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Exoskeleton Rigs and Circuit Ranks – Vaporum


Bare-bones stats for all 4 Exoskeleton Rigs, and all 5 ranks in all 12 Circuits.

Exoskeleton Rigs

Instead of character classes, Vaporum offers four different exoskeleton rigs. You commit to one rig of your choice, early in 1.Into the Monster. This choice is permanent for that game. Vaporum invites you to play four times, once per rig.

A1. Combat Rig:

  • +30% Combat (which boosts both Precision and Damage)
  • +50% Bonus Damage on every 3rd Successful Attack

This rig increases the rate at which you deal weapon damage, which lets you kill things faster.

A2. Heavy Rig:

  • +30% Toughness (which boosts both Integrity and Evasion)
  • 25% Reflect Chance to reflect all incoming direct damage back to the attacker
  • 40% Integrity Threshold, below which your Reflect Chance is doubled

This rig decreases the relative damage you take, in that you get hit less often, some hits are entirely reflected, and hits that do get through deal a proportionally smaller amount of your max Integrity. You could even deliberately play at 39% Integrity just to gain a whopping 50% Reflect.

A3. Thauma Rig:

  • +30% Tech (which boosts both Energy and Gadget Damage)
  • 35% Energy Threshold
  • +75% Energy Regen when below that threshold

This rig lets you activate gadgets more frequently. You can play a mage-like style that relies on dealing damage over time, or use gadgets that boost your weapon speed and effectiveness, or a mix thereof.

A4. Assault Rig:

  • +10% Resistance
  • +5% Fumium Intake
  • +25% Repair Power
  • +0.75% Total Damage per % of Missing Integrity

This rig rewards you for not being at full Integrity. Combine it with Circuits that keep you alive at low Integrity, and/or that inflict self damage.



Each rig can be upgraded in 12 Circuits, with 5 ranks in each Circuit. Each circuit rank costs 1 Circuit Point, but has a minimum level requirement of 2*(it’s rank), so rig L4 for all rank IIs, L6 for all rank IIIs, L8 for all rank IVs, and L10 for all rank Vs.

Every level-up grants +1 Circuit Point. You will also find a few Circuit Capacitor items, which you consume on the spot for +1 Circuit Point each. In a full play-through, you may earn 17-18(?) Circuit Points, which suffices to max out three Circuits and part of a fourth.

Every circuit rank III automatically confers a module with an additional bonus. At each circuit’s rank V, you must choose 1 of 2 additional modules.

Circuits, Weapons

B01. Blunt Weapons: Each rank adds +30% Blunt Weapon Damage.

  1. +30% Blunt Weapon Damage
  2. +60% Blunt Weapon Damage
  3. +90% Blunt Weapon Damage and Joint Discharge: Blunt weapon attacks have 15% Chance of dealing Shock Effect (-50% Total Damage) for 5 second Effect Duration
  4. +120% Blunt Weapon Damage
  5. +150% Blunt Weapon Damage, and your choice of:
    • Concussion Unit: Blunt weapon attacks have 15% Chance of Stun (enemy cannot move or attack) for 3 seconds; 5 second Cooldown
    • Distributor: Blunt weapon attacks deal 35% Splash Damage to enemies adjacent to the target

B02. Blade Weapons: Each rank adds +30% Blade Weapon Damage.

  1. +30% Blade Weapon Damage
  2. +60% Blade Weapon Damage
  3. +90% Blade Weapon Damage and Lacerator: Blade weapon attacks have 25% Chance to cause Bleed Effect (minor damage over time, greatly increased damage while moving) in organic enemies only
  4. +120% Blade Weapon Damage
  5. +150% Blade Weapon Damage, and your choice of:
    • Re-Lasher: After blade weapon attack, 25% Chance to Instantly Reset all(?) weapon cooldowns
    • Limb Motorics: +50% Blade Precision

B03. Handguns: Each rank adds +30% Handgun Damage and +1 Ammo Salvaged. This means every time you find any Ammo, each batch of Ammo is automatically increased by your Ammo Salvaged amount. If a chest contains 3 batches of Ammo and the base amounts are 5, 6, 7 = 18 Ammo total, and you have rank III = +5 Ammo Salvaged, then you will actually see 3 batches of Ammo with 10, 11, 12 = 33 Ammo total instead.

  1. +30% Handgun Damage, +3 Ammo Salvaged
  2. +60% Handgun Damage, +4 Ammo Salvaged
  3. +90% Handgun Damage, +5 Ammo Salvaged, and Stabilizer: +50% Handgun Precision
  4. +120% Handgun Damage, +6 Ammo Salvaged
  5. +150% Handgun Damage, +7 Ammo Salvaged, and your choice of:
    • Cadence Unit: +50% Handgun Firing Speed
    • Clustering Unit: Each Handgun shot gets 3 Bounces off the target, other enemies, and objects, with 50% Decrease in Damage Per Bounce (so 100%, 50%, 25%, 12.5% in the best case)

B04. Rifles: Each rank adds +30% Rifle Damage.

  1. +30% Rifle Damage
  2. +60% Rifle Damage
  3. +90% Rifle Damage, and Conservator: Rifles get 1 Less Ammo Used (so 2-1 = 1 Ammo per shot for rifles and shotguns, and 3-1 = 2 Ammo per shot for the Heavy Cannon)
  4. +120% Rifle Damage
  5. +150% Rifle Damage, and your choice of:
    • Prodding Unit: Rifle shots knock enemies away (by 1 tile per shot)
    • Piercer: Rifle shots pierce all enemies in a line to the rifle’s max range, dealing full damage to each one

Circuits, Melee

B05. Dual Wielding: You may equip any two 1-handed weapons at any time. This carries default penalties, for each weapon, of:

  1. -20% Damage (this is never mitigated)
  2. -35% Precision Penalty (this is mitigated by rank)

Each rank adds +7% Precision Penalty Compensation, so at rank V the precision penalty is completely eliminated. You still deal only 80% max damage with each weapon, so max 160% damage with both weapons combined, if both hit.

  1. 7% Precision Penalty Compensation (= -28% Precision Penalty)
  2. 14% Precision Penalty Compensation (= -21% Precision Penalty)
  3. 21% Precision Penalty Compensation (= -14% Precision Penalty), and Instigator: While dual-wielding, each hit has 25% Trigger Chance to give +30% Melee Speed and +30% Firing Speed for 5 second Duration
  4. 28% Precision Penalty Compensation (= -7% Precision Penalty)
  5. 35% Precision Penalty Compensation (= 0% Precision Penalty), and your choice of:
    • Combat Utility Capacitor: While dual-wielding, 5% of Melee Weapon Damage Dealt Gained as Integrity, and +100% Ranged Weapon Critical Hit Modifier (of damage)
    • Dual Limb Motorics: You may dual-wield with a two-handed weapon in either hand or both hands, with additional -15% 2H Weapon Damage while Dual-Wielding (so -35% each if using dual 2H weapons)

B06. Armorer: Each rank adds +30% Integrity.

  1. +30% Integrity
  2. +60% Integrity
  3. +90% Integrity, and Reinforcer: -15% Direct Damage Taken
  4. +120% Integrity
  5. +150% Integrity, and your choice of:
    • Fumium Armature: +60% Integrity, +30% Resistance
    • Emergency Braces: When dropping to or below 25% Integrity Threshold, activates 10% Integrity Restoration Per Second for 5 second Duration, with 120 second Cooldown

B07. Blocking: Each rank adds +6% Shield Block Chance against direct attacks.

  1. +6% Shield Block Chance
  2. +12% Shield Block Chance
  3. +18% Shield Block Chance, and Shield Braces: You may equip advanced shields
  4. +24% Shield Block Chance
  5. +30% Shield Block Chance, and your choice of:
    • Reflector: Each successful block deals 75% Retaliation Damage (of the incoming damage amount) to the attacker
    • Shield Bouncer: Each successful block Stuns the attacker (cannot move or attack) for 2.5 second Duration

B10. Servo Support: Each rank adds +10 Precision and +10 Evasion.

  1. +10 Precision, +10 Evasion
  2. +20 Precision, +20 Evasion
  3. +30 Precision, +30 Evasion, and Emergency Shield: 5 second Invicibility Duration whenever you would take fatal damage; 20 second Cooldown
  4. +40 Precision, +40 Evasion
  5. +50 Precision, +50 Evasion, and your choice of:
    • Offense Coordinator: +30% Precision; every 3rd Critical Hit restores 7% of Max Integrity
    • Counterstrike Device: +30% Evasion; every 3rd successful evasion immediately resets all weapon cooldowns

Circuits, Thauma

B08. Thauma Catalyzer: Each rank adds +30% Recharge Speed and +1 Tech.

  1. +30% Recharge Speed, +1 Tech
  2. +60% Recharge Speed, +2 Tech
  3. +90% Recharge Speed, +3 Tech, and Capacitor: +35% Gadget Damage, +1 Gadget Slot
  4. +120% Recharge Speed, +4 Tech
  5. +150% Recharge Speed, +5 Tech, and your choice of:
    • Reinfusor: 35% Chance for a gadget activation to cost no energy
    • Circuit Cooler: 35% Chance for a gadget activation to Instantly Reset cooldowns (its own, or all?)

B09. Fusion Conversion: Each rank adds +0.4 Energy Regen (per second) and +1 Tech.

  1. +0.4 Energy Regen, +1 Tech
  2. +0.8 Energy Regen, +2 Tech
  3. +1.2 Energy Regen, +3 Tech, and Re-Allocator: +8% Fumium Intake, 8% of Damage Taken Gained as Energy, +1 Gadget Slot
  4. +1.6 Energy Regen, +4 Tech
  5. +2.0 Energy Regen, +5 Tech, and your choice of:
    • Reclamator: 10% of Max Energy Reclaimed per Enemy Killed
    • Redirector: 7% of Max Integrity Restored per Enemy Killed

B11. Complex Capacitor: Each rank adds +30 Energy and +30 Integrity.

  1. +30 Energy, +30 Integrity
  2. +60 Energy, +60 Integrity
  3. +90 Energy, +90 Integrity, and Regenerator: after 10 seconds without taking or dealing damage, repair up to 25% Integrity Threshold (if below)
  4. +120 Energy, +120 Integrity
  5. +150 Energy, +150 Integrity, and your choice of:
    • Integrity Depositor: +300 Integrity, 5.0% of Max Integrity as Bonus Damage, 2.5% of Max Integrity as Self Damage (but this will never kill you; you will remain alive with minimum 1(?) Integrity)
    • Overcharger: +300 Energy, +40% Gadget Damage, +75% Gadget Energy Cost

B12. Elemental Conductor: Each rank adds +3% Resistance and +1 second Effect Duration to acid, bleeding, burning, or shock effects you deliver (by any means, including both gadgets and melee modules?).

  1. +3% Resistance, +2 second Effect Duration
  2. +6% Resistance, +3 second Effect Duration
  3. +9% Resistance, +4 second Effect Duration, and Safeguard Module: +35% Resistance whenever you drop below 35% Integrity Threshold
  4. +12% Resistance, +5 second Effect Duration
  5. +15% Resistance, +6 second Effect Duration, and your choice of:
    • Elemental Discharger: Each successful weapon attack has 15% chance to apply a 5 second random effect: acid, bleeding, burning, or shock
    • Elemental Transmitter: Your Effect Damage ignores enemy immunities; 4.0% of Effect Damage (that you deal to enemies) is Restored as Integrity

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