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Fix For Crash During Checking DLC Or Black Screen – VALKYRIE DRIVE BHIKKHUNI

Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni How to Fix

First go the folder containing the game, mine is installed in external hard drive so it shows as drive E: but if you choose the default save location it will come up in the C: drive. The steam folder will be in the “Program Files (x86)” folder.

So go into the “Steam” folder then
“steamapps” then
“common” then
“Valkyrie Drive” then
“DeploymentRoot” then
you will see a “MeigeAppWin” CFG file.

Go ahead and open it, if it ask to choose a program to open with just choose the notepad.

From here we will change the first 3 lines, basically from what I could tell the file doesn’t update or changes from the settings you choose in the game. If you turn on the full screen and/or go above the 1600 display size it doesn’t change on the file. So update it to the settings you choose in game. I choose to use fullscreen and 1920×1080 display size so you will update the first 3 lines to say the following.


From there exit and save and open the game. It should work from there.

Hope this helps anyone stuck on this as it took me like 2 hours to figure this out.

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