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How to get the Firelance (Fallout 3)


A quick guide on how to get the Firelance in fallout 3

Alien Blaster

Alien Blaster

To obtain the Firelance (without the “Mothership Zeta” DLC) you will first need to get the alien blaster.

If you have the “Mothership Zeta” DLC the “Unidentified flying debris” encounter should trigger when you approach the crashed space ship leaving the Firelance and Power cells at your feet, See the rest of the guide for info on looting it and how to tell if the encounter has occurred.

Random Encounter

Ignore this step if you have the “Mothership Zeta” DLC) Once you have the alien blaster there is a chance that the “Unidentified Flying Debris” random encounter will be triggered when you are at one of the following locations. (The Yellow dots)

Exploding UFO

When the “Unidentified Flying Debris” encounter happens a UFO will explode overhead leaving a trail of smoke, Move towards the explosion.

Looting the Firelance

You will more than likely need the companion dogmeat to help you find the firelance and all 24 power cells, just tell dogmeat to locate either a weapon or ammo in the general area of the explosion and he will bring them to you. Dogmeat can be found at the scrap yard.

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