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Mass Effect Andromeda – An Alternate Story

Back with MEA was announced, I was hyped. A new Mass Effect game with a new story to sink my teeth into. But reviews surfaced that were not favorable so I never played it.

I then saw that MEA was on special for %80 off. A cool $7.99 on Amazon and I thought why not? I’ll give it a go for less than a large cup of coffee.

I just finished it moments ago. I understand why it wasn’t as loved as it should have been. I can’t help but think that somewhere tucked away in some drawer in a developer’s desk somewhere that there was a better story here. A better game perhaps. All the while through my first playthrough all I could think was that they missed some great opportunities. I just had to write down what I wanted from the story and share it. I hope you’ll give it read and enjoy this alternate story which I think would make a better overall game and a better overall story for to add to the Mass Effect series.


Mass Effect Andromeda Builds

The Andromeda initiative was launched 10 years after the Reaper/Collector war. A project that would help the species of the Milky Way survive in case another extinction level event would happen. Several arks were built destined for Andromeda. The Arks launched with much fan fair and celebration. They started their journey traveling into the blackness between galaxies with hope to start again. Time to reach Andromeda: 700 years.

In the Milk Way 200 years of cooperation and advancement of technologies allowed ships to travel faster and further than before. Using these advanced Mass-effect drives a ship could make the journey from The Milky Way to The Andromeda Galaxy in just only ten years. The Andromeda Initiative was lost in the history books.

But as a result of reaper/collector war all development of AI was strictly banned. Even the Geth did not allow themselves to create such an AI to uses as a tool for advancement. A select few however decided that in order to protect the Milky Way from an enemy like the reapers in the future an AI had to be created. A symbiotic AI.

Ryder’s father who’s secret project was developing SAM could only be accomplished away from the prying eyes of the Milky Way Galaxy. SAM was created in secret using funds from Cerberas. But knowing how dangerous Ceberas was, Ryder’s father steals SAM and sneaks the AI on board your ARK. Knowing that Ceberas would most likely go after the Ryder family, Ryder’s dad convinces his own family to come with him to start a new life in Andromeda.

350 Years after the Arks launched the Milky Way Galaxy becomes 99% explored. The Andromeda Initiative was relaunched to find new frontiers for those who seek adventure and discovery. Over the course of the next 250 years Andromedia would be traveled to and colonized by the species of the Milky Way.

During this time rescue missions were set out the fine all the Arks in deep space still traveling to Andromeda from the first Initiative. All the arks were found except yours. SAM had some time to work his way into the Ark Hyperion’s computer core and essentially turn off the transponder so the Ark couldn’t be found.

500 Years after your Ark Launched. The Andromeda Galaxy was fully explored and colonized. New species and technologies were discovered. Friends were made with Jaal’s people. The Remnant lay dormant and docile much like the Keepers on the Citadel.

600 Years after the Arks Launched. The GATEWAY was built. Allowing instance travel between Andromeda and the Milkyway Galaxy. Yet on the outskirts of the Andromeda Galaxy colonies started being attacked. It is the Kett.

The Kett arrive from a Galaxy far far away (heh) Their propulsion drives is exponentially slower than the Milky Way’s drives but they’re a 1000 years more advanced in military weaponry and defenses. Milky Way and Andromeda ships are no match for the Kett. For the next 100 years every battle with the Kett is lost and the Milky Way ships simply have to run and Evacuate cities, Planets. Everything. It would be called the Great Andromeda War. With nothing to stop the Kett each day they travel ever so closer to the GATEWAY.

700 Years after your Ark is Launched. Your Ark Arrives in Andromeda Galaxy. Your people forgot you even existed. You, Ryder, are a historic relic 700 years behind the technological times wake up to find out that everything the Andromeda Initiative told you was garbage.

The Nexus doesn’t exist any more, but there’s an alliance ship that’s much bigger and meaner looking than before. 100 years of war changes the look of the Milky Way Ships. The smooth white glowing metal of the Initiative ships are gone. Now ships are designed for war not exploration. They look black, menacing, stealth, something you do not want to fuck around with. The VANQUISH discovers you when you arrive. A ship easily three times the size of the Ark and a Primary gun that could vaporize a small moon. SAM wakes up the crew you and your Dad up from Cryo…

The whole crew of the Ark is reassigned to work for the war effort. Yet all of the crew on the Ark is centuries behind the Tech times. So you’re pretty much useless to the modern Milky Way civilization. Some of your friend on the Ark don’t like how the Milky Way’s treating the people of the Ark. Then the crew of the Vanquish discover that SAM is onboard and send out teams to stop him. Your father is killed saving you and transfers SAM to young Ryder. Once Connected to SAM you have to save SAM because deactivating SAM means killing you.

Using SAM you steal the TEMPEST. It’s 700 years old but your Mom and Dad supervised the building of the tempest to incorporate SAM systems into it. Using SAM, you escape into Andromeda with a handful of renegades into the a Galaxy that’s way more advanced than you are even ready to deal with. An advanced unstoppable Kett force coming down on you. Your future people of the Milky way who’s lost their way and is out to destroy you and your SAM. Now you as Ryder have to use SAM to discover what the hell has gone on in Andromeda and how to use SAM and your crew to defeat the Kett and prevent them from reaching the Milky Way.


Mass Effect Andromeda Level Cap

I feel like this set up could have brought more depth to the game and the ME universe. Most importantly it would give you stakes or that sense of urgency, suspense, the need to do something or else it’s all for nothing. There are so many different story Arks and you could keep some cool stuff in the game.

  • Your crew’s origin stories are from the future, some are from your time, some are against the VANQUISH, and some are against the Kett, or interested in the Remnant.
  • You discover that you can unlock the Remnant because you have SAM as the AI.
  • You discover all the history with what happened to the Milky
  • You discover that your dad brought you over because he didn’t want Cerberas to find you.
  • You discover multiple planets. Advanced future city, a colony that’s decimated by Kett, etc..
  • You can even go back to the Milky Way to EARTH and see what kind of shit’s changed there with THE GATWAY!
  • You have to convince your people on the VANQUISH that they’ve lost their way and have forgotten what it means to be Human and convince them that there’s a chance to beat the Kett and it’s with AI, and the Remnant’s help by winning the first battle of the 100 years war with the Kett.
  • You unlock the remnant access and use the Remnant fleet to battle the Kett in the final battle.
  • You gotta go old school in order to make shit work in the future.
  • The Kett defeated the Reapers themselves in their galaxy but had to convert all their people to just soldiers to fight. Their mission is to destroy any kind of species that would eventually posses the power of the Reapers.


Mass Effect DLC

  • Defeat the Kett, they bug off.
  • Destroy the Gateway Trapping everyone in Andromeda
  • The Kett get to the Gateway, now they’re in the Milkyway

After playing MEA I felt like the story didn’t quite do it justice the way it was. I couldn’t help but think up a better story IMO like above. I enjoyed the game for what it was. But I thought it could have been light years better. Anyways, if you’ve made it this far thanks for reading. Good luck on your next adventure!

When you Arrive in Andromeda it’s already colonized and explored. 700 Years of history and advancement have taken place. Ryder’s a relic from the past. The Kett are an unstoppable force destroying planets and colonies in Andromeda. You use SAM to steal the Tempest. Then Upgrade your ship. Recruit your crew from the future and Remind the Milky Way people that they’ve forgotten what it means to be human. You use SAM to control and Access the Remnant. Use the Remnant fleet to intimidate the Milky Way Ships and battle the Kett saving Andromeda.

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