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House Improvements and Themes – Fallout 3

Fallout 3 House Themes

This guide will tell you about each house improvement and theme as well as showing screenshots of both houses so you can easily decide what you want.


In Fallout 3 there are two choices for you to make your home, the house in Megaton or the suite in Tenpenny Tower. You can only choose one location and once you’ve decided you can’t change. Each house will require The Power of the Atom to be completed in alternative ways before being given the opportunity to move in.

Megaton House

The Megaton house is given to you if you take the good path during The Power of the Atom, disarming the bomb. After doing so, and returning to Lucas Simms for your reward, you will be given the key and deed to your very own house in the city.

Tenpenny Tower Suite

The Tenpenny Tower suite is given to you if you take the evil path during The Power of the Atom, rigging the bomb to explode. After detonating it from the safety of the Tenpenny Tower balcony, Mister Burke will reward you with the key and deed to your very own penthouse suite in the tower.

House Improvements

These items will appear around your house and provide unique benefits when being interacted with. They can be purchased from Moira Brown in Megaton or Lydia Montenegro in Tenpenny Tower and you can have all items active simultaneously.

Improvement/Base Value in Caps:

  • My First Infirmary – 1,200.
  • Jukebox – 500.
  • My First Laboratory – 1,200.
  • Nuka-Cola Machine – 500.
  • Workbench – 500.

My First Infirmary

The infirmary has three functions. It can heal you to full HP, heal crippled limbs and restore them to full HP and flush all the radiation out of your system.

The Infirmary in Megaton:

The Infirmary in Tenpenny Tower:


Once activated, the jukebox will play the Galaxy New Radio station. The reception from both house locations is poor unless you’ve completed the Galaxy New Radio quest and boosted the signal.

The Jukebox in Megaton:

The Jukebox in Tenpenny Tower:

My First Laboratory

The laboratory’s function is to cure you of addictions as well as giving you the ability to create one random chem every day.

The Laboratory in Megaton:

The Laboratory in Tenpenny Tower:

Nuka-Cola Vending Machine

Storing Nuka-Cola into this vending machine will turn them into ice cold Nuka-Cola. Drinking this variant will heal you for 20 HP instead of the regular 10.

The Vending Machine in Megaton:

The Vending Machine in Tenpenny Tower:


The workbench allows you to create custom weapons from the comfort of your own home. Provided you have the schematics and sufficient parts, you can make any of the custom weapons in the game.

The Workbench in Megaton:

The Workbench in Tenpenny:

House Themes

Themes will change the look of your house and provide a simulated environment of your choice. They can be purchased from Moira Brown in Megaton or Lydia Montenegro in Tenpenny Tower and you can have only one active at a time.

Theme/Base Value in Caps:

  • Default – N/A
  • Vault – 1,000
  • Raider – 1,000
  • Wasteland Explorer – 1,000
  • Science – 1,000
  • Pre-War – 1,000
  • Love Machine – 1,000


This is the standard look of the houses with all improvements.

Megaton without a theme:

Tenpenny Tower without a theme:


The Vault theme simulates an underground vault with metal benches, wall vents, Vault-Tec banners, and computers.

Megaton with the Vault theme:

Tenpenny Tower with the Vault theme:


The Raider theme is for the bloodthirsty Wanderer missing out on the action in the Wastes. Bloody human remains, caged bodies and hanged decapitated corpses are strewn all over the room.

Megaton with the Raider theme:

Tenpenny Tower with the Raider theme:

Wasteland Explorer

This theme recreates a post-apocalyptic park setting with a large wooden bench in the center of the room, plates, and glasses laid on top.

Megaton with the Wasteland Explorer theme:

Tenpenny Tower with the Wasteland Explorer theme:


This theme fits intelligent Wanderer’s with several chalkboards and computers, both large and small.

Megaton with the Science theme:

Tenpenny Tower with the Science theme:


My personal favourite, a recreation of a Pre-War living room. Pristine chairs, a coffee table, and TV sit on top of a rug as well as a Red Racer tricycle and stacks of food on shelves.

Megaton with the Pre-War theme:

Tenpenny Tower with the Pre-War theme:

Love Machine

This theme lays out the room similar to Dukov’s Place with a silk-covered, heart shaped bed and a large erotic lamp hanging from the ceiling. Bottles and bottles of alcohol are lined up on the shelves for you to drink.

Megaton with the Love Machine theme:

Tenpenny Tower with the Love Machine theme:

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