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CIV V Tourism Guide Brazil

CIV V tourism guide (Brazil) Made by: a-casual-brick Steam: a-slightly-depressed-brick

When I look around the subreddit, I see some wins on king and some wins on emperor. I have found a way that will get you an easy win on immortal. For Diety I won’t recommend it because the culture the AI makes is just way to high. If you are a realy good player and you have beaten Diety already you probably won’t need this guide but for all the people that are struggling with king or emperor: here is a guide and I hope it will be able to help you in beating the AI. On immortal I have won the game on all possible victory types: Domination: Arabia Diplomatic: Venice?! Scientific: Korea Cultural: surprise surprise, Brazil

The easiest way is probably Arabia and their camel archers (I can do a guide of this to if needed) but then I decided to go for Cultural, since I had never ever won a Cultural game before I checked some Brazil guides and looked at the wonders I wanted the most and started a game. (I made a post of this game in this game I had 295 tourism at turn 200!

Many people had questions so I decided to make this guide: How to win a tourism victory with Brazil on immortal.

It should be noted that I play with the noquitters modpack, I think it makes a cultural victory a bit easier because you get more culture and a little bit of science from your great works. But the strategy is exactly the same as without modpack. For social policies and other really changed stuff I have the nqmod and the vanilla version.

Alright let’s have a look into what Brazil can do.

Carnival (Brazilian golden age), the tourism output is doubled and you produce great writers, artist and musicians 50% faster. To make this bonus as effective as possible wait with your carnivals as long as you can till you have all your guilds up.

(the nq modpack adds +1 production to the BWcamps and you are able to unlock them at bronze working)

The other powerful thing about Brazil are the Brazil wood camps, every jungle tile in your empire should be occupied with BWcamps. Your only excuse for chopping jungle is if your city needs food really bad and it is a fresh water tile. The amount of tourism you make from hotels and airports with these is just amazing. This will win you the game.

They also have the Pracinha, this unit replaces the infantry and everything is the same expect this unit farms golden age points. For every kill you will get golden age points equal to the amount of combat strength the onter unit has. For example: from an infantry wich has 70 combat strength you will get 70 golden age points. This unit is rather useless since you will almost never be at war. If you are at war and you are close to their tech but it is not realy in your techpath considder getting the tech for those golden age points.

Tech path

Civilization 5 Tips

(In the nq modpack iron gets unlocked at mining and brazilwoodcamps at bronzeworking.)

The first tech on your list should always be pottery to get your pantheon as soon as possible. Pantheons are awsome! (scroll down for a list of good pantheons) the second tech should be animal-husbandery. This unlocks the horsetiles and those are realy good early game. Then you look around and if you have a total of 2 stone or marble or more your path is traight into masonry.

This allows you to build the mausoleum of halicarnasus. You will be producing a shit ton of great people so you will get a shit ton of gold. From there you give your lands a second look, you already have mining so you dont need to look at your mining recources anymore. The things you look for are luxes, if you have furs, ivory or truffels you click on trapping. If you have plantation resources you tech calendar and if you have sea resources like crab or wales you tech sailing.

This allows you to get you happines online fast and keep on growing. If your cities are developed enough to build libraries then tech writing into filosophy so you can build the national college. If your capitol is good enough and you did not get the mausoleum of halicarnasus you should realy considder to get the oracle it is a great culture boost and the free policy speeds you up quite a bit to. From now on the tech path is realy straight forward.

Guilds, Civil service, education for the universeties, (if you do not have the nq mod) machinery, acoustics for the sistine chapel and operahouses, architecture for the hermitage and uffizi, industrialization for IDEOLOGIES, scientific theorie for public scools, archaeologyrefrigeration for hotels, replaceble parts statue of liberty, plastics for reasearchlabs. (I win most of my game around this time), radar for the airports, telecommunications for National vsitor centre, THE INTERNET.

This is a realy thight sceduale and you might think; I realy need that tech other thech and it is not in the list, if you need it, go ahead and grab it. This is the tech path I prefer and won me my games. The other techs I steal with my spies, don’t give my that crap that spies are needed as diplomats when you have 20-100 tourism.

I only use my spies as diplomats when I realy need that extra 25% tourism multiplier. Stealing techs and couping city states is a way better use for your spies in the renaissance > atomic era. I started using diplomats in modern era.

Pantheon and religion

In the modpack you have a setting everybody can get a religion, I higly recommend that setting turned on because a religion can be a really useful boost to your production/ happiness The pantheons are the most changed thing in the modpack (after civ’s themself) most of the time they are just buffed like sacred path.

As soon as you have pottery you start building a shrine. This allows you to get a decent pantheon. You have to considder that you have a jungle starting bias, this makes you get bananas, cocoa and citrus. A very strong pantheon is goddes of the hunt +1 food from camps. Sun god is quite strong to +1 food from wheat, bananas, citrus and cocoa.

These pantheons help you get an growth boost in the early game and that will help enormously. Goddess of the festivals +1 culture and +1 faith from truffles, spices, wine and sugar you will see a lot of truffles and spices in the jungle so this can be useful to, (this might even get you a religion). Sacred path +1 culture from jungle and forest. This means 4 culture from Brazil wood camp instead of 3.

Most of these thing are early game only. On immortal the AI can easily found a religion at turn ~40!! So when you have founded a religion, IF you have founded a religion al your cities are already occupied by the religion of the other CIV’s.

That is why I highly recommend the food pantheons because they will help you until turn ~60-80 and then the AI comes with their shitty religion and your pantheon is gone. If you have the culture (and or faith) pantheon you won’t be able to use it because in the early game you are never going to work a 2 food 1 culture jungle tile.

If you are able to found a religion I highly recommend the production believes and if you can’t get them try to get happiness or culture from your religion. The happiness won’t really matter after ideologies but if you need happiness don’t be shy to take some temple or river happiness.

Social policies Social policies are really easy. With Brazil you want to keep your happiness high and you want to be able to defend your empire with a minimum amount of soldiers, you do this by settling just 4 cities and tradition is amazing for that. You get huge bonuses for growth and receive free building that will speed you up in the early game. It also provides you with some gold and happiness which is always good. When you have finished tradition you start getting your aesthetics policies.

Aesthetics is good for your culture, it gets you more culture on your great works, brazil wood camps, in the modpack it gives you special antiquity sites that only you can see! And it allows you to purchase great writers, artists and musicians with faith. This is great in the late game because you will be able to get (if you have a decent faith generation) 2 or 3 great musicians. With them you can easily get that last AI that you are not influential over.

These policies in combination with your guilds and great people spam will get your culture very high so most likely you will finish aesthetics and still have a lot of turns to go before your ideologies come. You will spend that time getting policies in the rationalism tree.

This will get your science higher and that is a very useful boost against the AI which has a lot of bonuses over you. When you reach ideologies you go ahead and get all the good tenets and then you get back to rationalism and finish that (if you get to that point in the game).


Civilization 5 Ideology

*These thing are entirely changed in the nq modpack. If you do not have the modpack, go freedom, freedom is for tourism by far the best. In the modpack they are quite balanced, you can even use autocracy if you are going for a militarized culture victory (destroy everything that makes good culture 🙂 ) In the modpack I tried them all but I found freedom the most convincing, what helps is that with freedom you inlock statue of liberty. The statue is really good and lies in the techpath you will be following. (replaceable parts)

I have both freedom tenets, 1 with modpack and one without, the first is with and the second is without.*

Freedom: with modpack

First row One of the first you will be choosing is: Universal healthcare +1 happiness from guilds and national wonders.

Then comes: Civil Society specialists only consume half the amount of food from a normal citizen (from 2 food to 1) which is great since you will be having lots of specialists.

Another good one: Covert action is +2 spies and spies get twice the chance of rigging city states.

Second row Avant garde +25% great people generation: you will need lots of great people for that you will need this Creative expression +2 culture and tourism from great works!!

Third row +15% tourism for each amphitheatre, opera house, museum and broadcast tower in your city.

As you can see this is quite amazing for a cultural victory and even makes it possible to win trough a cultural victory on multiplayer.

Freedom without modpack

First row Avant garde +25% great people generation: you will need lots of great people for that you will need this Creative expression +1 culture from great works: it should bring you a lot of culture with al you culture multipliers. That gets converted into tourism so basically it is tourism.

Civil Society specialists only consume half the amount of food from a normal citizen (from 2 food to 1) which is great since you will be having lots of specialists. Universal healthcare +1 happiness for every national wonder, that should get you 10 happiness from itself and that is great!

Second row Volunteer Army, it doesn’t directly help you in the ways of culture but this means 6 free units and that means your city can build more buildings instead of building units Universal suffrage, specialists only produce 0,5 happiness instead of a normal citizen that produces 1 this can be amazing and with civil society you can now easily work all of your specialists.

Third row Media Culture +34% culture gained from cities with a broadcast tower. This will help enormously since it is yet another multiplier which will make you even more tourism, combine that with carnival and you win the game!

I hope this guide helps you and I think I covered everything in this guide, if you have anything I can improve, tell me so I can improve it.

If you want another guide of a domination victory or a diplomatic victory ask me in the comments and ill maybe make one.

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