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Wukong Rework Overview and Evaluation – Warframe

Warframe Wukong

There are a lot of threads consisting of simply “it’s good” or “it’s bad” and little to no explanation as to why. So, here’s a quick overview of the rework and my opinion.

Previously Wukong’s utility was limited to Tank, Melee DPS, and a good Conservation Support with Enveloping Cloud.

  1. Iron Jab. Funny, but ultimately a terrible ability. Small AoE, short and impractical CC that sends enemies flying (impossible to shoot crit spots reliably and knocks out of melee range). Damage scaled terribly. Iron Vault lost viability with the Contagion nerf, and is poor.
  2. Cloudwalker. Drain, infinite duration, almost totally pointless given he’s immortal anyway. Enveloping Cloud was decent and could be used to decent effect in various situations – especially easy conservation (with allies).
  3. Defy. The big outcry. Total immortality with Hunter Adrenaline. AFK ability.
  4. Primal Rage. Smacky stick, good damage, shame they ‘fixed’ Gladiator mod stacking. Reliable DPS.

Before Wukong was a dull frame. He had melee (which is outclassed by many melee weapons anyway), and he had AFK invulnerability. Very little interactivity, and his 1 and 2 were absolutely terrible to mediocre in most situations.


  1. Celestial Twin. Creates a copy of Wukong that acts like a spectre. Uses melee when you range, and range when you melee. AI sucks, it is tethered to the player on a very short leash, damage scales terribly (does less damage than you do with your weapons). Has decent HP, distracts enemies, uses Primal Rage when you do (and actually does good damage with it).
  2. Cloudwalker. Heal yourself as you move, much faster animation, much faster movement speed. Tiny duration, makes Enveloping Cloud useless.
  3. Defy. Absorb incoming damage over a short duration, smack nearby enemies based in damage absorbed, gain armour up to 1500 based in damage absorbed. Damage scales terribly and sucks vs armoured enemies, armour cap is low compared to other frame’s damage mitigation abilities.
  4. Still Primal Fury. New move sets are fine. DE please kill auto-block, it’s the worst change ever. Melee 3.0 needs attention.


With the rework Wukong’s utility has gone down, but his fun-factor has gone up imo. I just think they need to balance him a little so he’s not such a poor addition for an actual team. He’s almost totally self-centred, and Enveloping Cloud sucks now that it’s stuck on such a tiny duration, so he can’t even bring team-wide invisibility to the table (within range). He doesn’t scale well either.

It still needs work. I hope DE aren’t done with it, but it’s headed in the right direction I think. I think Enveloping Cloud should be changed to include team-healing as well, since that ability now heals. Celestial Stomp should be directed, not just done on the spot since the AI sucks for the Twin. Defy should buff nearby allies with armour too I think. This way at least he can bring some support.

I’m not sure if Celestial Twin works like Equinox’s clone or like a spectre, but if it doesn’t use mods in weapons… it should. At the moment the damage is awful.

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