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Dead Money Unique Weapons and Armor Locations

Dead Money

This guide contains the locations of all unique weapons and armor in the Fallout New Vegas DLC Dead Money. This guide may include some minor quest spoilers.

Energy Weapons


  • Holorifle


DAM: 80 + 15/3s Holo | DPS: 88.9 | ROF: 1.11 | CRIT: x1 | ACC: 0.4 | DUR: 495

Base ID: xx0092ef

Given to you by Elijah. Elijah will give you this weapon when you wake up in the Villa at the beginning of Dead Money.


Fallout New Vegas Builds

  • Dean’s Tuxedo

Pre-War Businesswear

DT: 0 | DUR: 100 | BONUS: Speech +5

Base ID: xx00ef16

Worn by Dean Domino. You can take it from Dean Domino if you have him as a companion. You can also loot the armor from Dean Domino in the Tampico during the quest “Curtain Call at the Tampico”.

  • Father Elijah’s Robes

Brotherhood Scribe Robe

DT: 2 | DUR: 100 | BONUS: Brotherhood of Steel Disguise

Base ID: xx00581a

Found in the Brotherhood footlocker inside the Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel Bunker after completing Dead Money. You can also loot the armor from Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre Casino Vault during the quest “Heist of the Centuries”.

  • Vera’s Outfit

Sexy Sleepwear

DT: 2 | DUR: 100 | BONUS: Barter +5, Speech +5, CHR +1

Base ID: xx006ed6

Found in the Executive Suites. One copy can be found on a skeleton in the room Christine will be in. Another copy can be found in the safe near the elevator.

Light Armor

Fallout New Vegas Light Armor

  • Assassin Suit

Combat Armor

DT: 14 | DUR: 500 | BONUS: Sneak +10

Base ID: xx00e1b7

Found inside the Villa Clinic in the Medical District. It’s sitting on a table in the room with the headless corpses.

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