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Your favorite enb for Fallout New Vegas?

Fallout New Vegas ENB

I’ve been searching enb’s for a little while now and haven’t really found anything worth trying. I tried Nevada and Blackout enb, but they both just didn’t feel right to me. What are some other great enb’s that you would suggest?

Best ENB for FNV

  • Dreary ENB which makes everything more bleak looking. I’m a huge fan but there is an issue with it where the sky turns black in the middle of the day in some areas. He put up a fix for it but any mod that adds a new worldspace will still have issues. Otherwise this would by the only ENB I’d ever use.
  • Jay’s ENB I have a GTX 970 and the intended version runs great for me. Really beautiful. Just check out the screenshots. I’d recommend using the “half DOF” option though.
  • Melancholy Dust ENB Like Dreary ENB on steroids. Meant for the DUST mod, it also works great with the Dusty Weathers mod instead. I recommend that, this ENB, and Dusty Distance for a really awesome post-apocalyptic Mojave.
  • 47 ENB 2 Hitman did a very nice job here. Like Jay’s but bleaker and more brown. I’m definitely a fan.

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