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Amy: Scavenger Hunt Achievement Guide – House Party

House Party Amy

Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to add images of anything specific (locations, items etc). If you find this guide helpful, please give it a good rating. Happy hunting!


House Party Console Commands

This guide starts from “New game”. I would recommend saving often and perhaps having multiple saves, in case something goes wrong at some point.

Go find Amy. Choose [Talk] and click
“Hey Amy. It’s nice to meet you!”
“You look pretty pensive. What’s on your mind?”
“I could help you out. I’m awesome at finding things!”
and finally “Sure thing!” to end the interaction and unlock the Scavenger Hunt opportunity.

Let’s get cracking at item number one.

Item 1: An expired credit card

House Party Amy

Talk to Amy, tell her
“You wouldn’t happen to know why Derek seems down, would you?”, which improves your relationship with her. Then click
“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”
and “Leave it to me.”

The expired credit card is in the right-hand drawer in the living room desk (next to Frank).

All you have to do is open the drawer and take the credit card. Make sure Madison and Derek are not in the room when you do so.

Once you have the credit card, give it to Amy, tell her
“Oh yeah, she’s the best.”

Let’s move on to Item 2.

Item 2: A rubber from a stranger (part 1)

Talk to Amy again, tell her
“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”
“I got this!”

Frank has the condom. We’ll be laying some serious ground work before we get to actually asking Frank for the condom, so bear with me. Trust the process.

Find Madison, tell her
“Thanks for letting me come!”
“Ah. So I’m a total afterthought?”
“You’re doing fine!”
“It’s how bakes keep score!”
“Most definitely”.

Find Ashley, tell her
“Ashley! So you are the co-host of this party?”
“Co-host it is.”
“Tell me about the guests of the evening, Ashley.”
“Tell me more about your friends.”
“Yeah, me and Derek go way back. He’s a great pal.”
and finally “I hope we do just that”.
Choose [Talk] to Ashley once again (she doesn’t mind) and click
“You’re Madison’s sister? I never would have guessed. You’re way hotter than she is!”
“What’s the deal with you and Madison anyway?”
“See you later, Ashley!”

Find Madison again, tell her
“I met your sister, Ashley.”
“Can you tell me where the bathroom is?”
“I’ll check you later, Mads”
Head upstairs to the master bedroom, where you’ll find Madison’s phone on the master bathroom sink. Find Madison and give her the phone. Tell her
“So is there a reward or something for returning your phone? I feel like maybe a kiss or something is in order.”
“Hells to the yeah Mads! I’m your guy! How do we get started?”
“Got it!” to end the interaction.

Go to the downstairs bathroom, click the towel on the sink and choose [Take]. Find Ashley and approach her from behind. Move the cursor to get the option “Ashley’s top”, then choose [Secure]. Click “Happy to help!”. Talk to Ashley, tell her
“Are you ok? You seem a little distracted.”
“What can I do to help you out with the unfortunate beer “accident”?”
“If it’s any consolation at all, wet clothes and all, you’re still adorable!”
and then “See you later Ashley!”.
Give her the towel, tell her
“I could wash them for you!”
“What can I do to earn your trust?”
“Challenge accepted”.

Now we need to find Madison’s diary. Head upstairs to Ashley’s room (last door on the left), locate the small yellow pencil on the desk and choose [Take]. Then head to the office (across the hall), find the paper and choose [Take].

Before leaving the office, we’re going to lay some more ground work for later. Approach Brittney and choose [Talk]. Click
“Hey are you ok? There’s a party going on out there you know.”
“Are you kidding? That top looks great on you!”
and then “Anytime!”. Click [Talk] again, and click
“Oh look. Here you are all by yourself again” and finally
“Ciao bella!” to end the interaction.

Now head to the master bedroom. Time to use the oldest trick in the detective book. Make sure you are alone in the room for this next part. Click the book on the vanity and choose [Use with…] and [Paper]. Then click it again, choose [Use with…] and [Pencil]. This will reveal a six-digit code. While still in the master bedroom, open both closet doors. Head inside the closet, click the safe and choose [Open], then click Madison’s diary and choose [Take].

Now that we have Madison’s diary, we’re going to find Ashley again. Approach her and choose [Give] and [Madison’s diary]. Tell her
“Hey I told you I’d come through!”
Talk to Ashley again, tell her
“So I think I’ve earned your trust. Let me help you clean those clothes before they stain.”
and finally “Lead the way!”. Follow Amy to her room, then tell her
“Oh, looks like we’re all alone in here. Just give me your dress and I’ll get it in the waching machine.”
“My pleasure!”
Ashley’s clothes will be added to your inventory. Talk to her again, tell her
“Your panties look like their soaked too. Want me to throw them into the wash for you too?”
and then “Score!” (which I really hope our character doesn’t say out loud…).
You can wash and dry Ashley’s clothes and return them to her if you want to, but it’s not required for the scavenger hunt.

While upstairs, enter the laundry room, open the utility closet, click the bottle of Chardonnay on the top shelf and choose [Take].

Head to the family room, where Stephanie is dancing. Tell her
“Nice to meet you Stephanie!”
“You look like you’re having fun.”
“Hmm. I’ll see what I can do. What’s in it for me though?”
“I’ll see you around, Stephanie.”
Go to the fridge in the kitchen, click it and choose [Open]. Use [C] to crouch, then grab the whipped cream through the glass shelf (what is realism?). Approach Stephanie again, choose [Give] and [Whipped cream]. Click her again, choose [Give] and [Chardonnay].

Head over to Frank, tell him
“I’m completely sober!”
“Hey Frank, I need a condom. You don’t have an extra one, do you?” and
“What? No! I’m not coming on to you! I need a condom for somebody else.”
“Uh. Ok Frank …”

Find Patrick, tell him
“What can I do to help?” and
“I’ll keep an eye out”.
Talk to him again, telling him
“You should watch out for Frank”
“How the hell do you even have a bottle of wine with Frank around?” and finally
“I think I’ll pass on putting anything that’s been down you pants in my muth. Thanks though” to end the interaction.

Find Frank again. Make sure Patrick isn’t in the same room as him – preferably he should be upstairs or outside. Tell Frank
“Patrick’s got a bottle of wine! He’s been shoving it down his pants to hide it from you!” and
“I’ll get the popcorn!” to end the interaction. Follow Frank and watch as he beats Patrick up (in what has to be the most awkward NPC fight of the decade, I love it). As soon as Frank leaves the area, pick up the Merlot (Patrick’s wine bottle).

The guide continues in Item 2: A condom from a stranger (part 2) below.

Item 2: A rubber from a stranger (part 2)

This is the continuation of “Item 2: A rubber from a stranger (part 1)” above.

Go back to Stephanie, click her and choose [Give], then [Merlot]. Click
“Maybe you should go a little easy … Ah nevermind.”

Now we’re going to turn the heat up. Approach the thermostat (next to the garage door), click it and choose [Tamper].

Find Derek, tell him
“Hey Derek, is frank gay?”
“I asked him for a condom and he thought I was coming on to him.”
“Actually, I think I am. What do I do now?”
“I guess I didn’t realize it until I talked to you. Thanks Derek!”

Talk to Frank, tell im
“Oh Frank. You’re right. I’m attracted to you.”
“Uhh … Don’t you think this is moving a little too fast?”
“I … What … Wait, did you say “You’ve been there?””
“You’re insane Frank, but I’m intrugied to see where this is going to go …”
Follow Frank as he heads out to the garden and turns left twice. Talk to Frank, tell him
“I don’t know whether to be frightened or turned on …”.
Click [P] to whip out the necessary equipment. At this point Frank will do his best to flush your systems. After he is done, click
“Duly noted.”
“Thank’s Frank”. The condom is added to your inventory. Remember to click [P] to put your equipment away.

Now we’re finally going to go find Amy, click [Give] and select [Condom]. Her response to this is “I don’t even want to know how you got this!”, to which we reply
“Yeah, it’s probably better you don’t.”

Let’s tackle Item 3 next!

Item 3: A shirt from a friend

Approach Amy once more, choose [Talk] and click
“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”
and then “I’ll figure something out!”

Now we need to convince Derek to give us the shirt he is wearing.

Find Derek, approach him and choose [Talk]. Click
“Can you give me your shirt? It’s for something really important.”
“Yes they do! In fact I saw a petition going around!”
and finally “I’ll get back to you.” Now we’ve obviously gotten ourselves into a bit of a pickle, seeing as we just lied to our best friend. Oh well.

Head to the family room, click the computer and choose [Create petition]. Then click the printer and choose [Print petition]. Click the petition and choose [Take]. Now we have to get everyone (except Derek) to sign our petition. The thing is, not everyone will be willing to contribute their name to make someone take their shirt off, so we’ll have to tell some lies. It doesn’t matter which order you approach the guests in. Note that it doesn’t matter if Derek hears you talking to people about the petition, and it doesn’t matter if two characters are within earshot of each other when you tell one of them the truth about the petition and another one a lie. For each guest you’re going to approach, choose [Talk] and then choose the option related to the petition. These are the right answers for each character:

Frank: “It’s for re-establishing prohibition”, then “Too easy…”
Ashley: “It’s for Derek to take his shirt off”, then “Score!”
Madison: “It’s a petition for Derek to take off his shirt”, then “Score!”
Stephanie: “Oh, it’s just a signature competition. Best-looking signature wins”, then “I’m sure it is. I’ll let you know if you won.”
Patrick: “It’s one of those surprise petitions. We mail you the results and you find out what you supported”, then “I totally get it, brah! Thanks!”
Amy: You just tell her to sign the petition, the end the interaction with “Sometimes I surprise even myself…”
Rachel: “It’s for Derek to take his shirt off”, then “Hot diggety dog! Wait, did I just say that out loud?”
Kathrine: “It’s to castrate all men so they can think more clearly”, then “I figured you’d be on board. Thanks!”.
Brittney: “It’s a free the nipple campaign”, then “Good to know, Brittney. Thanks!”

Now that we’ve chatted up everybody at the party, Madison will approach us. Tell her
“Sky animal? What’s that?”
“I have so, so, so many questions.”
“I think I hear Derek calling my name.”

The next step is to approach Derek, choose [Give] and then [Petition]. Click
“Finally!” to end the interaction. His shirt will be added to you inventory.

Go find Amy, choose [Give] and then [Derek’s shirt]. Tell her
“I do what I can.”

Moving on to Item 4.

Item 4: A pair of women’s underwear

Approach Amy once more, choose [Talk] and click
“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.” I really wish the devs would have created new dialogue as the quest progressed. Oh well. Click
“Did you forget who you’re talking to?” to end the interaction.

Now we have to get a pair of women’s underwear off of somebody’s body. Thanks to our good ground work under Item 2 parts 1 and 2, we already have this item in our inventory! Approach Amy, click [Give] and choose “Ashley’s panties”. Click
“Get down with your bad self, girl!” to end the interaction.

That was fast! Let’s get Item 5.

Item 5: A little bit of convincing

Important note: If you want to complete the other strand of Amy’s storyline, unlocking the achievement called “Amy”, make sure to save at this point. That way you won’t have to do everything up to this point again. My other House Party guide, more specifically the section called “Amy”, can help you with that achievement.

Talk to Amy, tell her
“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”
“Joining a sorority can open a lot of doors for you. I’d do what they ask. It’s just harmless fun, right?”
“That’s my girl!” to end the interaction. That’s it.

Let’s move on to Item 5.

Item 6: The American flag

Talk to Amy, tell her
“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”
“I’ll see what I can muster up” to end the interaction.

Talk to Stephanie, tell her
“So what do you say you liven up this party even more and dance topless?”
“I support this endeavor.”
It doesn’t take much to convince this girl.

Now head upstairs and enter the art studio. Open the closet doors and take the broom. Head back downstairs and into the garden. Find the mound of dirt behind the hot tub. Click it and choose [Use with…] and [Broom].

Now make sure neither Madison nor Derek are in the family room. Once you know they are not, head to the family room, approach the left speaker, click it and choose [Turn off]. Stephanie will announce that she has to go get Madison so she can turn the music back on. Once Stephanie leaves the room, approach the right speaker, click it and choose [Take]. Approach the left speaker again, click it and choose [Turn on].
Now we’re going to head outside, to where we stuck the broom in the mound of dirt earlier. Click the broom, choose [Use with…] and [Speaker]. Click the speaker and choose [Turn on].

Let’s finally get back to the groundwork we laid with Brittney earlier. Tell her
“I got Stephanie to dance topless downstairs”
“Glad I could help!”
Brittney will then walk downstairs to watch Stephanie dance. Ashley will approach us, telling us how much she admires us for getting Brittney to join the party (unless she’s naked in her bedroom, in which case she won’t be approaching anyone).

Next up we’re going to tell Stephanie
“Hey I set up a speaker outside near the hot tub!”
“My sentiments exactly.”
Stephanie will walk outside and Brittney will follow her. Approach Brittney, choose [Talk] and click
“So how about we relax in the hot tub for a bit?”
“You got I!” to end the interaction. Brittney will enter the tub and reveal her American flag undergarments.

Approach Amy next, tell her
“Now’s your chance! Brittney’s in the hot tub with American flag underwear on!” Amy will proceed to take the least stealth pictures anyone has ever taken, and we got our Item 6 in the bag.

Let’s go for Item 7.

Item 7: Goodbye Kitty

Once again talk to Amy and tell her
“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”

Find Madison, approach her and choose [Talk], then click
“You look like a Goodbye Kitty fan if I’ve ever seen one.”
“My sister was a huge fan. I know one when I see one.”
“I’ll be sure to let my sister know she’s not the only one in town.”

Head to the garage. The underwear is in the orange bin under the bottle of motor oil. Click it and choose [Rummage]. Make sure Madison doesn’t see you when you’re doing this! You have to work fast, because after this bit of conversation she always goes to the garage.

Approach Amy, choose [Give] and [Goodbye Kitty underwear]. Amy will be excited and head to the upstairs bathroom to take some selfies. You can follow her into the bathroom to watch her change and take selfies if you want to, she won’t mind.

Let’s move on to Item 8.

Item 8: Skinny dipping

Approach Amy once more and ask her about the scavenger hunt (I’m sure you know how to do this at this point).

This time around Amy needs to take a selfie of herself and two other people skinny dipping. She asks if we would be down to join her, click
“F*** yeah, I’ll take my clothes off right now if you want me to!”
“I’m on it!”

Approach Brittney in the hot tub, tell her
“What do you think about Amy?”
“I bet I can get Amy naked in this hot tub!”
“If you get naked, she’ll get naked” and finally
“Ciao bella!” to end the interaction.

Tell Amy
“Brittney will get naked if you get naked”
“Let’s go hang out in the hot tub. I’ve got a plan.”
“Follow my lead when we get there.”
Follow Amy to the hot tub, bring up the [Y] menu to take off everything except your underwear. Get in the tub, click one of the seats and choose [Sit]. A funny thing worth noting is that Amy will be wearing the Goodbye Kitty underwear now, but Madison won’t comment on it even if she sees it.

In the next section you’re going to play truth or dare with Amy and Brittney. They both start out with truths, then move on to dares if you ask the right questions. This is the questions you should ask.

Amy: “Where is you favorite place to be kissed?”, “Noted.”
Brittney: “Tell us about a secret crush you’ve had in the past.”, “Hot d***!”
Amy: “Have you ever made out with another woman?”, “F*** yeah, there is!”
Listen to Brittney’s reaction, click “(It’s working!”)
Brittney: “Have you ever kissed another woman?”, “Good to know!”
Amy: “Who at this party would you most like to see naked?”, “I second that!”
Listen to Brittney’s reaction, click “Aww.”
Brittney: “I dare you to take your top off”, “Score!”
Amy: “Dare you to take off your top!”, “Yes!”
Brittney: “I dare you to take your bottoms off”, “Can’t see a thing!”
Amy: “Dare you to take off your bottoms”, “Can’t wait!”

Note: If other people enter the hot tub while you’re playing truth or dare, Stephanie sometimes gets up and leaves. Not to worry though, you can just approach her, choose [Talk] and “Let’s go hang out in the hot tub. I have a plan!” If this happens after you’ve dared her to take her underwear off, don’t worry, you can dare her to take them off again.

Now you have to stand up, bring up the [Y] menu again and remove your underwear. Then sit back down, click Amy and choose [Talk], then click
“Don’t you think we should take a photo to remember this precious moment by?”
“I love it when I’m right…”

Amy will proceed to take some very awkward selfies of the three of you in a hot tub, and the scavenger hunt opportunity will be marked as completed. The achievement, however, won’t unlock just yet.

Continue reading, we’re almost there…


Amy will tell you she’s heading inside. Use the [Y] menu to put your underwear back on, then follow her. She will go to Ashley’s room. It doesn’t matter if naked Ashley is already in the room, neither of the girls seem to mind. Click Amy, choose [Talk], then click
“Hey why did you run off from the hot tub? We were just starting to have a good time!”
“Well, if it’s turning you on it sounds like maybe you enjoy it?”
“F*** that voice! You shouldn’t be ashamed to be yourself!”
“I support you one thousand percent!”

Amy will take all her clothes off and the achievement will unlock. Congratulations!

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