key each and because there are 4 keys and the key that fits are random well, then you want to have 4 players with one key each to make sure you always got a key that fits.

There are multiple game modes that is suited for vault run’s, but some game modes are more preferable than others which is ODE (orokin derelict exterminate) and ODC (orokin derelict capture) I will tell you more about this in the chapter “how to prepare for a vault run”

So, I am in a vault run now. what do we do?

Well first off you want to do the main objective as fast as possible (to save some time so you get most out of it in shortest possible time).

After finishing the main objective you WILL NOT go for the extraction but instead you go back to start, and carefully start searching the entire map for the door as shown on the picture earlier in this chapter.

When a player find the vault door what you do then is stand in front of it and check what key that fits into it. the key name will be displayed in a hovering text. if your key do not fit. then you mark the door by pressing “G” and alert the other people that you found the vault door, and tell wich key that fits so the others can wait in extraction and finish the mission.

How to prepare for vault runs?

First off you will need to have a couple of keys.

You will need a dragon key, and a orokin derelict key.

  • Dragon key’s:

The dragon keys look like this:

On the picture you can see the different names of the dragon keys.

And each dragon key has a debuff that gets applied to you when you carry them. this is really important to remember when you’re finish with the vault runs, because if you carry these keys in regular missions, you will still have these debuffs enabled…. wich would give you a handicap.

The dragon key blueprint can ONLY be obtained in the tenno lab at your dojo, each key blueprint costs 500 credits, these blueprints are not consumable’s wich means that you can use this blueprint an unlimited amount of times without it to disappear.

When you are going to prepare for a vault run, you might aswell just buy all the blueprints at same time, that will save you the effort later.

To craft the dragon key’s, you will need to goto the foundry in the basement floor of your ship, then go under “keys” and click on the key you want to craft. but one of the vital ingredients that is required to make a dragon key is avoid key. (shown on the picture on the left) it doesn’t matter wich key you choose to build the dragon key so just use keys you never use or don’t need etc a Tower 1 key. (you can use any keys you like)

When the key is crafted, you will need to go to your arsenal in the back of your ship, then click on “gear” then select the dragon key. remember to communicate with your team so you don’t have people wearing same key as you.

The crafting time for dragon keys are 60 seconds.

  • Orokin derelict key’s:

The blueprint to the orokin derelict key (shown on the picture to the right) can also be bought at same area as the dragon key’s.

There are several OD (orokin derelict) keys you can choose between. but the most beneficial keys to use in vault run’s are either ODE (orokin derelic exterminate) or ODC (orokin derelict capture)

Reason for this is because the missions are short. and its easy to rush through them without spending too much time, in fact the ODC key is the one I prefer as you don’t need to depend on killing every single enemie to get to extract (wich can be a pain and take some time to do)
it’s a very fast and easy mission)

The process of crafting a OD key is the same as the dragon key, except you do not need to use a void key in order to craft a OD key.

The crafting of an OD key is really cheap aswell, and the crafting time is the same as a dragon key (60 seconds)

When you have crafted all the keys needed, then you are ready to begin your first vault run.

Starting your first vault run

Warframe Sortie

Once you have created all your keys (dragon keys and OD keys) then you’re ready to recruit people for party.

What you wanna do now is go into the recruit chat, and write “H Vault run ODC pm for inv” (or something similar)

The “H” stands for “hosting” make sure you write what you recruit for so everyone knows what’s going on if they pm you.
once you get pm’s you simply right click their name and select “invite”, to recruit people for your party you can also look for people in the chat saying “if vault run” (or something similar) and invite those people too.

Once your party is full, make sure everyone got they’re keys equipped (you can do this by pressing ESC button and look on each player, (it will display at same place as you can see their weapons if they got it equipped)

PS: OD missions are always infested, wich means fire damage are most efficient against those enemies.

Before you launch your mission, make sure that you always got a dragon key crafting while you play, because this will save you lot of time when your vault run is complete, because if you want to host another run, then you will need to craft another dragon key, and the same goes for the OD key. always have one crafting, then the players won’t need to wait for you to get ready every time.

Now you are ready to start the vault run. what you do now is: enter the mission navigator. find the node saying “derelict” click it and select the mission you crafted (the OD key).

You are in a vault run. what do you do?

Alright, as you now have launched your mission, what you wanna do now is that you do the main objective first.

  • Example: if it’s an extermination mission. kill of all the enemies, or if it’s a capture mission, capture the objective.

After you have done this its time for you to find the vault.

Sometimes it might be useful to press “M” to bring up the map so you can keep a track of the rooms you have searched through and be systematic, this way it will be a lot easier to find the vault.

Remember, the spawn location of the vault is random, so it’s not at same place every time you start a vault run, and the vault run may also be hidden in the most awkward places where you do not expect it to be, search every tunnel, hole, secret room, in short terms: SEARCH EVERYWHERE!

When either you or someone in your team find the vault door, the first thing you do then is checking what key that fits in this door.

When you approach the door you will get up a text saying “press x to use *keyname* to open the vault”if your key is not listed in this text, then you notify your teammates about which key is listed on the door and then you press “G” in order to mark it so the person who got the right key can easily find it.

While the guy that has the correct key is working his way over to the vault door, you and the rest of your team may start going towards the extermination area to save time. remember do not start the extraction timer before he has opened the vault.

When vault is opened there is an artifact located in the middle of this room. approach this artifact and press “X” on it. (the artifact looks like a yellow/orange ish glowing orb as shown in the picture to the right)

The artifact you obtained is the Corrupted mod, there is only 1 artifact per map, tho when one player obtains the artifact/mod, everyone will obtain it so don’t worry. the mod will be displayed as a mission reward when you extract and finish the map.

Corrupted mods, what are they and how are they different?

Corrupted mods are mods only obtainable either by trading with other players, or by completing a vault run.

Whats special about the corrupted mods compared to regular mods is that each corrupted mod has one buff and one debuff. take a look at the example in the picture to the left.

This mod is named Blind Rage and it is a corrupted mod. how we know this is by the stats of the mod.

As you can see it has a buff (+99% POWER STRENGTH) and a debuff (-55% POWER EFFICIENCY) this is what classifies this mod as a corrupted mod.

Some of this mods may be useless to you. but again a lot of these mods are extreamily beneficial to have, and some of them also sells for a fairly good amount of platinum aswell (this is one of the methods you can use to gain platinum as I explained in a previous tutorial)

For a full list over corrupted mods you can click the link below: – Link

So now you know everything that is to know about vault runs.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, if you got any questions feel free to make a comment. I will answer them as fast as I can and as well as I can.

Feel free to leave constructive critic’s aswell for improvement of the guide.

If you like the guide, felt it was useful, or maybe useless, feel free to rate it either up or down.

Good luck in you farming Tenno!

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