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Veronica’s Quest “I COULD MAKE YOU CARE” Glitch

Got the pulse gun. Marker says go to elder. Went to him.

Veronica walks slowly to the elder and DOES NOTHING, script Definitely should make them talking about technology but they don’t.

Half a minute(or so) after – I can speak to them both but there are no dialog options about quest.

Is there a solution about this glitch(bug)???

Tried to move Veronica but it’s not helping, restarting the game not helping, even through console disabling and enabling the elder not helping. They just silently stare at each other a lil and that’s all.


Since this community occurred to be weak in those type of questions I’ve lurked about it myself. 10-15 sites and there it is:

When you enter elder’s hall, Veronica slowly walks to elder and stands then.

At that moment do:

  • Console
  • click on the elder
  • if the elder is Hardin type: say to e2f88 VMS49ElderDiscussion2Intro
  • unpause game
  • if they stop after a few phrases(Veronica don’t say her final dialog “Come on. I can’t listen to this anymore”) then go to console and do the trick again. They start from beginning but this time it will be full dialog.

Go out of elder’s hall, Veronica asks for a fresh air …you continue on quest.


Save the game and restart it, because when you used console – Achievements NOT achieving after that moment. Restarting game fixes that. [verified myself].

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