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GxB Intimacy Info: Gifts, Marriage, and maxing your Waifu!

Girls x Battle Intimacy

Hi everyone,

I see a lot of posts asking about the intimacy system every week or two and there isn’t a really comprehensive source of info here or anywhere that I’ve found, so I wanted to post some info I’ve found from playing and ask the community for their tips as well.

Intimacy is ignored by a lot of people, but in the end game, when every stat point counts, you want to be able to have the edge. When maxed, your married and fed BGs can have a bonus of:

  • +5% Str/Int/Agi gain

Feeding only/Post-engagement, max intimacy

  • +5000 HP
  • +480 Phys Attack/Spell Power
  • +120 Phys Def/Spell Res
  • +120 Spell Crit

That adds up!

Intimacy levels

Intimacy has been recently added to several BGs, including some of the most common SX girls, and so it’s more relevant than ever. Intimacy goes from 0-2000, and reaches the following breakpoints:

  • 100-300: Friend (+0.5% base Str/Int/Agi stat gain)
  • 300-800: Match (+1.0% stat gain)
  • 800-2000: Lover (+3.0% stat gain)
  • 2000+ Engagement Ring gift: Engaged (+5.0% stat gain, enables feeding)

These gains don’t translate to all that much in terms of total stat gains, just although they are better for 5* girls with high stat gain for their main stat (9-9.9 Str/Int/Agi) since they multiply the base stat gain.

Intimacy can be maxed for free, but you need a Ring to reach the final level of gains and unlock feeding, which normally costs 3888 diamonds (don’t spend this much), is frequently on sale for 1888 diamonds like a few days ago, and is occasionally an event prize. If you are a F2P player, just stop at 800, the +3% stat gain is pretty decent (2 bookshelf levels) and you won’t need to worry about the PITA that is feeding!

Choose wisely, since this is a pricey way to increase your girl’s stats! This method is really only needed for the endgame, when you are trying to increase your stats beyond lv100, but it’s good to try and increase your main team’s intimacy along the way so you don’t need to take a long time or burn diamonds to max them out.

Raising Intimacy

If you are playing F2P, there are several ways you can raise intimacy daily, some of these are listed in the “Entrust” tab of “Visit”:

  • Interact: (Touch/Kiss/Chest/Lights Out) each one unlocks with each level of intimacy gain listed above and each adds +5 intimacy, for a max of +20 intimacy daily once you reach 800 intimacy/Lover.
  • Use her in Battle: The simplest and easiest way to increase intimacy, using girls who have intimacy unlocked in Champion, TF, Voyage, Fantasy (? not positive) will increase their intimacy by 1 point each battle you use them.
  • Use her in a battle against a friend: increases intimacy by 5 points
  • Lend her in Tea Party with your guild and have someone use her: 10 points. This one is a little tough to get unless you know someone in your guild, but still, 10 points is decent.
  • Give scrolls of her in Tea Party: +20 intimacy The hardest, especially for SX girls, you really have to have your girl at 5* and have excess scrolls for a girl with high demand. Easiest for campaign-acquired girls where you may have excess scrolls from repeating campaign for awakening items.


If you happen to have miscellaneous gifts lying around from event rewards, these can also go a long way toward helping you reach that insane 2000 intimacy level. Your first gift of the day gets a bonus of +5 intimacy, and the amount each gift increases intimacy depends upon how the girl feels about the gift.

Each girl has a gift they hate/don’t mind/love out of the three small/med/large gifts, which give a base +8/35/100 intimacy respectively. The preferences are most important for the small gifts, Lollipop/Cookie/Headband, which have a base +8 intimacy, and are given away as event prizes frequently (especially lollipops for some reason, I had over 500 in my inventory at one point…), so hopefully this info can help use get the most out of them.

  • Hates the gift: -3 intimacy base rate. (+5/32/97)
  • Neutral about the gift: no change (+8/35/100)
  • Loves the gift: +5 intimacy base rate. (+13/40/105)

This is the info I have the least amount of data on. Whenever I have excess intimacy items, I’ve used them once a day/girl and marked down the girl’s preference if I’m at my computer. Anyone with info on girls preferences, please let me know, I can make it into a spreadsheet to save space in the op. Here’s the data I have on the small gifts:

Loves (+13 intimacy base, +18 once a day):


  • Aquaris
  • Caitlyn (? I think, she’s maxed now so I can’t check)
  • Hottie
  • Lightin
  • Nagia
  • Phoenix (Loves Underwear, Necklace)
  • Toys Girl
  • WT
  • Zombia


  • Alice
  • Amber
  • Capt Sun
  • Ninja
  • Rhea
  • Saint (loves Bracelet)
  • Smartie
  • Werewolf


  • Blowie (Loves Chocolate)
  • Cynthia
  • Joan
  • Nona (loves Lolita Costume, Chocolate)
  • Nurse
  • Succuba
  • Wandy


The most important part of the intimacy system in terms of raw stat gains, once you are engaged to a BG “Feed” replaces “Entrust” on the main “Visit” page for each girl.

As previously mentioned, feeding can increase stats significantly, but it takes a long time and a pretty huge investment of coins/diamonds/onigiri.

This is where you can get the big stat gains:

  • +5000 HP
  • +480 Phys Attack/Spell Power
  • +120 Phys Def/Spell Res
  • +120 Spell Crit

Similar to Alchemy for awakening items, the stat changes are semi-random and both increase and decrease stats, requiring 500,000gold/80 dia/1 Onigiri item. There is a great guide to the feeding system that was posted by iJazpy that you can find on the stickied post at the top of the sub, so I won’t make an inferior version here.

Hope this helps someone, and of course let me know if you have any info to add or if I made any mistakes copying down my info while making the post.

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