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Civ 5 – The Zulu Guide

Civilization 5 The Zulu Guide

The Zulu as led by Shaka

Iklwa: Melee units cost 50% less maintenance and all units require 25% less experience to earn their next promotion.

Start bias: Avoid jungle.

Impi: Requires Civil Service, replaces Pikeman

Same combat strength and movement as the pikeman that it replaces. The Impi also keep the 50% strength bonus vs mounted. The Impi do, however, have two special traits which make them superior to the pikeman. The first is First Strike, which is a free ranged attack before entering close combat (experience is earned for both attacks). The second is that the Impi also have a 25% strength bonus when fighting against gunpowder units, which helps them remain relevant in later eras. The Impi also upgrade to rifleman (regular pikemen upgrade to lancers), which are preferred by the majority of players.

Ikanda: Requires Bronze working, replaces Barracks

The Ikanda functions very similar to the Barracks in that it provides +15XP to all units built in a city with this building. The Ikanda also offers unique promotions to pre-gunpowder era melee units – this includes the Impi! The first promotion is granted upon unit creation, and the others are earned through combat. These promotions are:

  • Buffalo Horns: +1 movement, +25% flank attack bonus, +10% defence against ranged attacks.
  • Buffalo Chest: +10% open terrain bonus, +25% flank attack bonus, +10% defense against ranged attacks (requires Buffalo Horns).
  • Buffalo Loins: +10% combat strength, +25% flank attack bonus, +10% defense against ranged attacks (requires Buffalo Chest).

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