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Fallout New Vegas Karma Levels

Fallout New Vegas Karma Levels

In this guide, I will explain the karma levels from the best karma to the worst karma.

FNV Karma Guide

FNV Karma Guide:lvl; Good Neutral: Bad:

  1. Samaritan Drifter Grifter
  2. Martyr Renegade Outlaw
  3. Sentinel Seeker Opportunist
  4. Defender Wanderer Plunderer
  5. Dignitary Citizen Fat Cat
  6. Peacekeeper Adventurer Marauder
  7. Ranger of the Wastes Vagabond of the Wastes Pirate of the Wastes
  8. Protector Mercenary Betrayer
  9. Desert Avenger Desert Scavenger Desert Terror
  10. Exemplar Observer Ne’er-do-well
  11. Vegas Crusader Vegas Councilor Vegas Crime lord
  12. Paladin Keeper Defiler
  13. Mojave Legend Mojave Myth Mojave Boogeyman
  14. Shield of Hope Pinnacle of Survival Sword of Despair
  15. Vegas Legend Vegas Myth Vegas Boogeyman
  16. Hero of the Wastes Strider of the Wastes Villain of the Wastes
  17. Paragon Beholder Fiend
  18. Wasteland Savior Wasteland Watcher Wasteland Destroyer
  19. Saint Super-Human Evil Incarnate
  20. Guardian of the Wastes Renegade of the Wastes Scourge of the Wastes
  21. Restorer of Faith Soldier of Fortune Architect of Doom
  22. Model of Selflessness Profiteer Bringer of Sorrow
  23. Shepherd Egocentric Deceiver
  24. Friend of the People Loner Consort of Discord
  25. Champion of Justice Hero for Hire Stuff of Nightmares
  26. Symbol of Order Model of Apathy Agent of Chaos
  27. Herald of Tranquility Person of Refinement Instrument of Ruin
  28. Last, Best Hope of Humanity Moneygrubber Soultaker
  29. Savior of the Damned Gray Stranger Demon’s Spawn
  30. Messiah True Mortal Devil

How to increase good Karma

Fallout 3 Vault

To increase good Karma, you can do various tasks, such as killing people in the wrong morals. (Such as keeping slaves, etc.)

You can also kill evil character in the games missions, and you will increase karma. Your character also receives karma for killing any type of Ghoul.

In Vault 3, their are prisoners held, and you will earn Karma by releasing them.

How to lower your Karma (easiest part)

To lower your characters karma, this is really easy. The most common ways are to kill people, steal item’s that don’t belong to you, and accessing terminals that you are not allowed. The best way to lose karma fast is to kill main characters in the missions that are good, and to go on random killing spree’s inside factions. When you have done wrong to a faction, you will become vilified, shunned, or you can become neutral to them.

How to view karma points with command console:

  • player.getav Karma

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