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Civilization 5 – Egypt Guide

Civilization 5 Egypt Guide

Egypt (Ramesses II)

Unique Ability: Monument Builders

  • +20% towards Wonder construction.

Start Bias

  • None

Unique Unit: War chariot

  • Replaces: Chariot Archer
  • Cost: 56
  • Mounted Unit (Ranged)
  • Combat Strength: 6
  • Ranged Combat Strength:10
  • Range: 2
  • Movement: 5
  • May not melee attack, Penalty for rough terrain, No defensive bonuses
  • Doesn’t require horses!

Unique Building: Burial Tomb

  • Replaces: Temple
  • Cost: 100
  • Maintenance: 0 Per Turn
  • +2
  • +2
  • Doubles given to opponent when city is captured

We’re excited to bring you our civ of the Month thread. This will be the 37th of many monthly themed threads to come, each revolving around a certain civilization from within the game. The idea behind each thread is to condense information into one rich resource for all viewers, which will be achieved by posting similar material pertaining to the weekly civilization. Have an idea for future threads? Share all input, advice, and criticisms below, so we can sculpt a utopia of knowledge! Feel free to share any and all strategies, tactics, stories, hints, tricks and tips related to Egypt.

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