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Civ 5 – Rome Guide

Civilization 5 Strategy

Rome as led by Augustus Caesar

The Glory of Rome: +25% production towards any buildings that already exist in the capital.

Start bias: None.

Ballista: Requires Mathematics, replaces Catapult

10 ranged strength vs a Catapult’s 8 ranged strength. The ballista functions identically to the catapult – it has the same 200% bonus vs cities, must set up prior to firing and does not receive defensive terrain bonuses. The ballista comes at an interesting time, they are a siege unit although at this time in the game many players prefer to use composite bowmen for this purpose.

Legion: Requires Iron Working, replaces Swordsmen

17 strength vs a Swordsman’s 14 strength, and also requires iron. The Legion is also unique as it is the only unit (besides workers) capable of building roads and forts. Legions are also unique in another way, as they are one of very few unique units which are able to be built after they go obsolete, in this case meaning after researching Steel.

We’re excited to bring you our Civ of the Month thread. This will be the 41st of many monthly themed threads to come, each revolving around a certain civilization from within the game. The idea behind each thread is to condense information into one rich resource for all viewers, which will be achieved by posting similar material pertaining to the weekly civilization. Have an idea for future threads? Share all input, advice, and criticisms below, so we can sculpt a utopia of knowledge! Feel free to share any and all strategies, tactics, stories, hints, tricks and tips related to Rome.

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