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At long last! A List of Ballistic Fiber Locations! FO76

Fallout 76 Ballistic Fiber

This is my completed list of locations to get Ballistic Fiber. List of places found Ballistic Fiber that I was able to use and add to. Remember, this is just what *I* found. It’s very possible there are locations/items I missed. If this is the case and you know of places/items I missed, please either comment or DM me so I can double check and add it to the list! I plan to make another/more lists similar to this for other rare items.

Ballistic Fiber Locations

Camp McClintock

  • After walking in the main building, on a table to the left, near the Overseer’s Cache and in between lockers to the right (x2 Ammo Bag)
  • In the left barracks near the main building, on a shelf near the back (Ammo Bag)
  • In the shack uphill and southwest of the main building, near a wall and in the corner (x2 Ammo Bag)
  • Behind the front desk on top of the drawers (Ammo Bag)
  • On a wooden box in front of the left side Barracks [South of the building]
  • In a personnel carrier in front of the Barracks (Ammo Bag)
  • Upstairs to the left on a rolling cart under a Bowie Knife (Military Grade Duct Tape)

Camp Venture

  • Back Camp, in the porta-potty on the left (Ammo Bag)

Clancy Manor

  • Upstairs on the shelf next to the Tinkerer’s Workbench (x3 Military Grade Duct Tape)

Converted Munitions Factory

  • Outside on a yellow workbench, beside two tanks (Military Grade Duct Tape)

Firebase Hancock

  • Inside the Western trailer, 1 on the floor next to the footlocker, and 1 on the locker shelf (Ammo Bag, Military Duct Tape)
  • On the upstairs walkway near the Automated Missile Launcher and Ammo Box (Ammo Bag)

Firebase LT

  • On the Staircase, next to the Skeleton (Ammo Bag)
  • Inside the West tent on the floor near the Weapon’s Workbench (Ammo Bag)

Firebase Major

  • Inside the tent on top of the Wooden Boxes (Ammo Bag)

Fort Defiance

  • North Wing, 2nd floor, the 2 rooms next to the metal stairs both have Ammo Bags (x3 Ammo Bag)
  • North Wing, 3rd Floor, 3rd door on the right past the Metal Doors [heading South], on the small table next to the locker (Ammo Bag)
  • North Wing 3rd floor, room in front of the elevator,1 on the Metal Box to the right and 1 on the shelf to the left (x2 Ammo Bag)
  • North Wing 3rd floor, past the BoS doors to the right, first room on your right, on the bottom of the shelf and on top of the Metal Boxes (x2 Ammo Bag)

Forward Station Alpha

  • On the stairs to the North next to the Wooden Crate (Ammo Bag)
  • The Northern Tent next to the Corpse and on the shelf (x2 Ammo Bag)
  • On the shelf left of the 3rd Ammo bag (Military Grade Duct Tape)

Forward Station Delta

  • In the Trailer next to the Footlocker closest to the door (Ammo Bag)

Glassed Cavern

  • Inside the shack above the cavern, next to the skeleton (Ammo Bag)

Monongah Power Plant Yard

  • Inside the tiny room out front, on the desk (Ammo Bag)
  • On the South-most part of the room inside the tent near the Ammo Box (Military Grade Duct Tape, Ammo Bag)

National Radio Astronomy Research Center

  • At the top of the stairs on the shelf to your left (x2 Military Grade Duct Tape)

Relay Tower EM-B1-27

  • Outside in between the front-door and the personnel carrier is a skeleton with the item near it (Ammo Bag)
  • Under a cot on the West Side of the room (Ammo bag)

Sons of Dane Compound

  • Go up the stairs in front of you when you teleport, near the skeleton (Military Grade Duct Tape)

Spruce Knob

  • Through the upstairs hallway towards the red dome (train), go inside and take a left, 2 items are next to the ammo container and above the first skeleton on your left (Military Grade Duct Tape and Ammo Bag)
  • Instead of left inside the train, take a right and the item is on the first shelf to the right (Ammo Bag)

Survey Camp Alpha

  • Inside the Western Tent near the Ammo Box (Military Grade Duct Tape)

The Thorn

  • Next to the corpse nearby the Cooking Station and Tent (Ammo Bag)
  • Next to the ammo box behind the barrier to the North of the Tent (Military Grade Duct Tape and Ammo Bag)

Thunder Mountain Yard

  • On the back table in the furthest tent from the workshop (Ammo Bag)

Watoga Civic Center

  • East Side Door (outside) inside the Tank/Truck(Personnel Carrier) next to the skeleton and footlocker (Ammo bag)

Whitespring Bunker

  • Go down the driveway and into the shack, one item is hanging on the tool rack and another on the rolling cart next to the door (Military Grade Duct Tape and Ammo Bag)

Whitesprings Service Center

  • On top of the roof, near the Footlocker (Military Grade Duct Tape)

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