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How to Use the H8K3 – War Thunder

War Thunder H8K3

How to use the H8K3 in realistic battles.

What is the H8K3

The H8K3 is the big brother of the H8K2. The bomb load-out is the same but the defensive armament gets a big boost with 2 more 20mm for a total of 5! And it can easily speed up to 500+ without breaking its wings because get this, its top speed is 542 km/h.

How to use the H8K3 in RB

The H8K3 is actually a really easy plane to use at this BR because you don’t face that many big threats. There are 5 steps for using the H8K3 (Disclaimer this is for games with 3 bomb targets other game modes will be added later)

  1. After starting immidialty start climbing at about 15-20 degrees and head in the direction of the enemy bases
  2. bomb 1 base with 2x800kg bombs or 6x250kg bombs( if you choose to use 6×250 kg bombs you can use the remaining 2x250kg on another base)
  3. Descend towards you’re airfield, the best way to do it is pointing you’re plane down and when you reach 600km/h point you’re nose up until you reach 380-400km/h and repeat until you’re at the airfield
  4. Land, quick tip don’t try to go in at full speed and a steep angle, try to come in at about 200m altitude and slowly touch down and don’t forget the landing gear because you don’t want to break your wing.
  5. After being repaired you spawn up in the air and can repeat the whole process until all bases are destroyed.

How to play the H8K3 in RB (But with torpedoes)

Playing with torpedoes on the H8K3 is definitely not the easiest. it requires concentration and patience to hit the target with a torpedo.

1) Before you even spawn make sure you are using torpedoes, and of course don’t forget to check if the map has boats.

2) spawning decend towards the enemy boats, you can descend any way you want but don’t go over 620 km/h because you’ll break your wings. make sure you end up at about 7 to 10 km away from your target.

3) when reaching an altitude of 300 meters or lower head towards the enemy boat like this.

4) after nearing the target (about 3 to 4 km away) lower your altitude to about 50 to 150 meters.

5) on the first drop the left torpedo drops, so make sure to line it up correctly, and make sure to drop lower than 50 meters.

As you can see this is the wrong way, it would not hit the target if it was moving. Only do this when the target it stationary.

This is the right way if the target would be moving, but don’t forget the speed, make sure to learn some of the big boats speed so you’ll know which one goes a little faster or slower.

After the first drop do the exact same thing for the second, but do it from the other side.

6) Make sure your not getting to close to the target because they have AA guns that can tear your plane apart, and if the boats won’t do that enemy aircraft will do. But if you somehow survive 2 torpedo drops, AA guns, and enemy aircraft, head back to base and repair/reload and repeat the whole process again (minus the descending step because your already at a low altitude, but watch out for enemy aircraft).

Why playing like this is not useless

Because after each battle you will earn about 2,500- 5,000 RP and throw in some boosters and you can just speed through the Japanese aviation tree.

Final words

This is my first guide so if you have any questions you can ask them in the comments. And correct me if you see any misspelled words.

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