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ME:A – Very strong, possibly broken build for Infiltrator or Engineer

Mass Effect Andromeda

I have recently had alot of success using this build which is borderline broken, even playing at insanity.

Energy drain, Incinerate and remnant drone or assault drone are the abilities you want to take having both incinerate and energy drain prime and detonate combos.

Adding a bio-converter to an isharay sniper makes the sniper basically semi auto at the cost of some health, however, using the life support ability under the team support tree, using your abilities will heal you. I don’t know if this is a bug or intended (probably a bug) but once you have your drone deployed using its activation again (targeting anything) counts as using a tech ability which will activate the healing (as well as the 30% damage boost from another perk). So that means that the isharay is basically infinite ammo at no cost as you heal back up what you use as well as giving an almost constant 30% damage boost. The isharay being the highest dps weapon in the game will absolutely shred anything at the exception of fiends and will heal right back up. But you also have incinerate and drain to constantly set off combos, regain shields and health.

I don’t take tac cloak since you lose out on the drone and it also cuts your healing short unless you take the perk, and the damage boost isn’t as important when you can spam attacks.

I use maverick armour for extra head shot damage but you can use whatever (Angaran is pretty good as well) and I’m rolling through insanity like it’s on normal.

You can do this as infiltrator or engineer since the heavy use of combo damage as well as the isharay. This build feels insanely strong and I’m having a blast playing it.

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