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How to play Fallout New Vegas Multiplayer

Learn how to use NV:MP and start playing New Vegas with friends!

What will you need?

  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • A registered account on NV:MP’s forum – Link.
  • Patience

You have to understand that this mod is currently in BETA testing. So features are incomplete, not working or are not even enable such as DLC, VATS, Quests and some other features. This is all coming in future updates and with your support, things can start rolling and the developers can get feedback on the mod.

Getting Started

Once you get yourself setup on the website, you can download the client from here!

Once you download it and log into the client, it’ll install the mod and you’ll eventually get this screen. From here, you can join an open server and start playing.

Be sure to read the entire download page for tips, rules, and things you will experience in the game’s mod.

Good luck!

Troubleshooting Tips

Alrighty. A bunch of friends have had some issues with the game’s mod. I’ve taken the liberty to add some tips on how to fix the mod and methods I’ve found to work. Please note that most of the time, using the repair button mostly fixes in-game issues. However, if you are like my buddies, they have had a fair share of troubles trying to launch the game.

So let’s begin!

  • If you are having a missing .dll file. Reinstall or install Microsoft’s .netframework on their website
  • If you are having a font issue, or a png is missing. Open New Vegas up without the mod, and enable it to run in a window.
  • If you can not see chat, make sure the mod isn’t in compatibility mode in FNV.exe’s options.

This is all the info I have on the current errors I’ve seen. Feel free to ask more questions on the forums and on here!

Wrapping things up

You can read the FAQ here! and learn about what’s included in the mod and the current state. If you have any problems please redirect them to the forum as the devs probably won’t pay much attention to this post.

I’ll be adding keybinds and features to this guide a bit later on, as well as the some basic FAQ stuff. Also, I would love to see this come to light and maybe get a financial following so the Dev’s can work on this or get more updates done frequently, so consider becoming a Patron on Patreon if you can. We all can tip in and make this a dream come true like we all thought of back when the game first came out. Good luck out there guys, I’ll see you in the wastes!

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