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Civ 5 – Korea Guide

Korea as lead by Sejong

Scholars of the Jade Hall: +2 Science for all specialists and Great Person tile improvements. Receive a tech boost each time a scientific building/Wonder is built in the Korean capital

Start Bias

  • Coastal

Turtle Ship: Requires Astronomy, replaces Caravel

36 Strength vs a Caravel’s 20. If you want to steal a Coastal City or two, this is your time to do so – but overall, these are simply wonderful coastal defenders. Trouble is, they can’t cross Ocean so Korea is stunted in that department – units may still embark and cross these tiles with Astronomy, however.

Hwach’a: Requires Physics, replaces Trebuchet

The Hwach’a has 26 Ranged Strength vs a Trebuchet’s 14 and has +1 Sight, but loses the +200% bonus vs Cities. It is meant to be a unit killer and does so very well. It is about 33% weaker against Cities than a Trebuchet, but do not let that stop you from building them. They upgrade to Cannons and later Artillery, so they can do a wonderful job protecting your lands from invading forces while you continue your Scientific progress with this wonderful Civilization.

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