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ME: How to simply install DLCs

As you might already know, the Steam version of Mass Effect doesn’t include two DLC packs, as opposed to the Origin version that includes ones by default. This guide describes the simplest way to legally obtain both DLC for the Steam copy of the game.


The links to the installers for both expansions:

Installation key required for Pinnacle Station: 5GUCXRFPQNBMTJBD3L5J

Alternative installation key for PS (if the one above doesn’t work for you): 52R9EJ565SEJ3ZPX5QCD

These are all official links provided by EA (as is the installation key): Link

NOTE: In order to install the DLC on the Steam copy you’ll need to have run Mass Effect once from within Steam after installing it. Otherwise if you just install the game and straight away attempt to install the DLC without running the game first the DLC installers will be unable to locate the game installation. This is because Steam doesn’t actually complete the installation until the first run of the game when it actually adds the registry keys in Windows, which the DLC installers use to locate the game installation.

NOTE: If you did what it’s said in the note above, but you’re encountering the error “Mass Effect CD Key not found” during installation, check this post by MonkeySeeker.


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