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Easy Money in Crossout

Crossout Money

Here is a guide to earn some easy money BESIDES GRINDING IT IN BATTLE. (more useful than some troll guides).


The concept is simple, but effective; Buy items cheap on the market and put them back on with a small profit.

  • MIND THE TAX (10% is lost in this)
  • find items with a big difference in between the buy offers and sell offers.
  • some items are better held in the storage until they are worth more on events or brawl days.

* for example, there is race day once per week, on these days the price of rocket boosters is a lot higher because everyone is building racers! buy them on other days cheaper and sell them on these days.

*on most festival or holidays there are creatable limited edition items, and the scrap metal price will go up a lot!

  • Buy white items on the market for 0.04 / 0.05 and sell them back for 0.07 or 0.08 a piece. per stack of 20 bought/sold you will earn about 0.20 to 0.40 this way. it’s not so much but it goes pretty fast usually.

  • the same can be done with more expensive items, for example you buy a blue item at 28.00 and sell it for 33 / 34. this may take more money to invest and more time to close the deals but the margins are also a lot better.

Scrap the crap!

Another easy way to make money without doing actual battles – or a cheaper way to ”buy” materials for crafting items you want to sell;

  • Buy (any) white items from the market at 0.03 or max 0.04… anything. Radio’s fuel tanks, chords, wheels. Anything that can be scrapped into metal.

  • Scrapping the items will give you metal, at the above price you will pay a max of 3 or 4 coin for a stack of 100 metal. Usually the market price is higher, so you will have cheaper metal. Or you can sell this metal with a profit on the market!

Fastest way to get the goods!

The fastest and easiest way to get a lot of materials;

  • Scrap metal
  • Copper wires
  • Plastic
  • Electronics

*Do your daily challenges, and do the weekly challenges.

You’ll get tokens which you can trade in at the ”workshop” for recourses of your choice!

At the moment, the best rates for trading tokens (if you only need coins!) are plastic and electronics. These two resources yield roughly the same coins to tokens ratio, and are the most efficient choice to make money.

*If you do want to grind battles, I suggest you take a truck with a large and a small fuel barrel, and take the ”get the shotgun” mission. At this moment, all the items rewarded in this mission are worth more than the other scrap iron missions, and they are worth more per battle (won) than batteries and wires. The fuel is worth a nice penny on the market too! (max is 15 per battle if you survive and the fuel tanks survive xD)

* tip to enhance your chances of keeping a fuel barrel and not exploding along with it;
put some openings in your frameworks, and hang the fuel barrels underneath your truck or in between the framework. if your truck sits on top of it, it will be the last thing to get destroyed!

The early bird


Often crossout has events and holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, or the Knegt rider events.

During these festivities there are often limited edition recourses to be rewarded from missions. These are needed to craft the holiday’s special items. During the festival ESPECIALLY THE FIRST DAY, those recourses are worth a fortune! as are the crafted festival items.

*Also during these holidays the scrap metal and a lot of lower level items prices will rocket because people need these to make the limited edition items!

Stack up on metal, white items etc. before the festival begins and u got a nice profit coming your way.

Really like the items from the holiday festival? no worries! If you sell them on day 1/2 and make a ton of profits, usually at the last few days, or even after, the prices will go down because everyone already has them and people start to offer them on the market. You will probably be able to buy them back more cheaply.

When the knegt riders return, there’s usually a couple of new weapons and items added to the game! most people want to have/test the new weapons, and sell their old ones to get fast money. (given these are not needed to make the new items) I’ve seen the prices drop on all ”old” legendary weapons by 10% -20% during knegt rider events! weapons that used to be 2500 coins were 1800 – 1900 at the end of the first week. My advice; buy when everyone is selling! a few weeks later the prices are usually back to old and you’ll have either cheap weapons or you can make a couple hundred coins profit on each!


You can also build items in the workbench, and sell them on the market to make some money.

  • in general, if you buy the components at buy order price, you can make some profit off the finished product.
  • you can gather the components and materials needed yourself, then make workbench items with them to earn a little bit more money than you would selling them individually.


  • don’t forget that you have to pay to rent a workbench. If you do so, you should commit to making the maximum number of items that you rented it for!
  • The more workbench uses you rent at a time, the cheaper it gets per item! So if you plan on producing a lot of items rent the most workbench uses for more profit.
  • There are often discounts on renting a workbench, usually in weekends its like 30% off. this would be the best moment to rent workbench uses.

Note that it takes time (several hours) to produce items in a workbench! you might be able to pull a profit out of producing items, but it will take a lot more time to do so than just trading on the market (this can be instant)

There are some exceptions!

The engineer workbench also has a white item section. Crafting items here has no costs, and is finished in 5 seconds. Thanks to one of my readers I noted that you can make (some) money from crafting repair kits.

  • I bought 3000 scrap iron at 3.9 coins ( that’s 117 coins total)
  • I bought 900 copper at 1.75 coins (that’s 15.75 coins total)
  • add this up and the costs are 132.75
  1. I now have 50 repair kits.
  2. Sell repair kits at 3.14 a piece ( -10% tax you will have about 2.82 left).
  3. total earnings are 141,5 coins.

141,5 – 132.75 = 8.75 coins pure profit!

You can also buy white items from the market at 0.03, sometimes even 0,02 from the market. Scrap these items to get iron even cheaper for max profit! (read section; scrap the crap)

It’s a bit of an investment, but it scales. the more you put in the more you can earn. buying bigger stacks is sometimes cheaper than buying x100 stacks too. if you don’t have too much money you can also just easily grind copper and scrap and make more profit this way than selling raw mats.

Here’s a short tutorial vid to make it more clear:


Play the market, Don’t pay the market

All in all, you should be able to gain some nice money in crossout, even when you are offline.

  • Your orders will stay on the market, buying or selling at a good price will be rewarded if you are patient.
  • buy and sell stuff from the garage and make money even without playing a battle.
  • save up the right items for the right selling moment such as brawls and festivities for extra gain.

Feel free to add helpful tips to the comment, I will add them to the pages!

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