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Mass Effect ANDROMEDA Modding Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

This is my mod guide for Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s pretty simple and easy to follow and includes some of, what I consider, core fixes/improvements that are key to making this game enjoyable.

Downloads and install instructions

This is really a no brainer but don’t do MP with mods installed.

Extract to a convenient location and run from there. How you use the manager is…

  1. Click import and navigate to a mod.
  2. After the mod is imported, you must double click it to apply it.
  3. After mods are applied and each shows up on the right-hand pane, you must launch the game from the manager for them to actually install.
  4. Launch the game from the mod manager from now on, I Pinned the icon to my taskbar so I can launch it from there, easily.

IMPORTANT: At the beginning of the game, specifically after arriving at the big ship, having a ponytail on Cara can cause a crash, for some odd reason. In the downloads of the Ponytail mod, simply get the ponytail crash fix. Make sure to use this version (1.0.3) of the mod manager so this mod will work.

All mods that have a blank in their description under their download link are to be installed with this mod manager (which is almost all of them).

This mod fixes the “permanent mouse cursor in the middle of your screen” bug. To be on the safe side, I would not install this till you need it.

Copy the dinput8.dll file in your ME:A folder.

Make certain to use the one that removes her raccoon mask.

OPTIONAL, this mod completely removes some comments that, at times, can be excessive but generally aren’t, IMO. I don’t use it.

VERY HIGHLY recommend downloading this mod if your PC can handle it as it makes the game look gorgeous, even movie-like.

Consult the mod’s description on how to install it. Reshade, is an absolutely phenomenal program that can be used with most games to, usually, drastically improve graphics quality, FYI.

For convenience, here are a couple vids showing off the preset.

Link and Link

I HIGHLY recommend getting the 3x boost option due to it making planet exploration more exciting, preventing it from devolving into tedious traveling.

This mod does make the game more easy, sometimes. If you do not experiment, such as using weapons/classes that are not the best for fun and challenge, then I do not recommend using this mod. However, if you dont mind the game being a little easier or are getting sick of all the repetitive skirmishes you are getting into while planet exploring and want a little faster pace, then indulge.

I just used this mod to give Cora a large blond ponytail and asari armor, nothing for Liam.

The Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairey will hate you if you download mods that are black. You have been warned!

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