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Fallout New Vegas: DUST Survival Simulator Guide

Fallout New Vegas Dust

This is a guide to starting out and helpful tips for DUST survival simulator.

If you have any suggestion on what I should add tell me in the comments!

The Dust Survival Guide

Starting out

S. 10 P. 5 E.8 C. 1 I. 1 A. 10 L. 5 Get understone enhanced mod.


  • Guns
  • Medicine
  • Lockpick

To start off you need a good location to start off at some are terrible and some are good but for the example of this guide when starting out go through the door that says ” Abandoned warehouse. ”
that is one of the best starts in my opinion for starting a fresh game.

The warehouse items of interest:

  • Makeshift assault rifle
  • Makeshift sniper rifle
  • Ranger armor ( Very good )
  • Machete
  • Crafting kit
  • Other various tribal armors etc.
  • Some crafting items in containers

What to do: Head towards the NCR soldier and pick up their armor this armor is very helpful and some of the best you can have early game.

Get the makeshift assault rifle and sniper make sure to collect all its ammo.

Head outside once you have all items of interest and kill the tribals and take their spears.

Once you do so an NCR soldier from camp mcarran might start walking torward you if you time your sniper just right you can pop his head and take the service rifle DEFINITELY KEEP IT I will tell you later ( If you find a marksman carbine take that instead because it is way better ). Then once his friends come run away and maybe kill the ants by the barn if you want go into the barn up the stairs there will be a supply of grenades which are helpful and an ant moud you can enter if you feel you can take on an ant queen go inside kill it and take the backpack from the dead survivor backpacks are basically ESSENTIAL to survival as it increases weight.

Go out of the ant mound and head along the roads and tracks until you get on 188 then once you get near black mountain search around the hills until you find understone.

If you find understone go inside go to the player home which is behind a gate and drop your things in a sarsaparilla crate and sort out the items you want. ( Also on the way there pick up all packs of cigarettes and pre-war money.

Once you sell some items and get caps the understore shopkeeper (his name is Tim Spriggs but really he is actually chet) buy 5.56mm surplus and .38 special box from him so you do not need to worry about low ammo so this is why you need the service rifle and if you find a 357 take it as well.

Also a quick tip: Pick up all enemy guns for extra ammo from their magazine so you get extra ammo for guns. you can drop it after you pick it up.

This concludes getting a good start and it is way better than having two bullets with a pistol and dying by tunnelers in this start you will not see many tunnelers yet.

This is just the first section and this guide is a work in progress please give me any suggestions.

Enemy Type: Ghouls

Ah ghouls only a slight pain really if you know what you are doing.

If you are still early game and have low ammo use a melee weapon or mines and hope they do not kill you try to strafe them the best you can and ALWAYS aim for the head because if you hit them in the head it is an insta kill.

These bastards are nearly more common than tunnelers but are only an annoyance and should be easy to deal with.


If you start out like in the starting out section you will see only some tribals and NCR but mostly survivors some along the way if you are lucky can be friendly and help you out with the bad guys.

You will probably come across them what to do is just take cover aim for the head or throw grenades it is simple if you have a varmint rifle service rifle or any gun that can dispatch heads accurately.


Ah the strongest type of human still pathetic compared to you if you are smart.

I would recommend getting a varmint rifle surplus 5.56mm and a scope to take out NCR from range easily.

You can literally destroy the entirety of camp golf with a scoped varmint rifle with ammo and weapon repair kits.

You have to get headshots on these guys or any damage with a gun is basically nothing but if you have a ranged weapon with plenty of ammo they fall just like any other human.

I would recommend upgrading guns to 100 as soon as possible so you do not sway like a slow 60s song.

Pick up their guns then drop them for their ammo and if you want take some armor then repair it with other NCR armor.

Some of the bastards are rangers and are more tough but just headshot them and they will not be a problem.

If you do not have a gun use grenades or throwing spears those are also effective.

The only way they kill you is if you are stupid so just don’t be stupid with your strategies for dispatching them.



Tunnelers appear to be reptilian-humanoids with dark, scaly skin, large bio-luminescent eyes, a mouth filled with sharp reptilian teeth and chitinous spikes protruding from their shoulders and heads. Tunnelers are found underground, as their name implies, and are noted for their fear of bright lights and loud noises. Every now and then they will flee from combat and head back underground. This can be seen easily by throwing a flash bang or firing a flare gun at a tunneler. Their enlarged eyes appear to be an adaptation to the conditions of their preferred habitat and are sensitive to light; a condition which would explain their extreme aversion to weapons like flash bangs and flare guns, and to the sun itself.

“They’ll start emerging throughout the Mojave in time, might be years. Probably less. They breed fast, hunt in groups, more than enough to bring down the strongest in the Mojave. Once they draw blood… Seen them tear apart deathclaws… Deathclaw might get some, but the rest will swarm it, tear it apart, like Denver hounds.” — Ulysses

The exact origins of the Tunnelers is unknown. However, there are signs that they were created after the Great War, probably by mutation of an unknown species. Being underground predators, they build their nests deep into the earth and have lived undisturbed by surface-dwellers for centuries. Tunnelers had no direct contact with the surface world until atomic warheads beneath Hopeville detonated when the Courier unintentionally brought a package containing nuclear launch codes from Navarro. This atomic firestorm caused great earthquakes and savage storms that split open the earth, thus revealing the surface to them. Even so, Tunnelers are very averse to loud noises and bright lights. They try to keep beyond the reach of the sun by staying in tunnels and other low-light areas.


1. Tunnelers reproduce quickly, and hunt in packs large enough to become a significant hazard. When they are in packs, they can easily tear apart a deathclaw. NEVER underestimate them, and if there is one that means there are many near by!

2. If your unprepared to fight them use flame weapons which are useful in scaring them off.

Flash bangs: These will startle them and cause them to run away or become frenzied. However, they must detonate at a close proximity to have any effect.

Flare gun: Tunnelers will only be frightened by the flare gun if they are hit. When hit they will flee as long as they are on fire; if the flare misses, and the shot lands at their feet, they are less likely to do so.

Flamer: Although not directly damaging them with any effects other than fire damage, firing a flamer at them will usually cause them to burrow and resurface in another location.

3. To help avoid them try stay to the road and your likely not to run into too many.

4. If your out in the open and a large group of them are heading towards you, it may be in your best interest to retreat and find a high enough rock to stand on that they won’t be able to reach you from. Then your have a good chance to pick them off without in dangering yourself much. Just be careful to have enough ammo to take care of them so you aren’t stranded.

5. Tunnelers do not take double damage from headshots.


They may be weak but they are the hardest enemy in the game.

They are not strong and do not have good things but they use the power of FPS drops and a ♥♥♥♥ton of them to kill you in a heartbeat

Don’t even bother engaging them the reward for killing them is insufficient and their bases tend to lack any loot such as novac and sloan.


Near black mountain in the hills of it kind of hard to find but keep searching.

Once you find it go inside and go to the player home and dump all your things in a crate and get all your junk etc sorted out. Make sure you collect EVERY pack of cigarettes you come across go to calvin and give him cigarettes in exchange for ammo if you have enough he gives you a VERY plentiful supply.

Go to the understore and sell useless stuff until you have enough to get 5.56mm surplus and 38. special box.

Get 357 and service rifle if you have not already from an external source.

Once you get your main weapons with ammo situated have your backpack ranger armor and weapons you are set for midgame accomplishments. Also repair bot has a repair skill of 0 because he is a robot just use the console command on him ” Modav repair 100 ” and he will repair your items just fine. Also if you want food and water collect a bunch of scrap metal and give it to Jackson steel.

Lake Mead

Going to lake mead is risky it is completely dried out and tunnelers like to hang out there but if you are smart and get to the jet bomber quick enough you should be fine.

Make sure you only go there with a lockpick skill of 100 you need it to get any reward from going there as there are very hard locked chests.

These chests hold jesus christ himself with ALOT of ammo micro fusion cell boxes electron charge pack etc and is REALLY GOOD for ammo basically at this point ammo is non existent it may be boring but transfer all the items a few at a time to understone as this is basically required.

Also watch out cazadors live near it and theres mines with the texture of stone

Couriers Tomb: I would recommend getting the courier companion mod for DUST it is on the DUST mod page but if you do not want to that is fine without the mod the courier is an enemy that you have to kill once you kill him you get some things like an anti material rifle although honestly it is far better to get him as a companion.

COURIER COMPANION: Once you talk to him with the courier companion mod he can be the ONLY companion in the entire game except if you get JASON mod but he does not spawn in warehouse.

He has a very helpful gun and is very strong and in hardcore he does die but you can just use the command ” Resurrect ” by clicking on him and typing the command he will be back in action.

Camp golf


  • This is the hardest location in the game it is a giant NCR stronghold.


  • Lots of ammo
  • Varmint rifle with scope or sniper ( GET HEADSHOTS ON THEM )
  • More ammo
  • Any other gun you wish but you need guns 100 and a sniper weapon or varmint rifle with scope to headshot multiple enemies at a time.

Outside: they will attack on sight no matter what so once you take out the external outpost there are many more groups of NCR to get through and sometimes tunnelers can come and just cause complete chaos.

Courier companion or JASON companion is very helpful so I would recommend getting them

There are tents that some have NCR and loot inside if you would like to take some

Make sure you clear everyone there are literally like 100 soldiers outside of it and they all attack with brute force.

If you have a silenced gun get ammo for it and bring it.

Take them out from range or you will probably die.

Inside: Once you get inside there are multiple heavy troopers and elite rangers who will ♥♥♥♥ YOU IN A SECOND if you are not prepared first crouch so they don’t notice you right away pull out sniper or rifle and headshot the ones with big guns then go left and into the other room and hold out there for their reinforcements and just hope you do not die.

If you actually take the inside the loot is amazing from outside and inside there are also terminals to learn more about lore the scientists are unarmed but count as enemies so your companions might attack them but you can get advanced riot gear and ammo guns etc whatever you need gamp golf has it. You can take the armor back to understone and with enough caps get it repaired if you want.

Once you take camp golf after getting everything you need you are set for end game.

Camp Searchlight Ending 1

Oh boy, the challenger approaches.

You will find NCR outside of the camp dispatch them easily then move on there will be a brotherhood patrol they all have power armor so use explosives energy weapons or headshots multiple times to just take out one at a time these bastards are very difficult and this is THE hardest challenge other than camp golf. there are nearly I would estimate 40 soldiers just on the outside all in power armor and with good energy weapons etc.

There is the police station which there is many more inside as well as the NCR supply stash in the church and the fire station.

Once you kill everyone and get all your loot situated go to searchlight airport with a bunch of scrap metal scrap electronics etc a bunch of crafting materials and headinside at this point radscorpions are nothing so get to the plane with the dead BOS beside it and build the plane parts to fly away.

This is by far the easiest least complicated ending.

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