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Mass Effect 2 DLC Guide

Mass Effect 2 DLC Guide

How to obtain the DLC that are included with your Steam copy of Mass Effect 2.


Hi folks,

If you’re searching for your Mass Effect 2 downloadable content, and want to obtain it legitimately, you’ve come to the right place.

Pirates can gtfo. This guide isn’t for you.

I am not affiliated with, nor do I represent, EA or BioWare. If you encounter a problem, contact EA support at – Link

NOTE 1: An EA account is required. This is stated on the store page of Mass Effect 2, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

NOTE #2: Downloading and installing EA’s Origin software is NOT, I repeat NOT, required.

EA Account

Create an account at “Link” (upper right of the webpage). Your EA account doubles as an Origin account (which can be used to purchase additional DLC) and as a Cerberus Network account (which is used within Mass Effect 2 to verify your DLC as legitimate), so make sure you remember your login and password.

Register your Steam keys

Register your Steam game keys. There are three possible ways to do this.

  • On “Link“, click your profile icon (upper right of the webpage) and click “Account Settings.” This will take you to your main EA account management portal. From the list down the left of the webpage, select “Redeem Product Code.”


  • Open the Origin store page, log in to your account. From menus on the left, select “My Game Library.” This will load your Origin library of games. Upper right, select “Add a Game” and click “Redeem Product Code.”


  • Open and log in to the Origin client, go to your game library, and (upper right) select “Add a Game” and choose “Redeem Product Code.”

I don’t believe there is a specific order required, but it makes sense to me to register the game first, then the additional stuff. So my recommended order is:

  • Game Key
  • Cerberus Key
  • Promo Key

Downloading your DLC

Visit “Link” to download the DLC that you own.

What DLC do you own? Everything included with the Cerberus Network bundle, which is:

  • Normandy Crash Site
  • Zaeed The Price of Revenge
  • Cerberus Weapon and Armor
  • Arc Projector
  • Firewalker Pack

The Deluxe Edition DOES NOT include all of the DLC.

Promotional DLC

There are a number of free promotional DLC that are not available from the above link, but are still available directly from EA Canada. (Thanks to DrunkSte and goodone for the tips!) At the time of this guide update (May 2018), I have personally tested all of these links and they worked for me. If any of these links become inactive, please let me know!

  • Terminus Weapon and Armor (A suit of armor and the M-490 Blackstorm. A pre-order bonus that is now available for all editions of Mass Effect 2.)
  • M-29 Incisor sniper rifle (available for the Digital Deluxe Edition of Mass Effect 2.) (Deprecated; will still work, but an updated version is included with the paid Aegis Pack DLC.)
  • Collector Weapon and armor (available for the Digital Deluxe Edition of Mass Effect 2.)
  • Umbra Visor (Dr. Pepper promotional item)
  • Sentry Interface (Dr. Pepper promotional item)
  • Recon Hood (Dr. Pepper promotional item)
  • Blood Dragon armor (Available for free to those who also have a copy of Dragon Age Origins registered to their EA / Origin / Cerberus Network account.)

Always scan any downloaded files with a good virus scanner!


Run Mass Effect 2 once into the menu. This lets the game create default configuration files. Then exit the game.

Install the DLC by double-clicking the installation files you downloaded. Your Mass Effect 2 installation should be automatically detected. The order of installation does not matter.

Play the game.

If you try to install DLC that is not registered to your EA account (i.e. that you do not own), you will receive an “unable to verify downloadable content” message (or similar) when attempting to play the game.

Purchasing Additional DLC

Want to purchase additional DLC? Get the DLC bundle (which includes all of them) on the Origin store – Link

Purchasing the DLC bundle on Origin registers those DLC to your EA / Origin / Cerberus account.

Doing so means you can then download all the Mass Effect 2 DLC from “Link“, install them to your Steam version of Mass Effect 2 and they will verify when you log in to the Cerberus Network.

Common Complaints

Common complaints:
– “Cerberus Network is refusing to log in!”
The servers might be down (it happens sometimes). If the condition persists, contact EA support.
– “I did everything you said, and I can log in to the Cerberus Network just fine, but it is ‘somehow’ saying it can’t verify my downloadable content!”
You pirated the DLC. Gtfo.
– “Having an EA account is bullsh*t!”
– “This DLC situation is bullsh*t!”
I strongly agree.
– “Boycott EA!”
You do you.
– “The Deluxe Edition should include all the DLC!”
EA determines what is included in the Deluxe edition, not you.
– “I’m not doing all of this. I’m just going to pirate it.”
Again, you do you. Don’t expect any sympathy or help from users who do not pirate their content.

Hope this guide was helpful in some way. Please leave suggestions and comments below. Trolling pirates will have their comments deleted, arr!

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