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How to kill Caesar [Minor Spoiler]

Fallout New Vegas Caesar

I just killed Caesar and his small army easily with a great plan. Though it does take some preparation in order to perfectly kill him without any real effort. I will list the weapons I used, drugs, armor, companions and amount of caps I spent.

Before starting the raid, tell Boone to go back to Strip 34 or whatever. Because he’ll start shooting everyone. Also if you want to help House or Yes Man, upgrade the robots before raiding so you have something off your mind. After that’s done, go take Boone back and begin the raid.

Raid of the fortress was on Normal.


Fallout New Vegas Mods

Ratslayer (Before going in the camp). – The small camp before you take the boat is full of resource that MAY help you if you run out of ammo in the fortress. Just headshot everyone while crouching. A stealth radar (forgot the name) is a great option. But I was great without it.

Unique weapon found in: Broc Flower Cave. A perfect silent sniper. More useful when guns is up to 100.

Fully modded 10mm pistol. (Anywhere except in Caesar’s tent). – It is powerful enough to kill any legionnaire with MAXIMUM 3 magazine of 16 ammo each. It will not help in the tent due to every guard having a strong fists, unfortunately.

Chainsaw. (Only in the tent). – If you decide to kill every legion in the fortress, one of them will carry a chainsaw in almost perfect shape. It is strong enough to damage the Praetonian guards before using the Ballistic Fist.

Ballistic Fist. (Only in the tent). – Finish them ♥♥♥♥s by backing up and punching ’em. If they hit you 4-5 times, use a couple of stimpaks and continue to punch ’em. Killing the minor guards aren’t a problem but Luco, the private guard of Caesar, is more tough than Caesar himself. I suggest killing Caesar before Luco. (Forgot his name so don’t be mad if it’s not Luco).


Fallout New Vegas Useful Mods

Stimpaks. – You’ll obviously be close to die a couple of times from Praetonian/Legionnaire guards. So keeping at least 10 will do you good.

Med-X. – Using it before entering the tent will help you… GREATLY. This is a must. Otherwise you’ll be stuck to be wasting your precious Stimpaks. Use a Med-X.

Other drugs aren’t necessary but might help. I only used Med-X and I was good without them.


Metal Armor Reinforced, full set. – This is highly effective again bullets but it’s costly. So this is a very good armor to take over the fortress.


Boone: I noticed that he was more efficient when I was taking over. He did get unconscious once by a Ballistic Fist from the Praetonian guard. Plus this’ll give you the possibility to get the quest of Boone.

ED-E: This robot’s laser are deadly against their armor. Mixed with Boone will help you take over the camp before the boat faster.

Un-recommanded companions:

  • Arcade Gannon
  • Rex
  • Lily

Spent caps

Iron-like skin implant – 8000 caps. *Optional but greatly helps. The 12000 caps also helps.*

Stimpaks – 1200 caps. *minimum*

Med-X – Buying it is useless. Finding them is easier and worth it. – 0 caps.

Metal Armor Reinforced , Full set. – 500 caps if 25% condition. 3000+ caps if 75%+ condition.

Modded 10mm Pistol. – 3000+ caps.

Extra Ammo. – 1000 caps.

Fact #1: I only did this on level 14 and got outside with an extra level and a bunch of items to sell.

Fact #2: Bothering saving the slave will waste your time. They will stay there because they’re dumb.

Fact #3: My Metal Armor Reinforced got destroyed because of it having less than 50% condition. I suggest you keep your armor to at least 50%+ condition. I spent a minute in the tent naked:x.

Hope you thought this guide was useful. I did not make it an official guide due to it having some spoilers.

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