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Valkyria Chronicles 4

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Game information:

  • Date Release: 2018
  • Genre: Action, Role-playing, Strategy
  • Developer: SEGA

Game description

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is an unusual game project, executed in the style of adventure, which perfectly relates itself to the genre of strategy in combination with action. The graphics are unique and have a nice visualization and animation of actions. Moreover, it is necessary to note the fascinating history connected with military events. You will pass on a non-linear line of a plot with unexpected turns and surprises.

The visual performance in the form of anime themes, which has become quite popular among developers in recent times. You will play the role of a brave commander who takes control of a small country that is not inhabited by a lot of people. In the world where you find yourself, the two most powerful powers face each other in a bloody war and your country has become the center of the hostilities.

You have the best military squad at your disposal. With this squad, you have to stop the war, thereby winning and bringing to the planet peace and tranquility. Your duties will include the protection of civilians, which greatly complicates your position on the battlefield.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a hybrid of turn-based tactics and third-person action with role-playing elements. There are a lot of incongruous genres and styles mixed in these series. The game makes you feel like a strategist, thinking about how to effectively distribute the actions between the fighters and achieve the goal. In this world of technology interacts with magic, tanks ride on the energy of magic crystals, and the mysterious Valkyries can destroy an entire army on their own.

The gameplay is very diverse. Missions include capturing enemy bases, jogging to the desired point on the speed or defend the terrain, charge, in turn, the enemies that are constantly attacking, then send reinforcements, then cause an airstrike. For successful military operations, the peculiarities of the terrain should also be taken into account.

On a hill or sniper tower, it is convenient to take a firing position in the grass when you can hide behind a fortification – duck to get less damage from enemy fire. A separate role is assigned to the forces of nature. Shots in the snow-covered valley lead to an avalanche that sweeps everything away in its path.


Fighters also need to be chosen correctly. Scouts have light equipment but can travel long distances. The stormtroopers are strong and resilient, but slow. Snipers can kill a target from a distance. Grenadiers are a new class, armed with grenade launchers. They shoot up and they do not need to see the enemy for guidance, it is enough for one of the colleagues to give the coordinates.

There are spearmen specialized in the destruction of enemy tanks, and engineers who can repair equipment or destroyed barricades and replenish ammunition for their comrades. There is also a tank and an armored car with which you can take the soldiers behind the line of fire. You can still give orders and improve some characteristics of the soldiers or to achieve other useful effects, whether calling the doctor in an emergency or bombing the enemy.

A wide range of classes and orders allows you to use a variety of tactics, depending on the conditions of the mission and the style of play. You can explore the area with the help of a scout and destroy the enemy from a safe distance using snipers and grenadiers, you can shoot the enemy’s fire attack aircraft, driving them past the bunkers and turrets on the armored car, or even make the tank the main combat force. There are many variations and tactics that you can always change. You can also ask the reserve soldiers to come to the base at the beginning of the next turn.

In Valkyria Chronicles, several action points are given for one move, which you can spend on various things. For points, you can evacuate soldiers from the battlefield and request reinforcements, give orders and engage your troops. One fighter can be given a lot of action points and for each, he will be able to go a certain distance and shoot once. However, with each new action, the character will move less and less and can run out of ammo.

In the game, you do not just command the troops and take control of each of the characters themselves. After selecting a fighter in tactical mode, the game turns into a third-person action.

One press of the button, and you are no longer the commander bent over the map or a soldier with a weapon running into the attack. It is based on the reaction, not on tactics, and depends on whether you have time to hide around the corner of the house or the barricade before the enemy kills you, or try to aim and shoot to kill him first.

Aiming can be different. You can shoot the enemy in the body for more accurate damage or in the head for a more powerful one. In any case, your soldier can miss and the enemy can evade – that means the tactical plans will need to be adjusted.

Squad Stories

The role-playing component in Valkyria Chronicles 4 is curious. As in any tactical game, for passing missions, you get experience points that can be spent on improving the fighters of different classes, the study of new orders, and the improvement of weapons.

The main feature of the role-playing system is represented by the unique properties of the characters. Each of the characters has useful and bad habits that can affect how the battle goes. Girl stormtroopers can save on ammunition and not release all their bullets in the enemy, but their sudden attack can cause more damage because they like to attack suddenly. Some abilities are based on the interaction with certain classes or heroes: some will try to impress their friends, others, on the contrary, will be embarrassed if there are girls in their squad. And this, too, contributes to the diversity of the battle.

If the team members develop friendships, they begin to communicate better. And if you send friends to do the job together, you can open an additional mission during which you will learn more about their past, improve their team skills, and discover new abilities. These short sketches are the perfect complement to the main plot.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a tale of conflict in an alternate reality, where energy is extracted from a rare mineral, and among the people there are descendants of Valkyries who have fantastic abilities. But there are enough turns in the plot and it is always interesting to find out what awaits the heroes after each new mission.


  • original multifaceted gameplay;
  • a variety of missions;
  • charming heroes.


  • outdated graphics;
  • excessive simplicity of the passage;
  • naive plot.


If the developers improved the graphics and fixed the artificial intelligence errors, Valkyria Chronicles 4 could become a real blockbuster. The game turned out to be a logical continuation of the fascinating tactics. The game mechanics and visual style are great and if you don’t hate anime and love strategy, this game is worth a try.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 6100
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video card: GeForce 650Ti 2GB
  • Soundcard: DirectX 11
  • Free hard disk space: 36 GB

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