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Civilization VI 100% Achievements Tips!

Civilization 6 Achievements

I’ve recently finished all Civ6 achievements and found I had trouble with a few of them due to vague wording. Thanks to a few posts on the internet I was able to figure them out, but apart from 1 video guide I haven’t been able to find a comprehensive list that’s easy to search, so I’ve written my own!

A few quick notes for this general list of achievement tips:

For many achievements I tweak the game settings, you can find these options in Advanced Setup when creating a game (in particular “Start Era”, “Resources”, “Sea Level” and picking opponent Civilization leaders).

I choose Marathon Game Speed quite a lot despite the fact that it ‘slows the game down’, since the objective is to get the achievement not win the entire game. Marathon is particularly good early for maximizing use of a unit (eg. Eagle Warriors, Redcoats, etc), rushing a city or entire civilizations before they build city walls and micro-managing city development for Great People generation and purchasing.

If you accidentally win a game (eg. Culture Victory) but didn’t get the achievement you were working on, check its conditions – for a lot of them you can keep playing past Victory and still achieve.

Win a regular game at [X] difficulty or harder

Winning a game on a difficulty gives all achievements of lower difficulties also. To cheese a game on Deity (if you’re bad like me) you can just 1-city rush your opponent. To do this I suggest playing as Teddy Roosevelt with the following game settings:

  • Play as Teddy Roosevelt
  • Choose AI opponent that is anyone but Gilgamesh, Teddy or Tomyris
  • Deity Difficulty
  • Marathon Speed
  • Pangaea Map
  • Duel Size
  • High Sea
  • All other settings default

As soon as you found your city start building Warriors and tech to Archery. Once you have 3-5 Warriors and 2-3 Archers you should war your opponent and wipe out their army then take their capital. I picked playing as Teddy over Gilgamesh because War-Carts have +10 combat strength but cost 45 more production, Teddy gets a +5 bonus to his Warriors and Archers. Tomyris is great but her bonus is marginally less consistent and the healing was less relevant for my game.

To all the commentors, thanks for the extra tips. Religious victory against Kongo and 1-turn Rome or Russia victories are definitely better than my 1-city rush.

Win a regular game with a [X] victory on any difficulty with any leader

  • Science Victory: progress through the technology tree faster than your opponents and build all the space parts. Great Engineers and Great Scientists boost your space projects at the end of the game and shouldn’t be ignored. Leaders particularly good at this victory are empire builders like Frederick Barbarossa, Qin Shi Huang, and Trajan. (If you don’t have this achievement consider doing it with the “Man on the Moon” achievement)
  • Religious Victory: city and population count is important because this victory is measured by having over 50% of a civilization’s cities converted and city conversions count by population. Make a bunch of Holy Site districts and spam those Missionaries! Two more game milestones that aren’t required for Religious Victory but contribute immensely are the Hagia Sophia wonder and the Theocracy Government. Leaders particularly good at this victory have district discounts like Hojo Tokimune and Peter. (If you don’t have this achievement consider doing it with the “We Are The Champions” achievement)
  • Culture Victory: Gain tourism from everything you can, primarily Great Writers, Great Artists and Great Musicians with Theater Square districts and Wonders for Great Works slots. The victory is assigned by population, so if one enemy civilization is holding you back from winning try razing or capturing their cities to speed things up. Leaders particularly good at this victory have district discounts, great people bonuses or tourism bonuses like Catherine De Medici, Gorgo, Hojo Tokimune, Mvemba a Nzinga, Pedro II, Pericles, and Victoria. (If you don’t have this achievement consider doing it with the “Selfie” achievement)
  • Domination Victory: see guide for “Win a regular game at [X] difficulty or harder”

Win a regular game as [X]

If there’s a civilization you really don’t want to play but want the achievement for just follow the guide for “Win a regular game at [X] difficulty or harder” but use Settler Difficulty.

Gift From the Storm God

Receive a Strategic Resource from Hattusa

Hattusa is a City-State that will randomly spawn. Strategic Resources have a red backdrop to their icon, like Horses, Iron, Niter, etc. Send enough envoys to Hattusa to become Suzerain.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Civilization 6 Science Victory

Build a Colossal Head adjacent to a Holy Site with a Temple.

La Venta is a City-State that will randomly spawn. Build a Holy Site with a Temple in it, send enough envoys to La Venta to become Suzerain and use a Builder to make the Colossal Head tile improvement.

Army of Cthulhu

Levy the military of Nan Madol

Nan Madol is a City-State that will randomly spawn. Send enough envoys to Nan Madol to become Suzerain, then select the City-State in your “City-States Overview” panel and spend gold to Levy Military.

100th Anniversary

As America make a National Park of Crater Lake and both tiles of Yosemite in one game

The Natural Wonders “Crater Lake” and “Yosemite” spawn randomly. To ‘make’ a National Park you need to unlock the Conservation civic and then buy a Naturalist for faith. For this achievement I played with the following settings:

  • Play as Teddy Roosevelt
  • Settler Difficulty
  • Epic Speed
  • Pangaea Map
  • Huge Size
  • Abundant Resources
  • Low Sea
  • All other settings default

Build a few Scouts and explore the map as fast as possible, you’ll need to re-create your map if both natural wonders didn’t spawn. Use military or escorted Settlers to claim the land next to the natural wonders as fast as possible. You don’t need a Holy Site to purchase a Naturalist but you do need faith. Once you have your Naturalist you build a National Park by positioning him near the natural wonder, 4 tiles in a vertical diamond including the natural wonder tile(s) must be claimed by your nearby city and have no improvements or districts, they will be highlighted white when you have the Naturalist selected and marked with a green outline when he is consumed and the park made. Ensure that both National Parks you make cover the 1 Tile for Crater Lake and the 2 tiles for Yosemite.

Arabian Knights

Conquer a city with a Mamluk

Beep beep. Play as Saladin. Research Stirrups in the technology tree. Make a Mamluk and crush someone’s city, say “beep beep” as your overpowered unit wins you an achievement. If you’re using a diverse army make sure your Mamluk is the one that gets the killing blow on the city.

Huey Tlatoani

As Aztecs on a standard-sized map, attack an opponent while receiving a +16 Combat Strength bonus for having all of the luxuries

I used the following settings for this achievement:

  • Play as Montezuma
  • Settler Difficulty
  • Marathon Speed
  • Pangaea Map
  • Standard Size
  • Abundant Resources
  • High Sea
  • All other settings default

Start making Eagle Warriors early and get aggressive, you get builders from smashing enemy civilization units, so improving luxury resources as you go is easy. Play on Marathon so you get the maximum mileage out of your Eagle Warriors and don’t face many city walls. This achievement gets easier as you proceed due to the massive stacking combat strength bonus.

2016 Ready

Playing as Brazil, complete both Estadio Do Maracana and Christo Redentor in one city

Play as Pedro II. Start in the Atomic Era. Build both wonders, don’t forget to chop forest and jungle to speed things up.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Cannon

Playing as China, end a turn with 5 Crouching Tigers on Great Wall Tiles

Builders make the “Great Wall” tile improvement after you’ve researched Masonry. Crouching Tiger units are available from the Machinery technology, make 5 before you research Ballistics. If you don’t want to waste builders on this achievement just save your game, spend gold and get the achievement quickly then load your save and continue your game.

Walk Like an Egyptian

As Egypt build a Sphinx adjacent to the Pyramids both on Floodplains

Play as Cleopatra and re-create your game until you get 2 Floodplains at your start. Rush Pyramids and then use a builder to make a Sphinx. The achievement will not be granted if you make the Sphinx before the Pyramids.

Flight Slingulator

Airlift a level 3 Slinger

Make a Slinger and put it into some combat with other military units so it doesn’t get singled out and die. The Terracotta Army wonder is particularly useful for getting it to level 3, or an appropriate Great General. Leave the Slinger in a safe city until you research Flight and make an Aerodrome, then Airlift becomes available in the unit’s actions list (I think).

For Queen and Country

Playing as England on a Huge map, have a city on every continent at the start of the turn

I did this achievement and the “Island Hopping” achievement together, so these tips will mix both. I used the following settings for this achievement:

  • Play as Victoria
  • Settler Difficulty
  • Marathon Speed
  • Island Plates Map
  • Huge Size
  • Abundant Resources
  • Low Sea
  • All other settings default

Re-create your map until your starting island isn’t terrible and has room for 3-4 cities. Focus on building your science (and triggering Eureka’s) so you can tech to Gunpowder, Cartography and Metal Casting. Send a Settler to another continent and found a city, congratulations on your free Musketman. If you managed to get any Niter buy a Bombard or 2. Every time you capture a city you will get a free Musketman – congratulations, you won the game. Marathon gives a very slow start and buildup to your game, but once you have 1 Musketman (and if possible that Bombard) the game speed works entirely for you.

Loire Valley

Create 5 Châteaux in one city with the Wine resource.

Play as Catherine De Medici. Start in the Renaissance Era or Industrial Era as the Châteaux tile improvement is available with the Humanism civic. Re-create your map until you start right next to the Wine luxury resource and have 5 available river tiles, then make some builders!

Third Crusade

Playing as Frederick Barbarossa, conquer the city-state of Jerusalem

I used the following settings for this achievement:

  • Play as Frederick Barbarossa
  • Settler Difficulty
  • Epic Speed
  • Pangea Map
  • Duel Size
  • High Sea
  • All other settings default

Build a few Warriors (or a Scout first) and explore the map as fast as possible, you’ll need to re-create your map if the City-State Jerusalem didn’t spawn. There are only 3 City-States in Duel maps. Smash the City-State once you find it.

12 Olympians

Have 12 Policy Slots as Greece

I used the following settings for this achievement:

  • Play as Gorgo
  • Settler Difficulty
  • Standard Speed
  • Pangea Map
  • Tiny Size
  • All other settings default

To reach 12 Policy Slots you need to stack bonus government policy slots which is primarily done with Wonders that you can build (and one Great Merchant) and reach the Modern Era governments. You need 3 of the 5 following bonus slots:

1 – Alhambra (+1 Military policy slot), Castles technology. Must be built on Hills adjacent to an Encampment district.

2 – Forbidden City (+1 Wildcard policy slot), Printing technology. Must be built on flat land adjacent to the City Center.

3 – Potala Palace (+1 Diplomatic policy slot), Astronomy technology. Must be built on a Hill adjacent to a Mountain.

4 – Big Ben (+1 Economic policy slot), Economics technology. Must be built next to a River adjacent to a Commercial Hub district with a Bank.

5 – Adam Smith (+1 Economic policy slot), Industrial era Great Merchant.

Settle cities that will be able to make the above wonders and build those wonders as soon as you can. Tiny map size allows for some useful City States without having too many players competing for Wonder production. Some Great Engineers will rush Wonder production so keep an eye out for them. Total math: Greece +1 slot, Modern Era government +8 slots, +3 from Wonders or Adam Smith.

Give Peace a Chance

Playing as India on a Huge map, receive +35 Faith in one turn from the Satyagraha ability

Play Gandhi on a Huge map (I suggest Pangea so you can scout and meet all the other civilizations easily, which you have to do). Found a religion before all the Great Prophets are taken. You receive +5 Faith for every Civilization you have met that has founded a religion and is not at war. The key thing to note is that those 7 civilizations (including yourself) cannot be at war with ANYONE else, not just “not at war with Gandhi”. If civilizations near you keep going to war, smash a few of their cities and they should settle down. The main problem with this achievement is the constant war that AI wages against each-other and weaker civilizations getting eliminated by more aggressive civilizations near them. Keep track of how many religions have been founded and who founded them in the Religion window. You can check who those civilizations are at war with in the “Relationships” section when you go to talk to them.

Meiji Restoration

Playing as Japan, have a district with 6 adjacent unpillaged districts

The most reliable way I found to do this achievement is as follows:

1 – Play as Hojo Tokimune and ensure your capital has space for a circle of 7 districts next to each-other (in a circle of course) that is not blocked by luxury resources or strategic resources. Harvest bonus resources that are in the way.

2 – Place the central district of the seven districts LAST. Don’t place it until all 6 districts in a ring have completed construction or it will not count.

  • Unconfirmed by me: Aqueducts may not count, Neighborhoods might count. I used strictly other districts when I finally pulled it off (districts that require population, Campus, Industrial, etc).
  • Unconfirmed by me: you can found other cities nearby and have their districts contribute to this 7-district circle. Cities can “swap tiles” when you have selected a city and are in “Manage Citizens” view. There are some Great Engineers that allow cities to build more districts than their population limit allows, be sure to get them OR start your game in a late era of the game so district building is instant.

City of Kongo

Playing as Kongo, have a capital city with a population of 30

Play as Mvemba a Nzinga (with no duplicate leader in game). Be sure to found your capital near Rainforest or Woods and get the Guilds civic for Mbanza districts. Build Commercial Hub and Harbor districts in your empire, max your available Trade Route capacity and send all Traders from your capital to your other cities for bonus food. Trade other civilizations for Relics they’ve picked up and build a Archaeological Museum in Kongo so that you can throw in more Artifacts once you get the Natural History civic. Pay attention to Kongo’s Amenities and Housing and this will be easy.

Viking Raid

Capture a settler with a Longship

Play as Harald Hardrada on Island Plates and start rushing Viking Longships from your coastal capital (Sailing technology). If you manage to scout an enemy civilization’s early first settlement, and it’s coastal, reload from an autosave and get your Longship there first so you can War the civilization and steal the Settler (provided it moves to the coastal tile and has to wait a turn before settling city).

Missed That Day in History Class

Clear nuclear contamination with a Roman Legion

Play as Trajan. Make a Legion once you’ve researched the Iron Working technology (you do not need the Iron strategic resource to build these guys!). Keep your Legion safe in a city while you progress through the technology tree. Research Nuclear Fission, build a Mine on Uranium in one of your city’s territory and build the Manhattan Project in one of your cities (right at the bottom of available production choices). Build Nuclear Device (right at the bottom of available production choices, like Manhattan Project) if you have at least 1 spare Uranium and build a Bomber (Advanced Flight technology + Aerodrome district) or Nuclear Submarine (Telecommunications technology). Use the Bomber/Jet Bomber or Nuclear Submarine to launch your nuke and then send your Legion over and have it build a Roman Fort on one of the tiles that was hit.

Trans-Siberian Railroad

Playing as Russia, have a city that is at least 60 tiles away from your capital, connected by a Trade Route and road at the start of the turn.

I used the following settings for this achievement:

  • Play as Peter
  • Settler Difficulty
  • Marathon Speed
  • Pangea Map
  • Huge Size
  • Abundant Resources
  • Low Sea Level
  • All other settings default

This achievement is basic but long:

1 – Re-create your map until your start near the coast so you have maximum land distance to work with.

2 – Avoid lakes and areas of the coast which will cut across your city-trade route path. I didn’t even research Sailing (let alone Celestial Navigation or later) the entire game to avoid Traders crossing water by accident.

3 – Build an army and smash every city state in your way so you own the cities. Smash civilizations too, if they’re a bit “out of the way” you should obliterate them or they’ll get annoying.

4 – Conquer and settle cities until you have a no-lake, no-ocean, no-barbarian, no-city-state, no-enemy civilization path over 60 tiles from your capital.

5 – Build Commercial Hub districts for extra Traders to speed the process up.

Send Trader 1 from City 1 to City 2 in your line of cities, then Trader 2 from City 2 to City 3, and so on, as this is the fastest way to establish roads (2nd fastest way to get Trading Posts). The achievement should trigger once your path of cities are completely connected by roads, they all have Trading Posts and there is a Trader moving from your capital to your furthest city – if it doesn’t trigger when you expect re-check your roads and use a Trader’s menu to check for missing Trading Posts (shown by the small tent icon).

Scythian Horse Rush

Playing as Scythia have 10 Saka Horse Archers in your army

Play as Tomyris. Research Horseback Riding and start making Saka Horse Archers (you do not need the Horses strategic resource to build these guys!), they build in pairs so you only need to make 5. The Maneuver military poilicy will help with production (Military Tradition civic) and the Conscription military policy will help with cost if your negative cash flow might disband units (State Workforce civic).

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

Launch an Inquisition as Spain

Play as Philip II and build a Holy Site district (Stonehenge not really helpful). Found a religion, get the Theology civic and build a temple. Buy an Apostle under your city’s Faith Purchase panel and you’ll see one of his available actions is “Launch Inquisition”.

Epic of Gilgamesh

As Sumeria, have the first Great Work of Writing

Play as Gilgamesh and rush at least one Theater Square district. Get the Divine Spark Pantheon. Spend the first Great Writer you get in your capital.

The Origin of Species

Activate Darwin adjacent to the Galapagos Islands

The Natural Wonder “Galapagos Islands” spawns randomly. Charles Darwin is a Great Scientist that becomes available in the Industrial Era. Scout your map for the Natural Wonder spawn (2 tiles near the coast) and buy Charles Darwin when he’s available with Faith or Gold. The only civilization leader that will make this easier is Pedro II as the key to getting specific Great People is to have high faith, high gold, high Great Person point generation but low and controllable Science and Culture technology/civic progression. If ANY player progresses to the Modern Era, you didn’t get Charles Darwin AND he’s not the next available Great Scientist listed then you will have to re-create your game and try again. Once you have Charles Darwin, activate his ability next to the Galapagos Islands natural wonder! More detail on this kind of Great Person strategy at the “Pizza Party!” achievement.

Oneth By Land Twoeth By Sea

Have an Army of land Units and 2 Armadas

Start in the Atomic Era or Information Era on a Island Plates map. Use one of your Rangers to “Form Corps” with another Ranger, then on the following turn use that Ranger Corps to “Form Army” with another Ranger. Ditch your other military units or they’ll eat all your gold and disband things you need to keep. Settle some coastal cities and make 6 of the same naval unit – merge them in the same way. You must have your Army and 2 Armadas alive all at the same time, do not disband any of them.

Win a regular game on a [X] Map

Win a regular game on the [Y] Map

All the different map sizes and types – no tips here, just play! The recently added 4-Leaf Clover and 6-Armed Snowflake do not have corresponding achievements.

Archimedes Bath

Get 5 Tech boosts in 1 turn

The trick to this achievement is stopping production in cities when they’re 1 turn from completion by choosing something else for the city to produce (eg. Armory, 2nd Harbor and a Crossbowman). Pick a few technologies that you won’t be forced to research any time soon that have Eureka’s you can control. Stockpile Great Scientists that trigger Eurekas. Line up a Civic to 1-turn from completion (eg. Guilds). Then on the same turn switch your civic research and city production back to those items that are 1 turn from finishing and on the following turn when they all trigger use your unit’s (eg. Build a Lumber Mill) and consume your Great Scientists.

Civ 6 Civets System

Get 5 Civic boosts in 1 turn

Same as “Archimedes Bath” achievement but for Civics instead of Technologies. Easy!


Civilization 6 Tier List

Use a bomber class unit to detonate a nuclear device, as long as its base and 9 Observation Balloons are located on the continent of Nena at the time of detonation.

The key to this achievement is to check what random Continents have spawned in your map when you play other games because Nena seems quite rare. To do this click on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left corner of your screen next to the minimap and toggle Continent – you will see which ones have been scouted so far on your map (the bigger the map the more continents spawn REGARDLESS of map type). You can also mouse over a tile and see in the description of the tile what continent it belongs to, this can be helpful when the Continents panel colouring sucks. If this never works out for you you can create and re-create Duel maps to check the continent, and deliberately start in the Atomic Era or later.

Once you have the Nena continent on your map claim or found a city there. You will need to make a number of Observation Balloons which are available at the Flight technology – move them all to surround your city on Nena. Build an Aerodrome somewhere in your empire, preferably nearby, and build a Bomber (Advanced Flight technology). Research Nuclear Fission technology, mine Uranium somewhere in your empire, build the Manhattan Project and then Build Nuclear Device in one of your cities. Then with your Bomber moved to the city on Nena, surrounded by 9+ Observation Balloons, with an available Nuclear Device – launch!

Pizza Party!

Activate Leonardo da Vinci in New York with Great Works from Michelangelo and Donatello — and a sewer — all in that city

I used the following settings for this achievement:

  • Play as Teddy Roosevelt
  • Settler Difficulty
  • Marathon Speed
  • Pangea Map
  • Duel Size
  • Abundant Resources
  • Low Sea Level
  • All other settings default

The key to this achievement is to get the maximum Faith and Gold income, Great Engineer and Great Artist point generation with the minimum Science and Culture per turn and minimum number of other Civilizations competing for Great People.

Try and build Holy Site and Commercial Hub districts as soon as you can in your cities, founding cities until you at least have New York. Prevent your enemy civilization from founding extra cities by stealing their Settlers as this will let you pour your production into Faith and Gold income all the more (smash any cities they manage to settle). Try and spend your Envoys on religious City-States first. I don’t think the Divine Spark Pantheon counts for Engineers or Artists, so go for something that boosts your empire’s production or Faith income instead. When founding a religion try to keep your eye out for “Divine Inspiration”, “Church Property” (the other options are ok but less ‘safe’), “Scripture” (least powerful bonus of these I’m listing) and most important of all – “Synagogue”. The “Scripture” Economic policy can be helpful but if most of your cities have Holy Site districts with all buildings up to and including Synagogue’s the “Simultaneum” Economic policy (Reformed Church civic) almost doubles your Faith income. Be sure to build the Oracle wonder (Mysticism civic). Finally, you will need to build Industrial Zone districts to get those Great Engineer points and stay in Classical Republic government.

You want to spend most of the game fully researching technologies and civics that you haven’t boosted (and might boost later) to slow down your Era progress. When your Great Person points are nearly complete for Great Engineer and Great Artist, AND you’re satisfied with your Gold/Faith stash + income, you want to finish that Civic or Technology that will put you into the Renaissance Era (otherwise just purchase the earlier era Great Person and save the era change for later). Once in the Renaissance Era your timer starts, you have to acquire Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Donatello before reaching the Industrial Era (or have that last Great Person you need be the next available Great Person). Spend your Faith and Gold as much as you can to buy Great Engineers and Great Artists till you get all 3. Art Museum’s only become available at the Renaissance Era, so it’s tough getting them for Great Artist points. To maximize your time in the era research all the technologies and civics that you skipped and all in your era.

New York must build a Theater Square district with an Art Museum (Humanism civic) and a Sewer (Sanitation technology). Activate Michelangelo and Donatello any time you’re ready in any city because you can move Great Works, this will let you put at least one of each in New York’s Art Museum at your leisure. Do NOT activate Leonardo da Vinci until it has the 2 Great Works from Michaelangelo and Donatello AND has a Sewer (he’ll be sleeping in the city for a while).

Seven Wonders of the Post-Apocalyptic World

Launch a weapon of mass destruction with a unit and have it pillage seven wonders

Easiest way to do this is to use cities near each-other to build wonders in the middle ground between them. Drop a Thermonuclear Device for extra boom (see instructions about Nuclear Weapons in other achievement tips). Nuking your own stuff might not be great, but that’s what quicksave is for!

Repo Man

Steal a Great Work of Art and don’t get caught

Play on Settler and get a Great Artist. Trade the Great Work you got from the Great Artist to a civilization that doesn’t have anything yet (eg. no Relics, Great Work of Writing, etc) and it’s almost guaranteed it will be in their Palace. Trade a second Great Work from a Great Artist if they have a Theater Square with an Art Museum and then send a Spy to steal it back! This will be easier against Civilizations inclined to build Theater Square districts (Greece, Japan, etc).

District 12

Build every district type in one city and the Colosseum

As long as you get the Colosseum (Games and Recreation civic. Must be built on flat land adjacent to an Entertainment Complex district.) and your capital has enough room in every direction from your other cities this is quite easy. Keep an eye out for Great Engineers that let you build more districts than the population limit of that city allows and try as a civilization that gets unique districts (because they don’t require population, eg. Frederick Barbarossa, Gorgo, Pedro II, Pericles, Peter or Victoria) or Japan.

District count: Campus, Holy Site, Commercial Hub, Harbor, Industrial Zone, Theater Square, Encampment, Aerodrome, Spaceport, Neighborhood, Aqueduct, City Center. I had only built 10 districts when I got the achievement, so I assumed City Center counted and the Colosseum was “12th”.

Land Party

Play a multiplayer game

You don’t actually have to play, you just have to enter a Multiplayer Game – it doesn’t need to finish.

Escort Service

Put two units into a formation

When a civilian and military unit are on the same tile you can use a ‘chain’ icon in their actions options to link them together.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Have 6 Improvements at one time.

84% of people with this game have this achievement according to Steam – the 16% haven’t played.

Voyage of the Mayflower

Found or conquer a city on a different continent

You don’t need to play as Victoria to get this but if you follow the “For Queen and Country” achievement tips it will be fitting.

Everything is Awesome!!!

At the start of the turn have an Ecstatic city.

Be careful to place your first 4 cities (or 6 as Montezuma) near different luxury resources and build Entertainment Complex districts with associated buildings. Easy!

Investment Banking

Put a city under siege

Sieging a city is when it gets a red heart icon with a cross over it meaning it will not heal over each turn as it’s damaged. I haven’t been able to figure out this mechanic exactly but it’s not a hard achievement – surround a city with military units. If it’s a coastal city make sure you block the ocean tiles. If you have limited units try and block the water supply (eg. river) and have your units on opposite sides.

A Case for War

Declare a formal war

When you have denounced an enemy civilization for at least 5 turns (or been denounced by them) (before passing the Renaissance Era? *unconfirmed by me) you have the option under “Casus Belli” when talking to them to Declare Formal War.

Naming Rights

Name a unit

When selecting a unit there’s an icon for a quill pen (feather) which lets you rename it.

A Revolution Without Dancing

Change your government

You pretty much have to not play the game to avoid this.

Secret Service

Have top secret access with five civilizations in one game at once.

Play as Catherine De Medici on Standard map size or larger (so you have options). Scout the other civilizations so you can start manipulating things. Diplomatic access to civilizations is modified in the following ways:

1 – Play as Catherine De Medici

2 – Research Printing technology

3 – Delegate or Embassy sent from you and accepted by them

4 – Trade Route established with that civilization

5 – Spy in place doing “Listening Post” mission OR Allied with that civilization (these +1 modifiers don’t stack)

6 – Activated “Mary Katherine Goddard” (Great Merchant)

You typically only need a +3 bonus overall because the Diplomatic Access Levels are “None”, “Limited Access”, “Open Access”, “Secret Access” and “Top Secret Access” and when meeting a civilization you start at “Limited Access”.

Silver Anniversary

Possess 6 Silver luxury resources at the start of the turn

Settle or capture cities that have access to Silver, don’t trade the Silver away – get 6!

New Orleans Style Spanish Rice

Become Suzerain of a City-State

Suzerain of a City-State is measured by the number of Envoys sent to it from different civilizations. The first Suzerain only needs to send 3 Envoys, if other civilizations have been sending Envoys to that same City-State you need to send 1 more than the next highest. Envoys are earned slowly, but can be sped up with Diplomatic policies, and can be earned by completing City-State quests. To see all this just check the City-States panel (icon top-right of your screen).

Man on the Moon

Win a regular game with a Science victory on any difficulty with any leader with a captured Egyptian city — having also activated Newton and Darwin

Use the same tactics as the “Pizza Party!” achievement to get this one or you may miss the Great Scientists. Duel map, play against Cleopatra, Pedro II is the only person to get boosts towards great people so play as him. Newton is a Renaissance Era Great Scientist so make sure you don’t progress to the Industrial Era until he is acquired or the next Great Scientist available – Charles Darwin is a Industrial Era Great Scientist, same deal.

We Are The Champions

Win a regular game with a Religious victory with your dominant religion being Zoroastrianism and at the time of victory you are the Suzerain of Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a City-State that will randomly spawn. Re-create a Duel map until you’ve scouted the City-State then settle cities, destroy your enemy’s extra cities, send enough Envoys to Zanzibar to become Suzerain, be careful to found the Zoroastrianism religion (icon looks like the profile of a fancy water fountain) and send Missionaries!


Win a regular game with a Culture victory with your leader in the game as your opponent as well

An option was added to the game that is on by default called “No Duplicate Leaders” – when creating a game you will need to go to Advanced Options and untick this option. Choose your leader, then choose an opponent who is the same civilization leader (eg. Gilgamesh and Gilgamesh!) then play out a Culture Victory.

Island Hopping

Win a regular game with a Domination victory on any difficulty with any leader on a Huge Island Plates map.

See my tips for the “For Queen and Country” achievement.

Win a regular game with a [X] Era start.

Changing the era your game starts in is in the Advanced Options when starting a game.

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