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Essential Mod Collection for Civ 6: Rise & Fall

Civilization 6 Best Mods

ATTENTION: Do NOT purchase Civ 6: Gathering Storm just yet. Instead, try this new Mod Collection! The chances are you shall like it so much that you don’t need to buy that overpriced Expansion Pack at all, until Firaxis has given major discounts…

Version 1.2

Added 14 (minus 1) new Mods. Overall, your ability to fight against chain reaction of losing cities due to low level of total Amenities and following Bankruptcy (which quite likely leads to ultimately collapsing your whole Civilization) will greatly be increased. Keep your Amenities and Gold incomes considerably on positive side at all times. In fact, you should be prepared for losing few cities sometime along your journey in order to survive it, and make sure your Civilization stands the test of time!

Known unwanted issues:

  • Some of the Mods are not compatible due to Gathering Storm general update which affects to Rise & Fall as well as Vanilla Civ 6. It would seem all we can to do now is to wait until at least most of the Mods have been updated by creators.

  • I have tested the Collection with every available official Download Content ONLY. If you try to play without some DLC, more or less severe uncompatibility issues may occur. At the moment, I cannot do anything about this but apologize.


Civilization 6 Tier List

Here is a quick sum up of what you should know to get started to play your first game with these 72 Mods:

  • Choose “Create Game” in order to get changing crucial factors that affect your gameplay.
  • Game Difficulty: I’ve tested the game with Emperor and I can tell you it’s quite difficult. Feel free to start your first game with King or easier difficulty if you don’t like to lose due to lack of experience.
  • Speed: Standard, Quick or Online are recommended. I’ve done most of my testing with Online speed which is twice as fast as Standard.
  • Map type: Continents are recommended.
  • Map Size & # of AI Civs: I recommend Small or even Tiny Map with regular amount of AI players for your first playthrough. Choosing larger map with more AI players is ok.
  • Next, go to “Advanced Setup”. Leave Map Options on default state apart from two exceptions which are:
  • 1.) Resources: This value has a major impact on your gameplay experience! More Resources on the map, the easier the game experience will be. I recommend to start with Standard or Abundant value, but if you want to challenge yourself right away or later, choose “Sparse” in order to limit the overall amount of Resources on the map.
  • 2.) Sea Level: I recommend “Low” setting here, because it will create more room for the map despite of selected map size. Therefore the map shall be little less crowded until mid- to late game maybe.
  • Next, scroll down the setup window to Advanced Options. There are some very important values. The first is “Start Alive”. This should be left Enabled because AI start for human player doesn’t work properly yet.
  • Then there are “Turns Alive” and “Turns Dead”. I recommend to use double value for Turns Alive. Also, you should scale the values to game speed of your choise. If you start the game with Online speed, keep Turns Alive at 8 and drop Turns Dead to 4. For Standard speed, I recommend value 16 for Alive and 8 for Dead. You should know that it is kind of matter of own personal preference which value is best for you particularly. Therefore, feel free to change them as you like on later games at least. Also, the more you let AI play in relation to you, the more likely it is that you will lose the game. This reasoning is why I recommend to use about a half value for minimum turns dead in relation to minimum turns alive. But remember: they are minimum values only! Having value 8 on Turns Alive might mean that you could stay alive for 15 turns or even longer until AI takes control… if you’re lucky. The change is partly random.
  • Leave “Relationships” checked for your first game at least.
  • “Random Return” is recommended to be disabled for your first playthrough. This option means that if it IS checked, you may return as a leader of ANY Civ still in the game! It might be confusing if you haven’t get used to Reincarnation Mod yet. Therefore, uncheck it first.

Gameplay Tips

  • If your unit is killed during your reign you face the risk to die immediately.
  • Your Civilization finishing a Wonder while you are Dead resurrect you immediately.
  • Building Wonders increases minimum Alive turns and shortens Dead turns.
  • Karma Treshold: Karma points for forced Random Return (Trespass this limit and you will be relegated into someone more pious. Balance is displayed on the TopPanel). If Random Return option is not enabled, Karma points affect to your Dead cycle only.

Harms your Karma:

  • Killing humans, including barbarians. Committing something really nasty (like killing an Apostle by military unit) even more so.

Improves your Karma:

  • Apostles spreading religion. Also, if Relationships option is enabled, good relations with other civs.
  • Long story short: behave yourself and you get to lead your Civ more often than watching AI to do it for you!

Please thank the guys who have created these great Mods! Mod creators usually never seem to get the credit they deserved for their work they do for free. Let’s try to change that for their favour ok?

Also, I hope you press the Thumb Up icon if you haven’t already! That’s all I want in return for sharing my high-quality Collection which deserves more positive ratings. Because the more it gets them, the more people should take notice of it and try it for themselves. I build Mod Collections for zero personal agenda and take no pleasure of it, believe you me.

I find it boring but build them anyway – for everybody – because no one else seems to build the kind of Collections which I personally find Essential. Somebody has to put our smart heads together and improve this superb “4x” Strategy Franchise as much as possible! Unmodded Civ 6 is absolutely NOT worth the money on the price tag. Gaming Business is huge these days, and Companies which create them, including Firaxis, try to maximize their incomes in the name of Business.

They accomplish this by creating products that are just barely good enough to make large audience interested until their next release. But I believe people deserve much better and this Mod Collection shall make that possible for R&F at least. If you have enjoyed Civ Franchise, you will also enjoy the direction this Collection takes Civ 6: Rise & Fall. My guarantee. And the more people enjoy their game experience due to these Mods, the more I shall smile 🙂 So, once you give your positive rate, each friend of Civ should also be grateful to YOU.


One last thing:

These Mods work as a TEAM. They are better when they are together. In mathematical language, this Collection equals the equation 1+1=3, the end result being greater than the sum of its parts. Period. So don’t just choose the Mods you like the most and leave out the ones you dislike. Using ANY other combination of Mods is totally on your responsibility! If you face any unwanted issues or problems due to using your own combination of Mods, that’s not my fault. If you find a combination that works even better for you, then the congratulations are in order.

Thank you for your understanding.

List Mods

Civilization 6 Mods

  • Amenities from Strategic Resources
  • Deep Sea Fisheries
  • Free City States
  • Inquisitors: Only One Cleanse
  • Leugi’s Colder Tundra
  • More Trade Routes
  • Pidi’s Religious Border Control (GS compatible)
  • Luxurious
  • Real Building Upgrades
  • Rebalanced Mines
  • Religious Units Only 2 Movement
  • Trade Routes Extended
  • [UI] Better Era Age Screencolors
  • 2x Natural Wonders! (More Natural Beauty)
  • Build Wonders on Mountains
  • Calypso’s Recolored Religions
  • Earlier Corps/Fleet And Earlier Army/Armada
  • Nerf Science City-States (Rise & Fall/Gathering Storm)
  • Repeat Project
  • More Strategy Core
  • Reincarnation Demo
  • 50 Turn Counterspy
  • Airpower AI Fix
  • Amenities From Bonus Resources
  • Annoyances Mod
  • Balanced Pantheons
  • Barbarians Notification
  • Better Civilopedia (UI)
  • Better Espionage Screen
  • Better Report Screen (UI)
  • Captured Settlers Become Builders
  • Notification Log
  • Deal Expired Notification
  • Earlier Lumber Mills
  • Expanded Initial Vision
  • Faster Border Growth
  • Faster Starting Settlers
  • Free District Mod
  • [OBSOLETE] Garrison Bug Fix
  • Good Goody Huts
  • Grassland Jungles (Vanilla/R&F)
  • Great Lighthouse and Colossus Improved
  • Simplified Combat Reports
  • Industrial Improvements GS
  • Loaded Districts – Rise and Fall
  • Map Tacks
  • More Adjacencies
  • More Movement
  • Plot’s Roads And Movement v1.02
  • Policy Change Reminder
  • Population Notification Minimal
  • Radiant Better Unit Promotions
  • Radiant Mountains and Deers
  • Radiant Natural Wonders
  • Radiant Unique Tile Improvements
  • Radiant World Wonders Rebalance
  • Random City Names
  • Real Eurekas
  • Real Great People (UI)
  • Relevant City Report
  • Resourceful 2 (Gathering Storm compatible)
  • StartingUnits
  • Stop Steamrolling City States
  • TCS Free Walls for City-States
  • Theater’s Natural Wonders bonus
  • Tile Balancing
  • Unique District Icons
  • Unit Flag Abilities
  • Vibrant Waters (Prettier Water Textures)
  • Visibility Matters Minimal

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